Sunday, April 29, 2012

МвυL's Photo Studio

Meet МвυL :)))

She came up with a great idea that is of great service to all of us.

While searching on my events list earlier, I came upon hers and off I went to check it out.

Her first room is set up with many cute areas for you to take photos. 

Her second room is her newest photo studio. 

The third room is what she considers the "hideout" room. I actually think it's perfect for when you need to take a photo with no background at all. Many times this type of photo are the best ones ;)

Thanks for such great rooms that you have created for all of us <333

Following are some great shots I took while my visit this cool room. They are listed in the order I took them.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Petition: Keep Timelordess in Pico

How would you feel if you went to Pico World Support ( for help and they turned around and said they may ban your account? Well, that's what's happened to Timelordess.

Here's what happened:

Timelordess noticed some fishy activity with her account's Gummies balance. She was threatened by a someone who claimed to be a hacker in a GM Games area. Then overnight it changed to a very high amount. She contacted Pico World Support and was told that she might never get access to her account again ... even though she did no wrong.

Timelordess's character:

Those who know Timelordess, know that she's fun and caring ... and hasn't the first clue how to be a hacker or scammer. She reports those who bully and threaten to Pico World Support, and encourages her circle of friends to do the same.

For Timelordess to now face the possibility of being permanently banned simply in asking for help is incredibly unfair. Who's next? You? Me?

Sign a support petition:

If you feel the same, please join the Friends of Timelordess and sign this petition to support her cause. Fill in as much of your personal information as you care to give (you don't have to put your address and if you un-click the 'Display my signature publicly' check box your endorsement will only show to the petition's administrator).

Each time the petition is signed an email is sent to Ameba ( and CyberAgent America, Inc. (

The letter:

Dear Ameba and CyberAgent America:

Recently, Pico ID Timelordess (also *Timelordess*) reported to Pico World Support ( that she noticed some suspicious activity with her account. Her Gummies currency balance had ballooned to a very large amount. This happened after an incident in the GM Games area; she was threatened by a players who claimed to be a hacker.

Being a responsible player, Timelordess came forward to you seeking help. Instead, she was told that because of this strange account activity she may be banned.

This would be incredibly unfair and unjust.

As a friend of Timelordess and a concerned Pico player I want to give her my support.

I vouch for Timelordess's character and want to tell you that she:

  • is not, nor has she ever been, a hacker or scammer. She does not support this activity and has, in fact, posted anti-hack/scam messages to readers of her Pico blog.
  • is a mature and responsible person who does not invest her time in hacking/scamming or the abuse of other players.
  • is a positive, encouraging and inclusive member of the Pico game community. She is accepting of people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds into her friendship circle.
  • encourages all those who come within her influence to resolve their in-game issues by reporting them to -- instead of taking matters into their own hands.
  • supports your organization through purchasing Ameba Gold and deserves a proper investigation into the account activity she has brought to your attention.
Ameba Pico needs to invest in proper safeguards to protect innocent players, like Timelordess, and catch those who carry out wrongdoing through hacking, scamming, abuse and other exploits of the game.

Please assign the blame where it lies.

Please do not ban the accounts of Timelordess.


[Your Name]

Cutie Picotuties

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
So there you have them, the three cutest Picos I found in Pico these past days.  AnYwAyS, you ALL are cute, beautiful, wonderful and very special to me <333

What are these two Picos doing in my post?
Ahhhh... I see, they are cutie pies that is why they managed to sneak in here ;)

A Birthday Wish

Today it's My daughters birthday... Yay!
Super Love you princess <333

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Visiting Pico

I am still a little under the weather :(
Today when I logged in I felt like visiting places that were created by some of my Picos and not by the Ameba Pico papa heads :P

My first stop was to this great new hotel owned by Servasius from Indonesia. This hotel is truly an amazing construction. I just couldn't believe my eyes when I first walked in. Each room is set up so perfectly to give a sense of privacy. Servasius you are truly a very clever architect :)))

Before I continued to my next location, I made a quick stop at WalMart to get my poor starving pets some food. The place was packed with people. Some were even cutting in line. PeOpLe, where are your manners?! :P

I was very pleased to see walmart lady, owner of this room, standing at the entrance greeting her costumers. :)))

My Heart Will Go On

Don't you get chills with this song?
I do :(((
This song makes me cryyyyyyyy :(((
It really does :((((((

Jack why, why did you have to die :(((
You were so cute :((((
Rose why did you let go of his hand, why, why? :(((

You will find the first and maybe the only Titanic in Pico in Doraemon's room.

Rose, you big liar, you let go and you had promised you wouldn't >:(
Jaaaaaaack~~~~  :((((

Saturday, April 21, 2012



from Philippines
is definitely my kind of Pico!

She is friendly,
and absolutely a model Pico citizen.
I love meeting Picos like her, you know, the kind that make our Pico world so wonderful.

Today I caught her disturbing the peace due to her adorable size.
I am serious,
It was total chaos in the Tagalog Park where I found her.
She was the center of attention.

Shining like the stars...
Throwing a few tantrums....
Kicking poor  >_<  ßωεṦετ ❤ from Sweden on the knee...
Getting not only a kiss but a rose from him as well...

 Ḉ Ἦ Ộ Ḳ Ḝ Ṝ   -  ツ я σ η ツ --   Chouchii

And finally, she continues to get smaller and smaller and she is soon joined by her tiny friend.
At one point she became so tiny that she almost looked like a speck of dust :)

Before I left the park I decided to see if she would share with me how she became so small.
I was very surprised that she so kindly did and not only that, when I asked her if I could use it for the blog, this is what she had to say...

"No need to keep it a secret just let it all out i don't mind. I want to teach what I've learned.
hehehe.. glad to help!"

Here are the steps to follow in "How to get tiny" in Chouchii's own words.

* Go to Youtube but first you have to download cheat engine 6.1
and search for " How to be small in pico"
Just click the first video
And Follow the steps kk?

THANK YOU Chouchii,
Have A Wonderful Pico Life <333

Fairy Tail

OMG!I apologize for not posting for so long!I was busy in real life!Well im back now :D I got no ideas for this article so im just gonna introduce you the 1# Best Anime  :D And it is FAIRY TALE.Upss,i mean FAIRY TAIL!

A 17-year-old celestial wizard named Lucy Heartfilia runs away from home to join Fairy Tail, a rambunctious wizards' guild whose members are infamous for their overly destructive antics. Along the way, she meets Natsu Dragneel, a boy who is traveling the land of Fiore together with his partner Happy, a talking cat, in search of his foster parent, a dragon named Igneel who had disappeared without a trace seven years prior. Shortly after their meeting, Lucy is abducted by a wizard posing as the famous Salamander of Fairy Tail. Natsu rescues Lucy and reveals himself to be the real Salamander and a Dragon Slayer, a wizard with the abilities of a dragon. Natsu offers membership to Fairy Tail for Lucy, which she accepts.
Lucy forms a team together with Natsu and Happy, as well as Gray Fullbuster, an ice wizard with a habit of stripping, and Erza Scarlet, an armored female wizard. The five go on missions for their guild together and battle a wide variety of villains, which include: multiple dark (illegal) guilds led by an organization called Balam Alliance; demons created by an ancient, evil wizard namedZerefPhantom Lord, a rival guild to Fairy Tail; Erza's former childhood friend Jellal Fernandes; and Laxus Dreyar, the renegade grandson of Fairy Tail's master, Makarov. The Fairy Tail guild also sees the inclusion of two other Dragon Slayers—Gajeel Redfox from the Phantom Lord guild and Wendy Marvell from the Cait Shelter guild—who were both raised by dragons (Metalicana and Grandine, respectively) that disappeared on the same day as Igneel.
Later on in the series, several members of Fairy Tail, including Natsu, Lucy, and their friends, gather for an annually held examination on their guild's sacred ground of Tenrou Island, where they discover that Zeref has been living on the island and is being sought out by one of the guilds of the Balam Alliance, Grimoire Heart. Though Fairy Tail defeats Grimoire Heart, the incident summons the black dragon Acnologia, which attacks the island. However, everyone on the island is protected by the spirit of Fairy Tail's founding master, Mavis Vermilion, and reappears seven years later. The guild faces new threats, including the former dark guild Raven Tail led by Makarov's son Ivan, and a knight who plots to kidnap Lucy for unknown purposes relating to Zeref, now on the loose.

Lucy Heartfilia (ルーシィ・ハートフィリア Rūshi Hātofiria) is a Celestial SpiritMage, a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and of its Team Natsu, and is the main female protagonist of the series.

Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル Natsu Doragoniru) is a FireDragon Slayer, a member of Fairy Tail, and the leader of Team Natsu. He is the main male protagonist of Fairy Tail.[1]

Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail who is famous for her usage of Requip Magic. She is also a member of Team Natsu, as well as one of the main female protagonists of the series.[2]

Gray Fullbuster (グレイ・フルバスター Gurei Furubasutā) is an Ice-Make Mage, a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and of Team Natsu, and one of the main male protagonists.[3]

Wendy Marvell (ウェンディ・マーベル Wendi Māberu) is a young female Dragon Slayer Mage, formerly belonging to the Cait Shelter Guild. After the events surrounding Nirvana unfold, she officially joins the Fairy Tail Guild. She learned her Dragon Slayer abilities fromGrandeeney.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So I find this GReaT room a few days ago with a HaPPy FaCe and a HUGE pink bow.

And today I am planning to write about it.

But I need to go there to get inspired of course.

Á    m    y 's Room is awesome!
It is cute!
It is sweet!
It is....


It is changed!!!
Oh Lord,
there goes my article down the toilet.


Sweets* (Lori Novo) in Second Life
My first "Song Of The Day" is dedicated to my sweet cheo
and all of those that are in need of a little love <3

Make You Feel My Love ... Adele

~When the rain

Is blowing in your face

And the whole world

Is on your case

I could offer you

A warm embrace

To make you feel my love

When the evening shadows

And the stars appear

And there is no - one there

To dry your tears

I could hold you

For a million years

To make you feel my love

I know you

Haven't made

Your mind up yet

But I would never

Do you wrong

I've known it

From the moment

That we met

No doubt in my mind

Where you belong[

 Lyrics from: ht

I'd go hungry

I'd go black and blue

I'd go crawling

Down the avenue

Know there's nothing

That I wouldn't do

To make you feel my love

The storms are raging

On the rolling sea

And on the highway of regret

The winds of change

Are blowing wild and free

You ain't seen nothing

Like me yet

I could make you happy

Make your dreams come true

Nothing that I wouldn't do

Go to the ends

Of the Earth for you

To make you feel my love, To make you feel my love

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh What A Day!

Oh what a day... what a wonderful day!
Even in our hardest moments,
God never fails to make us feel his love and put in our path things to make us smile :)))
Thank You my precious Lord <3 

After giving thanks for all our blessings lets get down to Pico business.

 I log in today to find that there is a Fuser mania going on in one of the new parks that have just open.  To tell you the truth I knew dirtily squad what a fuser is and what it does.
Heyyyy I wasn't here for a long time, remember???

 Any hows,
After carefully reading the info, I decided to give it a try...

.... and this is what I got.
I am a very satisfied FUSER customer.

Before we go to another new area that just opened, please take a look at this profile.
All I have to say is....
Aren't we all?
I just hope its not the same cute boy we all are in love with :O

Blue Bunny Studio

A blue room, my third favorite color.
First is red, then yellow, then blue, then purple, then green, then...
Well I forgot the order, all I know is that RED is #1.

Sweets*, G a b™,  K y r a™

While I was at the Blue Bunny Studio, K y r a™ started talking to me...

(17:05) K y r a™: Sweets! :o
(17:05) K y r a™: I read your blog everyday :3

And what do I do? I leave :(
Actually I was kicked out and sent to my room because I had been AFK for a long time.
Suddenly I hear the tingly sound of a letter received.

K y r a™
Aw why did you leave :(

you can just imagine how bad I felt. So I immediately went to her room to apologize <3

G a b™ got an ouchie :(
(17:11) G a b™: OOOOOW...
(17:11) G a b™: OW
(17:11) G a b™: I CNT TOUCH ANYTHING
(17:11) G a b™: WITH MY PINKY
(17:11) G a b™: OR ITLL HURT
(17:11) G a b™: hi sweet mom
(17:11) G a b™: guess what
(17:12) G a b™: i closed my pinky on a door
(17:12) G a b™: and
(17:12) G a b™: theres a cut INSIDE my skin
(17:12) Sweets*: omg
(17:12) Sweets*: does it hurt a lot
(17:12) G a b™: yup
(17:12) Sweets*: :(
(17:12) G a b™: i cant ouch anything wiht it
(17:12) K y r a™: you're giving me the chills
(17:13) G a b™: my pinky is the only warm finger
(17:13) G a b™: AND NOW
(17:13) G a b™: ITS GETTING COLD
(17:13) G a b™: I NEEDA HOSPITLE
(17:13) G a b™: AHHHHHH
(17:13) G a b™: IT FEELS COLD
(17:13) G a b™: BUT ITS WARM
(17:13) G a b™: brb

Bαву ƒяυιт¢αкє,
I looked and looked and couldn't find any of them.
Maybe someone beat me to the snacks :'(

And before I leave I want to thank you for your rings
Muah BIG kiss!
I usually check to see who has been ringing and I found 


in there.
No wonder my room was starting to smell funny :O
JuSt KiddInG... LOL :)))
I think she is absolutely adorable.

SuPeR LoVe YoU sweetie <333