Thursday, June 16, 2011

First day on the job!!~

Hello there,
My name is MochiMochi* (or just Mochi*) :)
Anyways this is my first day on the job at pico perfect!! YAY, so you're probaly thinking "Ughh not more writers" and "what is the point nothing new".
Well my posts will be very different from others I will be posting lovely little fictional stories for those of you who love to enjoy a nice fun read. I will vary the themes all the time and try my best to make my stories fun~
Anyways without my mumbling on I have one short story for you one is a creepy one that I promise willl give you shivers >:) hehehe lol,  So please read and enjoy!!! :D


There was once a strong man who loved to hunt in the woods near his cottage. His life was hunting and he hunted for new animals every day, One evening he set out on finding a wild bear deep in the woods which he had never explored before. The hunter travelled around the deep woods for hours with no luck he was going to stay longer but it was dark and he was very weak and tired. He soon become lost and confused having no idea where to go, Soon he came across a old cabin. Hoping for a place to stay he entered only to find it deserted and empty apart from a bed. He saw that the small cabin was full of portraits of many people who all seemed to be looking at him, although he wasn't sure since it was very dark. He crawled into his bed and tried to sleep but couldn't beacuse of the horrible paintings which seemed to follow his every move soon he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. The next morning he was woken by the singing of the birds, he expected to see many paintings staring at him but no... Only windows.

HEHEHEHEHE hoped you liked it :D did it scare you nyahahahahaa lol :) Please don't worry this wont be all I write about next week I have something longer and more different planned!!!
Till then!! Byeee

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  1. Oh! I know that story :) I love it good work!