Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sweet_mom's Fashions

Fashion, fashion... what a dilemma!

I looove to look good and always try to put together amazing styles to wear for you. However, we should all be aware that not everyone is going to like how we dress. Fortunately for everyone, we are all entitled to choose our own personal fashion styles.

I am of a more simple-old-fashion-style kind of girl on the very feminine and conservative side. I love Vintage clothes, clothes from the 50s and 60's, clothes with flowers, bows, lace, etc., you get the idea ;)

I looove to wear flowers on my hair and beautiful hair clips. My hair is long and I love to wear it different everyday depending on the clothes I am wearing.

A dream come true for me here in Pico would be to create a line of sweet_mom's fashions where I could create the type of clothing and accessories that I so much love for my beautiful girls.

 Honeybeecute is a conservative dresser for what I can tell. She has worn a white top under her sexy STRAPLESS PARTY DRESS, the final result... absolutely beautiful!

Our boy jdgzfoijosgkps has done an amazing job by putting together this casual look. He looks ready to go hang out with his friends or take his girlfriend shopping, LOL!

Oh my beautiful friend *Haven*. Not only is she beautiful but her personality and home as well. The other big plus from her is her fashion style... she always looks AMAZING :)

Remember there are different stages on how we dress...
1. Dressed OK
2. Dressed Great

Which one are you?

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