Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Party Time

My Picos never cease to amaze me with their creativity. Today I was planning on writing a sweet and touching article for you all. However my plans changed when I checked the event list and was so surprised to see the very fun/crazy events some of you came up with ;)

η•я•LoL from Indonesia has the right idea of how to attract the young ladies to his event. We all know how desperate some of our girls are to find a single guy and better yet, a RICH single guy. But my dear η•я•LoL are you sure that that is the kind of girlfriend you want in your Pico life? The one that is only interested in your wealth instead of your heart? The minute you go broke, she will be out of that door, making you eat the dust she'll leave behind, trust me ;)

Here we go again, another single Pico looking for love the wrong way. My beautiful ☺ÿøυɾ♥høвø☻ from the United States of America, it shouldn't matter if you are rich or not. Remember, the guy is the one that's supposed to spoiled us ;)

OMG!!! I went and guess what? I saw NO ONE :P Our friend !~Rawr~! claims that when she went to Ooku Hallway to earn her star, she was followed back home by the Edo Lord and his companions. Everyone that attended the event looked even under the bed for the Edo Lord but he was nowhere to be seen in the room. She probably was standing outside under the hot Pico sun that now she is seeing hallucinations ;)

--- You have moved to <--- Her room!
(13:43) Alexisjordan: were
(13:43) !~Rawr~!: infront of u
(13:43) ♡Maritza♡: lier
(13:43) Alexisjordan: yea
(13:43) Sweets*: lol
(13:43) !~Rawr~!: THEY RIGH TTHERE
(13:43) Alexisjordan: not
(13:43) !~Rawr~!: I'LL TAKE A NEW PIC TO PROVE IT
(13:44) !~Rawr~!: THEYRE THERE
(13:44) !~Rawr~!: TAKIGN A NEW PICTURE
(13:44) Sweets*: lol u silly <3
(13:44) !~Rawr~!: LOK I UPDATED IT
(13:44) !~Rawr~!: LOOK AT MY EVENT
(13:44) !~Rawr~!: THERES A NEW PICTURE NOW
(13:44) !~Rawr~!: THEY RIGH TTHERE
(13:44) !~Rawr~!: ur infront of them!
(13:44) !~Rawr~!: Do u 2 c this!?
(13:45) Sweets*: hi
(13:45) !~Rawr~!: Hi
(13:45) !~Rawr~!: Do u c those ppl?
(13:45) Sweets*: very creative
(13:45) !~Rawr~!: do u c them!?
(13:45) Sweets*: lol nope but its ok
(13:45) Sweets*: :)
(13:45) !~Rawr~!: THEY THERE
(13:45) !~Rawr~!: LOOK AT ME NEW EVENT
(13:45) Sweets*: lol
(13:45) !~Rawr~!: PICTURE
(13:45) !~Rawr~!: IM SERIOUS
(13:45) Sweets*: i guess you are the only one that can see them ;)
(13:45) !~Rawr~!: TELLING THE TRUTH PPLZ!
(13:46) !~Rawr~!: They righ there
(13:46) !~Rawr~!: not leing
(13:46) Sweets*: ok
(13:46) Sweets*: gtg
(13:46) !~Rawr~!: k
(13:46) Sweets*: have a great day
(13:46) !~Rawr~!: i'll try
(13:46) Sweets*: :)
(13:46) !~Rawr~!: :)

As an enemy of crime, as soon as I saw this event I went there with the only purpose of making a citizens arrest on these three self-claimed criminals,  Silence.... from Mexico,  ke$ha♥‿♥little from The United States of America, and the third criminal is still a mystery to me, I never got to see her.

 However, when I got there, they refused to come out and hid. After deeply investigating  the situation, the only crime they had committed was to make us all laugh with their fun event. Thank you my lovely criminals.

I'M THERE!!! I've been called ugly in Pico many times, I really don't mind and since us UGLIES have hearts too, it was very nice of our friend MaddyGirl33 to create an event for us to find love. Wasn't that so nice of her? THANKS :P

I apologize for the bad word used in this event. I am not a fan of the "F" word but you gotta admit it, the way our friend ϟ ¢яaZ¥ LΦlα™ used it to let us know how much she loves us, makes it almost forgivable ;) Still my dear Picos, keep your event clean out of profanity. And for you my dear ϟ ¢яaZ¥ LΦlα™  , I FREAKIN love you <333

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I was starting to worry thinking I was the ONLY one in Pico. For the last four days every time I log into Pico, it's like I am logging into the Twilight Zone. I usually noticed that none of my buddies are on line when I log in. I was wondering if there was something going on that no one cared to tell me; I was seriously going insane. Yes, I said insane, there is still enough room in my head to increase my insanity :P  Thanks to you Çαηdy♡イяΣムイϟ™, now I know I am not alone in this LONELY Pico. Hey wait I am not alone being alone, does that make any sense to you? :O

Til next time, remember its OK to be a little insane, it makes life more interesting <333

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  1. Its been happening to most everybody, you not seeing your pico buddies online. I was wondering at first if my friends were ignoring me by making their statuses offline, but that was not the situation. I got really confused when I looked at my Buddies List and then clicked one of my friends profiles that are, for some reason, at the front of my buddies list and it has the whisper icon and follow me icon. o-o