Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gracias :)

I feeeeeeeeeel the love <333

So many wonderful letter and messages that mean the world to me. You have no idea how much your words touch my heart... I just can't stop smiling :)))

God Bless You All <3

Have you noticed that we are sooo closed to reach 1000 people that
 like Pico Perfect on Facebook?

We are also almost hitting the 300 followers on Google?

How about the views per day?
Yesterday we had 528
and today 462 last time I checked.

I am so thankful to you all <333

Here Are Your Letters and Messages :)))

 from England
Your house is amazing!
Just like the posts you write on Pico Perfect Blog!
You are so creative and a very talented girl!
God bless you <3


♡v i v i f o o from Vietnam
Your house is like a dream house *O*
So unique.
I  ♡ 
your creativity.

Alaze™ from USA
Are u one of the owners of Pico Perfect??
Well if you are


Rabbít from Republic of Macedonia
Sweets*, you have the best  blog I've ever read!
SuPeR LoVe YoU!!! <333
I think I did it right XD

~Yes you did ;) ~

☆♡Nγαn Cατ♡☆ from Philipinnes
Your bell ringed :3
Me likes Pico Perfect :)


мєʛαη คຖēk໐Ş™ from USA
bff sometime I have to meet you Sweets*!!!!!


Rihnu リヌ from Indonesia
your fannss

тαℓιαн нαηкєу from USA
your room is beautiful relaxing XD
I love your blog too
its awesome



ar you on the int net and I miss you
wherar you but im at ur haws
I am mooving haws to ur haws
you can move to my haws if you like the funich
is ther for you

"Awww tyler125, I think you are adorable <3
welcome to my house"


♥Saяakucaκεs♥ from Philipinnes
Food: for you Sweets,
giving a Perfect Pico ever


。A。 Novellino♥ from Philipinnes
Hi, I really love your blog Sweets* :))

Bαву ƒяυιт¢αкє from USA
Hi, please look at my URL,
Like it and share it with others.
Spread love!
Not Hate!
Thank You!

Click Here For Her URL


Mini Kitty♥ from USA
I hope it was okay that I threw my friend a huge wedding
in your house while you weren't on!
It was CRAZY!
TY though
~Kitty XO


Cάт from Philipinnes
ahh I love the sound of the waterfall in room 1!
I love your blog and I read your posts
every single day!
You are the sweetest Sweets*!!!!!!!!!!


♥Saяakucaκεs♥ from Philipinnes
Hey Sweets*!
Are you getting ready for the summer?
If you are, great!
 I'm going to give you a little "game" for the summer.
You gotta search for it in your house,
but not yet.!


ηι¢σℓє๖ۣۜϟ†υÐ  from England
Hello Sweets!
My name is Nicole.
I'm a massive fan of your blog :)
It's very inspiring and good. I hope you keep writing for that blog,
It's just amazing.
You're pico is so cute too!
You are so talented to make such a well known blog!
Bye Bye,
Left you some food, let's see if you can find them :)
Two are in room 3, and One is in room 1 :)
 Bye Bye Sweets* Have a nice day, beautiful girl :)


♥Saяakucaκεs♥ from Philipines
Thank you so much for showing me the trick for the new GM Gacha!
I was wondering how some other people got it,
and you revealed it to me!
I owe you so much Sweets*,
ever since you went back to pico!

"Thank you sweetie, but it was actually one of my great writers that wrote that post."

Tiffany♡Élliot from Singapore
Hi Sweets*
I'm totally in love your blog so much!
I also wanted to tell you that you are a nice and caring pico.
Even such a small thing can make you smile.
Keep on smiling;)


Rabbít from Republic of Macedonia
SuPeR lOvE yOu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that how it goes?
I really love your blog!


☆♡Nγαn Cατ♡☆ from Philipines
just left you some food :3
Hope you will find it easily ^_^
I'm movin' in.
Like your blog.


♦SåbяιภåStαя♦  from Canada
Dear sweets* ,
It's Sabrina :) !!
And the ''Comics'' you posted about crying I got a good one :D!!
 Are you crying?
No , It's just an illusion!! -___-''
Lol :D!!!!!
<333333  love uuu!!

"Haha, that is so funny :P"
Looove it <3"


DumDums from USA


color from Republic of Korea
hello Sweets, good day.
I give you a lolipop in one of your rooms,
hurry before someone eats it!


-Koizumi from Japan
Hi Sweets,
 I LOVE your blog so much i check it everyday just in case there is something new..
I also love how your really sweet,
and loving <3
and i left 3 easter eggs for u :3


ScarIett from USA
A big "Happy Birthday !! " to your daughter <3
~Please pass it on to her for me ♪

"Awww, thanks, that was so sweet of you <333"


αωииє♡єℓмσ from USA
Hi Sweets*~!
Im Your Biggest Fans*O*
Your Blog Is So Cute Just Like You...
=3= Btw Your Pets.
Picolly And Mr.Tickles Is Very Cute!!


Coffee Toffee from USA
just wanted to say what's up >:3


Hello my dear Sweets*,
Im so glad you started writing for your blog again!
You insipre so many people because of your FABULOUS writing!
I love you sl blog too.
I have an sl aswell
Your a great person & very sweet.
Your words are so creative hat it makes everything so real.
Love you!

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