Thursday, June 16, 2011

Its a Buggy Bug World

Bugs, at first thought you probably think "EEEWWWW". And your first reaction may be to simply,  kill it. But if you think deeper, bugs are VERY important. Some bugs keep our planet from being infested with other insects. They fertilize our soil, so we can have food, they pollenate your flowers in your garden. They keep your city parks blooming in the spring. Imagine the world with NO FLOWERS. To some of you, it may not mean much. To others your life may change. I know spiders, bees, ladybugs, worms, and other insects may at first seem gross but before you smash it, flush it, sweep it, squish, or kill it. Think what importance it has on planet Earth. Speaking of bugs. Ameba Pico has a Premium Gacha in The Flower Park. This  Gacha has ladybug and bee costumes you can play for. You may think, "Why would anyone go out in public, dressed as a bug?" Its not what you think, these costumes are stylish and great for all events. They suit casual and formal. And best of all they look GREAT on everyone. So to all you fashion divas, the ladybug and  bee costumes are MUST HAVES! Also what makes me proud to wear my ladybug costume, I always feel proud. I feel like I am supporting bugs all over the globe for the work they do EVERYDAY to make our world prettier and more successful! THANK YOU BUGS!
Written By: Mayaღѕωєєтz۞
Thanks ۞Lexiღѕωєєтz۞ for a pretty picture! (It took a while)
BTW, This is my first writing. I hope you like it.

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