Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not You's Room


Look it's Little Red Riding Hood...hahaha... not really, it's my one and only buddy Not You. Yeah, I know this is not you, its really NOT YOU..... get it!!! Hahaha, I am soooo bad at making jokes, but I just can't help it so bear with me :PPP

I have a great idea, lets go check out her room :O


                    Isn't this the biggest witch everrrrr..... mmmmm?

And people thought I was, you sillies! I am just the BIGGEST goofball in Pico and that has been scientifically proven by the very smart research Pico experts :P

Anyways, getting back to Not You's great witchity room..... its witchity even a real word? Well, I guess now it is. You will find it in Sweets* Silly Words Dictionary.

witchity (wich-a-ty) Adj.
Definition: A thingy or in this case Not You's room that has a touch of "witch"

OMG again getting back to my story, I get very easily distracted... what was I saying before??? Oh yes... you will find the biggest and most incredibly created witch in all Pico land... you just got to see it to believe it! And when you visit Not You's room don't forget to ring her and leave her a nice message on her board <3

By the way, when I visited Not You's room last night to be introduced to her witch, I found a bunch of her cool friends just kicking back and having a great time.

Disco Pumpkin
Not you

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