Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Dear Sweets*,
I showed my friend an antique necklace and she begged to wear it for the rest of the day. I finally gave it to her and forgot to take it back so I waited until the next day when I would see her again. On the next day, I asked for the necklace back but she said she doesn't have it. Watch should I do?

Oh my dear Kuri ≧◡≦,
I am afraid your friend is not a very responsible person and that your necklace might be gone. My only advice for you to do is to give your "friend" a week or so to look for your necklace and return it to you. But if for some reason she doesn't find it, even though some things can never be replaced, for example an antique necklace, she might just have to pay you back with money.

This probably won't resolve the matter in a very satisfactory way since you have lost something that was very valuable to you and she showed so little responsibility for your kind gesture of letting her wear it. But at this point that is the least she can do. She needs to be taught a lesson that when she borrows something from someone, she has to be extra careful and responsible  and the only way I see her learning this is by replacing your valuable necklace with another one as valuable as the one she lost.

I suggest you be more careful from now on on who you lend your things to, especially the special and valuable ones. Not everyone feels they have to be responsible with borrowed items that get lost or damaging while they are in their possession, to them it's not a big deal. I truly hope your friend finds your necklace and returns it to you <3

I did some thimg to my best frainds sis and she got all mad i i felt really bad i said sorry and the hate me now.

Dear ☆Emma Taco☆,

Although I don't know what you did wrong, I am certain is that you are really sorry and you must had learned your lesson by this mistake. Just make sure you don't make the mistake again in the future. Trust me when I tell you that they really don't hate you even if they act like it.... hate is a very strong word. But you have to understand that they feel angry with you because they probably feel hurt.

Apologizing to them was the right thing to do. Now all you can do is give them time and space for them to heal. Maybe in no time you all will be good friends again but if this doesn't happened, you have to accept and respect if they decide not to. Still you can use all this as a lesson you learned and that is not to do things that might hurt others. Now you know that this type of behavior may cause you to lose good friends.... Love you <3

Dear Sweets*,
I lost most of my friends this year :(. It's because I dont talk to them, or I ignore them. I don't know what to do! :( How can I get them back?

Hello P s y c h e ♥,
Sorry to hear this. The good thing is that you recognized the cause and are taking full responsibility for it. That is a good start :) Now the next step for you to take is to apologize to each one of them and asked them to give you another chance. Hey...everyone deserves a second chance in life!!!

Be prepared though that some of your former friends might had moved on and won't be interested in renewing a friendship with you again. That is their right and you'll have to respect that. But for the ones that believe like I do in giving second chances, show them how grateful you are for being your friends "again" by treating them with more respect. Don't make the same mistakes with them or any new friendships you'll get in the future <333


Here Is What You've All Been Waiting For!!!
The List Of Actors For My Pico Friendship Video...

Alice- Gαв αяαмιє
Tina- Miko Trith
Tanya- P s y c h e 
RiRi- Sweets*
Jackie- "Ciel Shieru"
Sammy- ☆゚・Gαbriεllα・☆
Crowd- its me & MR.RABBIT♡ & Ⓐⓝⓖⓔⓛ☆¢upcake & ƒøяτυиε¢øøќιε

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Dear sweets*
I used to have a bestfriend. I used to be so close with my bestfriend but when she got her Ameba Gold, I felt like I lost her. We often hang out now a days and I always feel left out everytime I follow her. Now a days, I felt like I'm alone~ What should I do~? Imma fan~ :)

Dear [tC] ¢нєl ευη,
In your letter you didn't mention if your friend did anything to make you feel "this" way when she got her AG. If she was treating you the same way with or without AG, then I don't see why you two can't still be best friends.

I understand that you might feel bad seeing her with her AG items when you probably have little or none of them. But sweetie, if you and her were/are good friends, don't let insignificant things like that affect what is really important here, and that is your friendship! Her having this AG doesn't make you less of a friend to her.

On the other hand,if she is doing something to make you feel bad when she has AG, talk to her and let her know how you feel. If she is as a good friend as I am hoping she is, she'll respect your feelings and will most likely stop doing what she has been intentionally doing to make you feel bad.

:( sweets its me i feed ur pets when u left i was hacked and reported :/ i lost my account

Hello Jess☼§υη§нιηє☼!
First I want to thank you for feeding my pets <3 I am so sorry to hear you've lost your account. I can see you been going through rough times lately. What were you reported for? By being so generous to feed my pets while I was gone shows you are a good person... I just don't understand why someone felt the need to report you :(

I encourage you and all the other Picos that read this to CONTINUE being kind and respectful Ameba Pico citizens and stay away from trouble. This way people won't try to find an excuse to to report us. Also do not trust ANYONE with your Pico accounts. Never give any personal information to anyone you meet online.

Hi Sweets* ^^
How r u doing with the happy oliver campaign ? Or the photo contest ? I would LOVE to see ur entry ♥
I wish there is a Pico Perfect Fan Club XD
Thanks for the amazing blog and posts.

Hello my dear ScarIett,
Thanks for your beautiful letter. I would love to have the time to participate in the Happy Oliver Campaign. However these days I've been extremely busy taking care of my home, my children, guitar lessons, making my jewelry and hair bows for my small business and writing for two blogs.... oooffff.... I got tired already just listing some of my daily activities... LOL.

A Pico Perfect Fan Club sounds like a great idea. I have always wanted to create a Sweets* Club for kind and respectful Picos. Maybe in time when I put better order to everything I am juggling at the moment, I'll have the time to well plan a special club for all my wonderful Picos :)

Secrets Revealed

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Tanya- Ⓐⓝⓖⓔⓛ☆¢upcake & rwrsam<3 & Ciel Shieru  & P s y c h e ♥ & ღCutє Pυρρyღ
Crowd- its eric
Tina- MR.RABBIT & Miko Trith & Chitina
Sammy- ☆゚・Gαbriεllα・☆
Here Are The Permanent Actors:
Tanya- ???
Crowd- its eric
Tina- ???
Sammy- ☆゚・Gαbriεllα・☆
RiRi- ???
Sammy- RandomPanda (1st Comment On Other Post)
Remember The Places Still Left Are...
*Tanya- (Friend Alice Will Meet) 1 Person
*Tina- (Popular Girl/Bully) 1 Person
*RiRi- (Tina's Follower/Friend)1 Person
*Crowd- (Background People)9 People

A Special Shout-Out

This very special shout-out goes to мαđ нαттєя: from Great Britain (United Kingdom)!
For honoring me with his visit yesterday when I logged on to check my mail. He was accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend Batman. I love it every time I am visited by great Picos like him... it always brighten my day.
Thank you, мαđ нαттєя:

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Definition of Rich

Melanie just joined pico, it was her first day and she just started exploring. She was very excited that she had found a new virtual world and she was flabbergasted by the fact that it was so elaborate.

She explored events and decided she needed to make acquaintances, so she began to speak to a few people. Many people were very nice and allowed her to add them. But she had a rude conversations with a few users.

(19:01) hi!hi!: Hi! Im new
(19:01) hi!hi!: Can you please be my friend?
(19:01) єρι¢кιттєкαт : idc
(19:01) єρι¢кιттєкαт : and no
(19:02) hi!hi!: Why wont you be my friend?
(19:02) єρι¢кιттєкαт : ur a nooob ok

Melanie was surprised some people would be so rude simply for the fact that she was new. And then she began to look around. A lot of the events were listed as "HOT OR NOT'S " Where Picos were judged by not only their looks, but their money. She was surprised they were so shallow. She knew true beauty was from the mind and soul, and a person wasn't beautiful if they were rich, but if they were wise and kind.

True beauty has nothing to do with how much money you would spend online. Many people would rather save their money for their future. Many of the users who spent money on the game were shallow and arrogant. But she realized that quite a few people were kind and didn't mind if she was not spending money on the game and became some of her best friends.

I think it is time that some people begin noticing how their acts hurt others, and spending money on the internet won't change someone's personality. True beauty lies inside. You can't always judge the book by their cover. Roses may be beautiful, but their thorns grow from the inside. It's just a fact of judgment.

Being judgmental, and calling others ugly with events such as "Hot or Not." Won't make you have more stunning features. Every time you throw a rude comment at someone, or call them names. You never know how much you are truly hurting them. Even in real life, talking about people behind their backs is not something you want to be doing. It hurts when the person figures it out.

Don't bully people, call them ugly, or noobs. Those words are vile and useless. Keep them to yourself. Always put yourself in the position of the person you will comment too. Rich does not mean full of money, but full of wisdom, kindness and love

C a r a m e l ❤
The sun reflects off of the raindrop creating a rainbow ❤

New Writer ♥

Hello All Readers! :)
I am a new writer and I will write occasionally on this blog.
My name is C a r a m e l♥ in pico

I will mostly write about fashion or some bad things happening in pico!

My two passions are writing and dancing :3

Enjoy ♥

Actors Needed!!!

As I promised you, there will be a contest. I am not sick anymore, so I can post now. Let's get on with the contest!!! I have decided to make a video all about friendship. Here is the basic plot: there is a nerd named Alice who has no friends. But, she keeps trying and finally reaches her goal.
And for this video I will need actors!!! Yes, you guys!

 Here is the cast needed:
*Tina (the popular girl/bully) - 1 Person
*Jackie, RiRi, And Sammy (Tina's 3 Little Followers) - 3 People
*Tanya (Friend Alice Will Meet) - 1 Person
*Crowd (Bonus People For Some Scenes) - 10 People

Now, you must be wondering how to get in.
This is how to enter:
*Send me a message, leave a comment, or put a post on my message board.
*My Username: Gαв ℓαяαмιє
* On that write your...
- The Role You Want To Play

It's that simple! Hurry time is running out, the deadline is Sunday, July 31,2011
Here Is A Simple Trailer I Made... Enjoy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Hi there sweet mom ,I having a promblem with my real life friend at school. She always bully me and talk bad about me. What should i do?:{ ps love u.

Dear "Ciel Shieru",
Having someone talk bad about us is always very sad, especially when that someone was considered a friend.
I suggest you have a serious talk with your former friend. Ask her why she is doing this and see if she'll agree that in memory of the good friendship you two once had, she'll stop. If she doesn't, then you'll know she was never a really good friend. When there is a sincere friendship between two people, the respect for each other will continue even after the friendship is over.

If this is the case and she continues talking about you, I wouldn't worry too much if I was you. The people that love you and matter in your life, and that includes your real friends, won't believe a word she has to say no matter how hard she tries to "trash" you. As I always say, live a righteous life, respect others so when rumors and gossip tries to bring you down, you'll can hold your head way up high with dignity of knowing that you are a good person.

Dear Sweet Sweets*,
Hi my Pico ID is Caramel Mama. I have been hacked many times while playing Pico. So i made a new account. I tell my hacked account friends I've been hacked but they say i'm lying! Only 1 friend believes me!
Help me Sweets*!
Thanks, Caramel Mama Another lovely fan of yours

Hi Caramel Mama,
I don't see why you would lie about something so serious as to have had your Pico account hacked. Your friends have to understand that a lie like that wouldn't work since you have to start all over from zero. Maybe those "friends" are not your friends as you think they are. A real friendship is based on trust and respect. A true friend will also support you and help you out when you are in trouble.

If they don't believe that you had your account hacked after you had explained it to them, there is really nothing you can do to change their minds. They'll believe or not believe what they want. I don't see a point in you trying to prove them wrong.  You know who your real friends are when you are at your lowest and maybe this could be an eye opener for you.

Stay true to yourself, always speak the truth and if people don't want to believe what you have to say, it is their problem... not yours <3

Sweets, I need your help... When pico was created, i got many friends to talk to.. Everytime Im online, Many of my buddies are online too! But ever since my buddies quit pico because its getting boring/unknown reasons, i felt the loneliness. .i just felt like im the only one left in this world.

My dearest and good buddy ☞мαηα νίиςє☜, I miss you sooo much <3
Remember that talked we had sometime ago when I was feeling exactly the same way you are feeling now? I totally understand what you are going through.

It is great when our friends share our same interests in life, but we have to keep in mind that every head is a different world and frequently our friends will find other interests with time that will take them in a different directions. I wonder if you have been keeping in touch with any of them. Maybe you can join them in any new things they are doing now. Who knows, you might even enjoy it. But if that is not the case, there are thousands of Picos out there ready to be great friends if you give them a chance.

Just last night a good friend of mine from Second Life said these words to me that I will repeat to you in easier words so you can understand....  There was a baby chick living inside an egg and his whole life consisted of  what was inside the shell with him, he kept staying there probably feeling safe and even content with his life. The thing was that he didn't realize that all he needed to do was to break the shell and get out and discover the beautiful world that was waiting for him outside.

Sometimes we need to venture outside our comfort zone to discover what is waiting for us out there. Don't stay trapped in what "used to be". Your good buddies may had moved on and so you will have to too. I bet that in no time after you crack that shell, you'll be surrounded by new great friends in no time <3

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Hello my beautiful Picos, I hope you are doing great on this beautiful day!
I want to thank you for all your letters and messages and for the trust that you have placed on me for some advice. I ask that you please be patient with me since I been getting new ones everyday. I will try my best to answer all your letters as soon as possible.

Hello sweets* =''( every day i open my pico account, i neevr experinece happiness because almost the pico world insults me in my physical appearance. i cant take it anymore! i really love to play pico but the pico world dont like me =''(

My dearest Beautiful ^_^*,
Know that the people that insult you are seriously so brainless since they are being cruel to you based on the appearance on your Pico Avatar. These people have no sense of what true beauty is. They have so much ugliness in their hearts that consequently blinds them from all the beauty that is all around them. Can you imagine how sad this must be for them, everything they see, they choose to see it as ugly... what an unhappy life they must be living in. In reality we were all created by our loving God in his own image. God is beautiful and so we all are. God doesn't create "UGLY", those people are REALLY the ones that choose to be ugly with their behavior... what a shame!!!

There are many wonderful, caring and loving people here in Pico. I am pretty sure you must know some. They are the ones that make it worth staying and not giving up something that you love so much. Sometimes we feel like we are alone, I have felt that way too many times. It seems like the world hate us... but trust me sweetie... its not the world, it's "only" those hateful people that make us feel that way. Don't let them get to you to the point that you feel hated by the whole Pico world. I love you and you are beautiful and I bet there are many others that will agree with me ;)

My advice to you my sweet girl is to report these people immediately. Don't take into heart all the ugliness they are spilling around, I truly believe they that they are not only harassing you but they are harassing more innocent Picos out there. Giving up Pico because of them is not a good idea since Pico belongs to everyone. Surround yourself with friends that are really caring and loving even if it's just a few. These good people will make it worthwhile and PLEASE keep in mind that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and YOU ARE LOVED.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Hi sweets i am heartbroken:( i just lost ma true luv we were so happy this is a message he sent me be4 he deleted me.


Idk y but i am so sad will i ever find a new true luv?? i am so unhappy we hve known each other 4 sooo long n we were very, very happy! i just cant believe he dumped me after all those good times:( *tears* how can i feel better?

Dear Ⓐⓝⓖⓔⓛ☆¢upcakeღ,
I am so sorry to hear that your heart has been broken. I know the pain and sadness that it can cause and it feels like it is never going to go away. I have gone through that so many times. But you must know that I do not believe there is not one person in this world that hasn't gone through the same thing. However, the good news is that we ALL survive from this.

Your ex-boyfriend doesn't sound like a very nice person to me since he broke-up with you through a message. The honorable thing that he could at least have done after all the love you two shared was to talk to you in person and not break-up with you in such a cowardly way. That doesn't speak too well about him. He seems like a person that is not too trustworthy and very disrespectful and ungrateful to someone that loved him. What he did to you he'll probably do it again to this new girl and he'll keep doing it since he seems to only care about himself. When he hid behind a message to let you know about this new girl, it was very low. Do you really want someone like that in your life?

You deserve someone that is better then him.  Someone that will respect you and love you. But most important, someone that will be honorable enough to do the right thing under any circumstances.

Sometimes what we see as beautiful or special moments we had with another person, may not be as beautiful and spacial to them and this is obviously the case with him. I know that at this moment you feel he was your true love, but you are still very young and your life is only beginning. When your REAL true love comes into your life, it will change your whole world. You will feel those tickles in your heart and you will know that HE is the one <3 But for that you still have to wait a while. There are many years ahead of you since your life is only beginning. Don't rush it.... true love will come to you at the perfect moment in your life... not before... not after.

For now do what I do when my heart has been broken. Surround yourself with good friends that love you. Do all the stuff that you enjoy doing, for example, I love to take walks in the park or eat Rocky Road ice cream while I watch a good movie. Do everything fun you like to do to keep your mind occupied. But most important of all , wear your best smile... trust me, he is really not worth your tears.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Dear Sweets*,

My name is Miko Trith. I get bulled alot in pico. When I stand up for myself and beat the bully. I get bulled even more. Then I have random people say hateful things.
Why does this happen? I'm only doing what I should, stand up for myself.

Do you know why?

Dear Miko,

Unfortunately there are many cruel and disrespectful people out there that seem to live their lives with the ONLY purpose of looking out to see who they can harass with the poison they carry in their hearts.
As I wrote a while back in one of my discrimination articles, these people seem to lack something in their own lives and therefore they try to find some sense of fulfillment by making others feel as bad as they do. Surprisingly not only kids behave this way but adults do as well. Kids are being harassed and bullied by other kids, like many adults are being harassed by other adults. It is truly a big shame.

Sadly we do not have the capability to change these people's hearts and minds. They are the way they are and it is just so sad that they choose to waste their lives away by hurting others instead of fully enjoying their own lives in a positive way.

My advice to you is to ignore them like I do. Consider the source these bullying is coming from. Are they people that really matter in your life? The answer will probably be "no". The people that really matter and genuinely care about you would never try to hurt you with their actions or words. When they say hateful things to you, believe me, it doesn't say anything about you but speaks a lot about themselves.

If you feel the need to stand up for yourself, keep in mind that many times this will probably fuel up these bullies to continue harassing you more. A bully becomes stronger if he/she knows that his/her behavior towards you is having the effect they want you to get and that is to make you angry or sad. It is not really worth it to waste your time fighting them back. If they choose to waste their lives in a negative behavior, don't lower yourself to their standards... it's really not worth it.

Close your ears to their hateful words and delete any letters/messages they send you. Don't waste valuable seconds of your life reading nonsenses, as soon as you see where this is coming from, delete immediately. If it continues, report to Ameba Pico. The steps to report someone in Pico are pretty simple to follow.

My good Miko, I ask you that you pray for these bullies.Imagine how sad their lives must be for them to be so full of hate. I know that it is hard but don't let the anger they cause you to feel affect your life. Walk with your head high and be proud of who you are and what you do. Only YOU have the power to either take into heart what they have to say, which I DO NOT recommend, or to shut them out.

Life is beautiful.... enjoy it <333

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dear Sweets*

A while back I received a letter from a very sweet girl that was heartbroken by a friend she very much loved...

Letter from ♥тσяι♥вℓєυє♥
Sweets i know you probably don't have time for this letter but I'm a little bit upset about one of my buddies that just deleted me.
She just whispered to me one day while i was online that she was vip and famous now so she was deleting me. It felt like being broken up by a text messaage. This was what she whispered-
x-x-x-x-x-x- (16:20)
What i was upset about is that she didnt follow me to say bye or anything she just whispered. I was about to follow her but then i saw that i couldnt because I wasnt her buddy anymore. I just wanted to share with you about something that happened.
Sorry about it being broken into parts it just wouldnt fit into one letter

Dear ♥тσяι♥вℓєυє♥,
I am sorry that I hadn't had a chance to answer your letter before. I hope that you are doing better now. I am very sorry to hear that your friend didn't appreciate the beautiful friendship you two shared. Obviously she is more interested in meaningless things rather then having a good friend by her side. Sweetie, I know that it must be very hard and painful for you. But see it as a blessing, you really don't need friends like her that will choose popularity over the love of a friend. Popularity doesn't last long but a true friendship will, and it will bring many blessings to us.

Find and surround yourself with friends that truly value what it's really important in life and that is appreciation for a good friend. Good friends are hard to find and in reality she is the one that lost in this situation. I can tell that you still keep the love you had for your friend which makes you a very wonderful human being and the bottom line is you merely lost someone that wasn't worth it. On the other hand, your former friend lost one of the most beautiful gifts God has to give us.... she lost you... a great friend.

Keep your heart as beautiful as I know it is and open to new friends that will really appreciate the love you have to give. Smile <333

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Special Shout Out

Every time I visit Pico, I am greeted with very sweet memories of happier days. Sometime I have the great fortune of  getting to see a friendly face and even getting to spend a great time with one of my dear Picos. Tonight's visit was no exception. As soon as I put my status public, Dαмíиα♡Líα™ joined me at one of the  Japanese Parks. We talked about her pet hamster that past away not long ago.

I want to give a HUGE shout-out to her for being so brave and for the sweet Pico that she is. I want to thank her for keeping me company during my visit. SUPER LOVE YOU SWEETIE <333

Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:30) i called my mom cuz it was so cute
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:30) i touched him and picked him up and pet him
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:30) then he calmed down
Sweets* (21:31) ok
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:31) and died from it
Sweets* (21:31) :(
Sweets* (21:31) awww poor baby :(
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:31) ik
Sweets* (21:31) are you ok now?
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:31) ya
Sweets* (21:31) good :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:31) good thing i have pics of him
Sweets* (21:32) yes and beautiful memories to keep in you heart <3
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:32) :D
Sweets* (21:32) and your hamster wants you happy as much as Oreo wants me happy too
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:32) u really are sweet!! :)
Sweets* (21:32) ty <3
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:32) =D
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:32) yw
Sweets* (21:32) you too :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:33) thanks
Sweets* (21:33) are u getting another pet?
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:33) maybe
Sweets* (21:33) wonderful :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:33) maybe a bunny
Sweets* (21:33) awww nice
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:33) ill never find one as perfect as Pooky though
Sweets* (21:34) was that his name?
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:34) ya
Sweets* (21:34) so cute
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:34) i looked in my book of Moshi Monsters to find a name
Sweets* (21:34) maybe not like Pooky but just as special :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:34) Ill probably name my other one Purpley idk
Sweets* (21:34) lol
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:34) ppl at school called Pooky Poopy
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:34) :(
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:35) kinda mean though
Sweets* (21:35) they called him that
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:35) yup
Sweets* (21:35) I am sorry sweetie, ppl sometimes r mean
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:35) yup
Sweets* (21:36) I miss Pico so much :(
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:36) well good thing theres not so many bullies anymore
Sweets* (21:37) that's good, everytime I come, I think my Picos look more beautiful
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:37) :)
Sweets* (21:37) everyone looksso adorable
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:37) ik!
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:37) like u
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:38) u look adorable too :)
Sweets* (21:38) awww ty <3
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:38) yw
Sweets* (21:38) well, you look adorable three :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:38) :)
Sweets* (21:39) great, I bet your parents are very proud of you
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:39) :D
Sweets* (21:39) you are a very sweet little lady :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:39) thanks!
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:40) ur name really matches u too
Sweets* (21:40) ty :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:40) yw
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:42) yesturday i saw a rainbow!
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:42) it was when i was watchin America's got talent
Sweets* (21:42) you did :) I loove rainbows
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:42) me too :)
Sweets* (21:42) :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:42) i draw them
Sweets* (21:43) you like to draw?
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:43) ya
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:43) and write stories
Sweets* (21:43) that is great!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Long Time!

Yes, it's a weird title. Hi. Long time no see! Sorry I haven't been posting for a bit. You see, I had a fever last week, and it's getting worse. Plus, the weather it very high where I am with 95+ Degrees Fahrenheit. My fever is causing headaches, so to minimize them, my computer time has shortened. Please excuse me for not posting for like 5 days!!! I feel really bad that you didn't get the news for this time. When I get better, everything will be back to normal. To apologize for all the news missing, there will be another contest...COMING SOON...
Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Memories Made

Pico Perfect has been running for a very long time. Many writers have written and have been remembered. Sadly, most of the writers don't play Ameba Pico anymore. But, the fans live on forever. Even when a fan or writer quits Ameba Pico, they still remember the one and only Pico Perfect. No no, we aren't perfect! But, with the help of some of this blog's writers you can come close to being perfect. We help you understand Ameba Pico Virtual World, with lots of tips, news, interviews, and more! This is a very special article that is dedicated to Sweets*, Pico Perfect, the writers, and the fans. Here is the newest post, as of Thursday July 14, 2011. But, can you believe Pico Perfect's first ever post was written on September 9, 2010! That means Pico Perfect has been active for about 1 year!

And now for just some of the writer's statements:
Gαв ℓαяαмιє : "What can I say? Pico Perfect is simply... perfect! I have been writing for about 1-2 months and I love it here. Everyone is so kind, you guys are my family. When I first tried out for the Monday Room Writers contest, writing wasn't my passion. Well guess what? Now it is.
Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє : "Pico Perfect is amazing! I feel blessed to be a part of its staff and to work there. This blog can't get any closer to Perfection without actually being Perfect!"
Not you : "Pico Perfect has the sweetest articles I've ever read, they can be heartwarming, or sad... But their all amazing in their own way :] "

No one can forget the fans! :

¢αρρυccìиσ : "Pico Perfect tells how to be perfect on pico thats what makes it fun."
           (user name use to be Miko Trith) : "I like how everyone is so creative and everyone's posts are amazing."
мιℓєγ cyяυs : "Pico Perfect has articles that help me out daily in Ameba Pico."
PØØH ßW£Æ®♡ : "I like Pico Perfect cause it gives me company and good fashion tips."
Rice♡Bunniee : "I like Pico Perfect because I like to read the stories :D ♥ :P "
¤§»£mily«§¤ : "I like Pico Perfect beacuse it's got awesome pics"
¤§イina«§¤ : "I like Pico Perfect because the writers are very creative, sweets* is nice."

Ah, Sweets*. My dear Sweets*. You have made Pico Perfect what it is today.You are the kindest Pico Maya and I have met. Your smile will always stay with a pico once you meet them. Please don't ever leave us. We have 3 words for everything that you have done : God Bless You.

Idea By: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє & Gαв ℓαяαмιє
Article Written By: Gαв ℓαяαмιє
Article Edited By: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє

Fashion Statements

To some fashion is merely "How you dress and what you wear." To others its priceless. Fashion has been in history for millions of years. Even cave men had it, they used animal skins to cover themselves. Fashion and clothing has been a way to express yourself, its been used for emotion, its been categorized by personality. Its been hated and its been love. Its brought happiness and sadness. Its brought good and bad. But most of all fashion has been expressed. Yes people, this is what I write about, Fashion. I write about what it is, what it resembles, and who it suits for. I inform you guys about hit new clothes and popular pieces. As of some (like me) fashion is everything to me in Pico. I want to always make sure that I look good. I want to make sure that I feel good about myself though at the same time. So as many of you know, there are three ways to purchase clothing. You can use Ameba Gold, Tokens, or Gummies. (Just to let you guys know, just because you don't have Ameba Gold doesn't make you any less stylish than anybody else!) Now in these next few pictures you're going to see a few pieces of clothing and who they may suit for.

This outfit is what I like to call "The Dark Side" for the Gothics or, people who like black (of course, all these outfits can most definitely be worn even if they don't necessarily fit your personality!)

This is a trendy everyday outfit for any kind of person. The thing I love about this is that you can wear it for everything (fancy and casual) and still look great. I call this outfit the "The French Fananza."
Dining with the Water Waiter

This outfit is what I call "Pretty Pink Princess." This outfit is born for a princess, all you need is a crown...It appears our princess is looking for hers too.

I was born on "The Wild Side", what a creative name! It appears this little kitty is being a bit mischievous.

Last but certainly not least we have the "What do I Wear?" outfit. This outfit was thrown together by some of my favorites. It is what people may wear when they don't know what to wear. Do you have an outfit like this?
So my fellow Picos even if you think fashion is definitely not your thing, you're sadly mistaken. Fashion is EVERYONE'S thing! It may not be you number one thing but, without fashion our world would be a dull naked place. Imagine seeing the same bare style each and everyday. :O I would not enjoy my Pico life as much as I do now if it weren't for clothes. If there's one thing I want everybody to remember from this article it is: No one has a perfect style but, what you wear isn't wrong! If anything your clothing is great...for you. The  main reason of teasing I see in Pico is, the style of clothes. Whether your style is traditional, gothic, rock, princess, casual, french, or all of it. If you like it you'd wear it, which makes that outfit your own and special! Have a nice day and remember, There's nothing to be ashamed of about the way you dress, your beautiful in your own way!
Written by: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє
Please leave a comment saying if you liked this or not. Or if you have a comment on one of the outfits or you want to tell about one of your outfits go ahead and do so!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Special Angels

Our Lord loves us so much that he sends angels to watch over us. His angels are not always heavenly beings with wings and halos as we think. Angels many times come to us as pets. These special angels come to serve a purpose in our lives and then once they are done, they must return to Heaven to be by God's side. Their purpose is usually to give us love, companionship and even lessons in life.

We learn to love and cherished our pets so much that there is a point when we stop seeing them as a pet and we start seeing them as a member of our family. The love we get from them is one of the purest and most unconditional love possible that any human can get.

Sometimes our pets will unexpectedly return to Heaven and we are left behind feeling sad and not knowing what to do with all the love we had for them. We feel confused and angry and even cheated. However, we must understand that God loves His special angels (our pets) so much that if he sees them sick and suffering
he will call them back to him . We know that they go to a better place once they reach Heaven. My baby Oreo couldn't walk, but I bet now he is chasing butterflies together with your hamster, dog, and bird and all our so beloved pets that are in Heaven.

It is OK to miss them and cry for them. But keep in mind that they want us to be happy and strong, and they keep peeking down through the clouds to see if we are OK. Our pets will never be forgotten and our love for them will continue, but time will teach us how to live with their loss and then we can remember the happy times we spent with them and we will smile. When I want to feel close to Oreo, I close my eyes and since I can no longer hold and hug him physically, I do it spiritually, I hug him with my heart <3

It was an honor and a real privilege having Oreo in my life, and like my Sweet G tells me, "Be grateful for the time you had with him", I am very thankful to God for sending me the most special furry baby, and I am very thankful to my little Oreo for having touched my life in the most beautiful way.

Love your pets and cherish every minute you spend with them<333

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dedicated to Sweets*

I know this isn't my day to write but, I can never seem to find you on Ameba Pico and this is what I thought of to contact you. It pains me to see you and read your writings on how upset you are about you beloved Oreo. I hate to see you upset because, you deserve more. You are a positive, well hearted, nice person. You are kind to everyone and treat everybody the same. I've never heard one bad thing from or about you. And everyone who reads your AMAZING blog, or anyone you see in the virtual world of Ameba Pico is blessed that you are on this Earth. You deserve a GIANT thank you and a even BIGGER hug. And to your cat Oreo, he isn't completely gone. He is in your heart, and always will be. I would like to share a story with you, about a pet that I once knew.

     Before I was born, my parents got a Golden Retriever. They named him Tank (or as I called him "Tankie".) Tank was a part of our family. When he was feeling down my dad would stay at home. When he was hungry mom would make an extra meal just for him. I still remember the stink he made after he ate the baked beans. But the one thing I remember most about him was his reaction to Thunder. This dog is about 3ft. tall and about 100lbs. That can do some damage. So one day a SUPER bad storm came through and Tank went nuts. He ate through a door, and tried to fit under a bed. The bed tipped over and went through the wall. He was in some pretty serious trouble! Our lives were pretty normal except for the fact that my brother and I would ride Tank like a horse. Anyway one fall day Tank was acting sick and he was sleeping all day long. My dad took him to the vet, and when my dad came back Tankie wasn't there. I asked my dad "Where's Tankie?" He stopped for a second, and looked at me straight in the eyes, and said "Pumpkin, Tankie had something called Bone Cancer, the pet doctor said he was hurting really bad, Tankie is in a happier place now." I stared at him in disbelief then I broke down crying. I was so upset I slept in the garage at the exact spot he slept for days. But I realized that I loved him, and he was going to be"ok" with god. I finally stopped crying as time went on and I now remember all the fun I had with that wonderful dog Tank. Hope you feel better Sweets* god bless you and your family.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Your Love In The Rain

Now that you are in Heaven
My sweet baby Oreo
Shower me with your love
In every rain that comes.

Miss you so much my little one </3

Friday, July 8, 2011

Gab's Horizon Horoscopes #2

Today is a very happy, jolly day. Everyone who roams Ameba Pico has a good attitude. Everyone is giving each other compliments, and no one is cursing. Don't you love happiness? I do. Can you imagine pico like this everyday? No one would complain, and everyone would be friends. Cyber-bullies would'nt even exist. Wow... MY DREAM COME TRUE
Today's color is pink. A happy little color, which girls mostly use. But don't worry boys! You can also wear pink, or trying wearing darker shades of pink, such as red? It's always a jolly, exciting color. This matches perfectly with the mood of the day. 
There is a 64% chance you will fall in love today. If you already are matched, then spend time with your loved one. Remind him/her that you love them. Give them a little gift, that's all you need! And most important, enjoy yourself with that special someone.
Friends, friends, and more friends! When you can't find a boyfriend or girlfriend your friends are there for you! Wait, they are always there for you! Today, there is a 62% chance that supports friendship. 
Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє

OREO in Heaven Now

I am so sorry not to include a picture at this moment. It is too painful for me to look at his pictures. Oreo was my baby </3

My dear Picos, as you can imagine, we are devasted by Oreo's death. Our beloved Oreo, our sweet baby left us too soon.

Oreo had been acting withdrawn the last days and thought he tried to be brave and be happy, we all noticed how he seemed tired. Wednesday night, while feeding him, he suddenly went into a seizure. The seizure lasted about three terrifying minutes and after... everything just got worst :(  His fragile little body kept twitching while letting out cries of pain. Later that night, when I noticed him calmed down, I encouraged him to eat, and my poor baby finally ate what was going to be his last meal. After he ate he proceeded to play with two of his smallest toys. Sadly, this only lasted around two minutes and again his body went into an uncontrollable twitching state.

That night, I stayed up with my poor Oreo, trying to comfort him while my heart was breaking. It was a long night of seizures, twitching and pain for my baby. He had always been so brave, but this time, painful cries were heard during the whole night.

Finally morning arrives and while we wait for the vet's office to open, Oreo was, in a way, already gone. He no longer recognized us and his body was out of control. As I drove to the vet, I knew that it was time for him to finally go to rest, however, I was trying desperately to hold on to some hope.

The vet confirmed my fears. Oreo had suffered enough, and surrounded by the people that loved him the most, he slowly and peacefully went to Heaven.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hallelujah With the Hibiscus

When I think of flowers, colors pop into my mind. Oranges, pinks, yellows, blues, purples, every color of the rainbow! And when Ameba Pico started the monthly flower I was thrilled. But I must say, when I found out that July's flower was a Hibiscus I couldn't wait to see it because, the Hibiscus is my all time favorite flower ever! So I continued reading about it in the information pop-up, and when it said if you buy the The Hand Hold hibiscus, the Hibiscus Motfi dress, and the Hibiscus Headband you'd get a free token, I went bizarre, and I thought, this offer is irresistible. I went to the Hibiscus room, and I was shocked again. IT WAS ORANGE!!! Keep in mind, orange is my favorite color. I immediately bought all of the costume, and fell in love with the outfit.  Later I realize, this isn't fair, what about the male pico's getting into this deal, surely they can buy something to get the token also? So I go back to the handy information pop-up and there it is. In beautiful text it clearly states that the males have an opportunity to get a token too, I went on a mad search looking for someone  who had the male hibiscus outfit. I couldn't find a guy who had this outfit, but to my surprise a stranger comes knocking on my door and came in my room, she said she had the outfit and would be willing to get her picture taken. Isn't she so kind. So keep in mind this outfit is meant for the male pico's but as ℓσνє♥ρєρsι proves, anyone can wear this and have style.
Hibiscus Motfi outfit
Hibiscus hat
also required: Hand hold Hibiscus

And now the female's fitting:
Hibiscus Motfi Dress
Hibiscus Headband
Hand Hold Hibiscus

Thank you for reading!
Written By: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє
Pictures by: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє and ℓσνє♥ρєρsι 

Goodbye OREO :(

My beautiful Oreo left to Heaven to be with our Lord today at 10:30 </3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gab's Horizon Horoscopes

Here's a new section I'd like to call Gab's Horizon Horoscopes. On any random day, I will roam Ameba Pico, seeing how our citizens are acting. When all of my observations are finished, I write them down here. This is how everyone seems today in Ameba Pico...

Today is a sad, gloomy day. I don't think it's raining in Ameba Pico, but everyone seems quieter...sadder. No one makes too much jokes, it's all serious today. Even the events aren't too bright, like "hot or not" which judges people by their looks. I think that's just wrong, but it fits a day like this. The pico world is acting as if everyone is giving each other the silent treatment.
The color of the day is Brown. Other dark colors such as black, will also fit with the day. Still, most people are wearing brown. Dark brown, light brown, poo brown? It doesn't matter. There is no other way to match the mood than this color. Everyone is wearing... brown.
Isn't the answer obvious? With such a sad day, with a sad color to match, there isn't much love to share. Today, there is a 12% chance that you will be in love. The dating chances are low. Even when with your loved one, you'd probably rather be with your friends. 

Surprisingly, there is a 54% chance that supports friendship. After all, friends are here to cheer you up. To cheer you on. A gloomy day like this definitely needs some friendship. Come on, make a new friend, its E-Z! 

Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Old Photos

Late last night after enjoying a wonderful display of fireworks in my small home town in Texas, I was eager to spend some quality time with my dear Picos. However my wish came to an abrupt halt when as I tried logging in, a scheduled service maintenance was in effect.

Now what?! I thought, and suddenly I heard the hallelujahs behind me, like a little voice telling me to go to my saved Pico photos from the past. You should know that I have TONS of them :)

These next ten photos are just a few of the piles and piles I have, please enjoy :)

Notice in these two pictures how my two beautiful girls have the same eyes and mouth. Gosh even the shape of their face is the same! However, their nose is the only thing on their faces that differs one from the other. It is incredible how one single thing can make a difference.

In life we all have "that" one special thing that sets us apart from the rest and makes us special. Sometimes, you might really have to search deeply within yourself to find it. But it's there, trust me ;)

We continue with these two cute Picos that have their hands full. I still remember a Pico a while back at Beginners Plaza, completely naked, but holding in both his hands every single item he could hold which was a hilarious sight :P

Make sure that you always carry in your hand a genuine hand shake or a loving caress. Use your hands to create beauty and not destruction.

Aren't these two Picos sooo adorably cute? One is dressed more with a tough look and the other one in a sweet angel/Ladybug. Their look may be different but they stll both look equally sweet :)

We should never assume how a person is by the way they look. The true essence of a human being lays deeper then the outside layer. Sometimes what we think is one thing, could totally be different from what we thought. Take the time to dig deeper and discover the beauty in each human being.

Two cutie boys, one holds a flower, the other one a pencil. Both as if they have different interests in life.

Having different interests than others in life is what makes this wold so interesting.  It is wonderful when we mix in the bowl of life the many different interests and make life more exciting. Can you imagine if EVERYONE shared the same ONE interest? How boring the would be! :P

And finally, my girls that love flowers. Tell me what girl doesn't.

When someone gives us flowers we feel happy, loved and very special. There shouldn't be a special occasion to give or receive a flower. Isn't the fact that that person makes us happy reason enough to give them a flower? I actually give flowers away everyday to the people I love, my flowers are in the form of words. Some of my friends already have a field of flowers that I have planted in their hearts.

Don't forget to smile and know that Sweets* loves you all very much <333