Monday, April 2, 2012

Comics By Sweets*

Great news for all of you who actually think that I am funny :)
I am bringing back my comic posts hoping to put a smile on your face.
You can laugh with me
or if you prefer to laugh at me for how silly I am, I don't mind at all.
My goal will be reached either way :P 

But before we start, let me introduce to you the new cheocheo.
Last night I sneaked into his account and gave him what I hope will be "a final" makeover.
Well do you like, do you like?
He looks just like me, don't you think so?
Now we can be twins :O
I am hoping he doesn't kick my butt once he logs in and realizes what I've done :(((

So if you later on see me running around Ameba Pico like a crazy goat, don't be surprised, I am just trying to find a good hiding place ;)

Now let's get down to our laughing business :P

Have you ever been asked a silly question to which the answer  is so obvious that you have no choice but to give a silly answer in return?

Another silly answer you can give them is...
"No No No, I just stuck my head in the dryer and it shrunk :P "


"No No No, I just dyed the tips invisible :P"

Hahaha, that is sooo funny, I almost fell from my chair laughing.

Now why don't YOU tell me how you would answer back to this "isn't it obvious" question?

Send me your ideas to my Pico Perfect Email or if you prefer you can send them to me via Pico mail.
I will post your replies giving you full credit. Let us see who comes up with the best silly answer :)

QUESTION: Did you cut your hair?

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