Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Frontier Park

YOO HOO! Anybody here?... where did everyone go? Am I missing something?

Ok I understand that the new Frontier Park is no longer that new since it was first opened on September 15th. But you got to remember that I was away for a while and therefore this room is pretty much new to me.

YAY!!! Finally someone is here, I am no longer alone.  "Hi Pαɪgє!" ... no response. Ok let me try it again but this time with a smile... "HI :)))!" .... hmmm nothing yet. "Hi, hi, Hi!!!!!" And then she disappears.

Am I like invisible? Maybe staying away from Pico made me sort of invisible, like I am not here :O Anyways I got to see her profile, [If I disappear will anyone notice?] and yes Pαɪgє, I DID notice when you disappeared <3

OK, seriously this is ridiculous, I am waiting here for someone that will acknowledge my presence and no one seems to show up, but Picolly makes a new friend in the middle of nowhere. "Picolly, how did you do it?"
By the way, Picolly's new friend's name is aoi (pink turtle) and she belongs to ~iRu~. But where is ~iRu~, I don't see her anywhere, is she hiding from me? :P

And can someone please tell me how am I supposed to ride this wagon without a horse. WHERE ARE THE HORSES!?

"Hi nor  el rhma, so glad to see you!"  I guess she didn't hear me. "Hi, hi, Hi!!!" I bet she can't see me or hear me just like the others :(  All I wanted was to share with someone the goodies I have in my basket :(((

"OMG Picolly, I see someone, hurry lets try to catch him... oh wait, you are a turtle, you can't hurry, DUH!!  LOL and he can't get away, there are no horses to pull his wagon anyways, lets take our time and crawl to him."

Please answer, please see me.... " HELLO DEAR •SenCinPing•!!!"...... "Hi" omg, omg omg he answered. I am no longer invisible. I am soooooo back...ahum ahum :PPP

                                  "Come Picolly, it is time to go nite-nite :) "
Thanks to our handsome naked friend with the big beautiful eyes, I will be able to go to sleep now. Finally someone returned my hello. With a little more luck, maybe even the horses will return tomorrow to Frontier Park.

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