Saturday, April 21, 2012



from Philippines
is definitely my kind of Pico!

She is friendly,
and absolutely a model Pico citizen.
I love meeting Picos like her, you know, the kind that make our Pico world so wonderful.

Today I caught her disturbing the peace due to her adorable size.
I am serious,
It was total chaos in the Tagalog Park where I found her.
She was the center of attention.

Shining like the stars...
Throwing a few tantrums....
Kicking poor  >_<  ßωεṦετ ❤ from Sweden on the knee...
Getting not only a kiss but a rose from him as well...

 Ḉ Ἦ Ộ Ḳ Ḝ Ṝ   -  ツ я σ η ツ --   Chouchii

And finally, she continues to get smaller and smaller and she is soon joined by her tiny friend.
At one point she became so tiny that she almost looked like a speck of dust :)

Before I left the park I decided to see if she would share with me how she became so small.
I was very surprised that she so kindly did and not only that, when I asked her if I could use it for the blog, this is what she had to say...

"No need to keep it a secret just let it all out i don't mind. I want to teach what I've learned.
hehehe.. glad to help!"

Here are the steps to follow in "How to get tiny" in Chouchii's own words.

* Go to Youtube but first you have to download cheat engine 6.1
and search for " How to be small in pico"
Just click the first video
And Follow the steps kk?

THANK YOU Chouchii,
Have A Wonderful Pico Life <333

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