Saturday, March 31, 2012

My welcoming to the blog ~Madi poo

    To start off with my first post I would love to introduce myself, my name is Madison. My name on pico is Madi poo. I have 1 big shout out to Gaby. If it was not for her I would not be here right now writing on this wonderful blog. Also for sweets to for agreeing that I can contribute to her blog. Me and Gaby met each other long ago like about 2 years ago at one of my events. It was an adoption center event and at the time Gaby was my daughter but soon we just became really good friends. I use to always check out Pico Perfect I was a really big fan of the blog but who isn't? I would love to say thank you.

                                                                        About Me
   Well to start off, I love Ameba Pico. It is my all time favorite Social Network game. I joined Ameba Pico about 2 years ago around the time I met Gaby. At the time me and Gaby had a little of AG stuff but to play and have friends on Ameba Pico you don't need AG clothes or AG items. You can simply own gummies stuff and make friends its your style be creative know one should judge others on how they look. My styles is simple. I may wear AG clothes but still I have gummie items in my inventory. If your wondering what I do for fun in real life well nothing. Actually if your saying WOW NOTHING! Well I actually am a couch potato. I hate going outside but my friends drag me outside and then we get stalked and so on and so on . I also do my homework. Normally what other people do in their ordinary life I eat, sleep, poop, and pea. My all time favorite thing to eat is COOKIES! Cookies are amazing but sadly apparently my friends telling me I can't eat cookies due to my braces . ;(  I eat them anyways though nothing can stop me from my addiction of cookies :3. Well that's all I have to say. Bye and thanks. See you in the pixel world. (;


Happy Earth Day!

The Pico Perfect team would like to wish you all a Happy Earth Day

Lets all celebrate this wonderful planet we live on! <3

Friday, March 30, 2012

Pico Perfect Office

This is the official Pico Perfect Office

Pico ID: Gaby Śhieru
Room: Room3

Here is a map

The office is located in my room3.

Thanks Joe

JustBreathe~  and Joe



Thanks To
for taking the time to check out
 Pico Perfect Blog
liking it!

A New Edition To The Family

Welcoming a new writer  Madi Poo!

Yes, we have a new edition to our amazing blogging family! Madi, also known as Ashley, will be writing her first post tomorrow, so stay tuned! She will be writing about any subject that comes to mind! You can find her on pico, her name is : Madi Poo

I expect you all to treat her like you would treat me or Sweets*

It would be nice if you keep your negative comments to yourself. Anyways, Ashley has a shiney personality and a fashion sense you will enjoy. I don't know about you, but I just can't WAIT and I'm jumping out of my seat until she posts!


Okay enough crazy exciting stuff, lets get to today's post! I was with Sweets* after Madi Poo, I'm gonna call her Ashley logged off. At first Sweets said she had to go so I said bye, but then she added to get props! SHE IS SUCH A TRICKSTER!!! >:o So we went to English Park 2. Today I'm gonna do some fashions I found in the park!

Lets start off with Joe from Jamaica! I think his look is so Anime! Don't you think? Oh.. I feel like a little creeper since he is AFK, but I think I'm always a creeper? O.O Heheeehehehehehehe.... Anyways, his look is so simple, he looks ADORABLE! Props!

Next off is Ako Hatsune from Canada, who reminds me of a vampire. Maybe it is her gothic lolita style. Black and red is vampire-ish?????? Or maybe it is her ruby-like eyes which are red as...blood? O.O Well whatever it is, she looks beautiful. Props from me!!

MORE ruby red eyes! But this time they are used to match with pink, creating a cute girly look. I think BЄ ♡ J ᗩ ﬡ ᗩ ♡ from the Philippines is so adorable, she can be a doll! I actually got to take a picture of her when she wasn't repeating: LIKE MY URL. I feel lucky...I think!

Well that's all for today now! I may post later though!! I don't know yet. :P Well have a happy pico life! Gaby Śhieru in and out!

Our last pico has a very cute fashion sense! Hmmm... who is this? It is our very own Sweets* from the USA (duh). LOL   She and I were wearing matching bunny-and-shorts outfits. Funny how in her profile it still shows her last gothic look. <3

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eavesdrop Big Time

It was a great day to go to the park today!
I bumped into a beautiful Pico.
Actually all of my Picos are beautiful, but this particular one was proud to announce it to the world :)))

(17:07) Masterbater: I'm so beautiful
(17:08) нαуℓєє: Yes, very much.
 (17:09) Masterbater: I'm beautiful.
(17:09) Sweets*: lol
(17:09) Sweets*: that is so cute
(17:09) Sweets*: :P 

an old friend of mine, was also there...

(17:06) нαуℓєє: Miss Sweets *O*
(17:06) Sweets*: hiii :)))
(17:06) нαуℓєє: I love youur blog~
(17:06) нαуℓєє: It's so amazing *O*
(17:07) Sweets*: awww tyyyyy :)

I did notice that

$KaQ-۩-ɯoןןɐ $ 

was very still and quiet standing all alone and holding a letter.
She seemed a bit worried.
I hope there wasn't any bad news :(

 Right across the park from little $KaQ-۩-ɯoןןɐ $

Le Derpina and Agalmatophilia were having an interesting conversation. 

(18:20) Agalmatophilia: i miss school work
(18:20) Agalmatophilia: ;-;
(18:20) Agalmatophilia: i might reget saying taht...
(18:20) Agalmatophilia: e.e
(18:20) Le Derpina: saying what?
(18:21) Agalmatophilia: i miss school work 
(18:21) Agalmatophilia: XD 
(18:21) Le Derpina: lull 
(18:21) Le Derpina: u crazyyy 
(18:21) Agalmatophilia: xDD 

were just so thrilled to be in love <3

(18:38) ~skewlboyhumor: im just so in love i cant help it :)
(18:38) LeXibunnie;): X . X
(18:38) LeXibunnie;): wit who :D
(18:38) ~skewlboyhumor: my bf of course haha his name luis
(18:38) ~skewlboyhumor: hes so amazing
(18:38) LeXibunnie;): lol
(18:38) ~skewlboyhumor: :)

(18:41) ♪ Mekio♪: boyfreind needed
While others were looking for love in all the wrong places.
The poor thing sat on that park bench hoping some volunteer would show up.
She kept repeating the same phrase over and over again.
But I never saw a single soul answer to her call for love.
♪ Mekio♪,
try wearing some clothes next time since going in your under clothes just didn't work for you :(

Til next time my dear Picos, Keep reaching for the stars <3333

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love Is In The Air

The profile for the day comes from
☆Death Note☆

It is so easy to think that we have a right to criticize other people and we don't realize that none of us are perfect. 'Til this day, I haven't met a single person that fills the PERFECT title. Yet, we tend to think we are better than others and become their judge and executor when in reality we are guilty probably of the same crime or even worse.

It would be good that before we even think about harassing someone, we try walking in their own shoes for a day and take the time to know a little more about them. You will be surprised of what you might find out and this will help you understand and accept them better.

THINK before you JUDGE!

The Pico of the day is
™•‡ ◘Opa™

He looked so cute walking around the park only wearing his white socks, so not to get his feet cold, and an apron I believe. I didn't know that there is a way to get completely butt-naked in Ameba Pico :O

What Is This World Coming To?!


FinallyI find a dancing partner!
I spotted  


dancing alone at the park and couldn't resist joining him for a little "Pico Body Shaking".
We danced for a while without even saying a word to each other.
Not even a "hi" :O
But it wasn't necessary, the music was enough to know we were having a good time together

The greatest look of the day goes to

Jamaican man's got style!

And finally,
my eavesdrop moment,
 I mean
Precious Moment :P

♥♣ Hyo-Ra ♦♠ and ♥♣Young-Soo♦♠

(10:34) ♥♣ Hyo-Ra ♦♠: i will kiss u with ma sandal

(10:34) ♥♣Young-Soo♦♠: wew

(10:34)  ♥♣ Hyo-Ra ♦♠: love u* 


I say, "~ love is in the air, everywhere I look around ~"

Heyyy,I think that's a SONG

And until tomorrow, let's all add some of our love into the air so we can make a wonderful breeze of warm feelings <333



[VE] кιмιкσ™

I love you all like, a TRILLION times.
I love you all this much
Ok, now that I have declared my undying love for all my picos, let us go out there and see what we find.


from Japan

Here I have the cutest Pico of the day with the most beautiful smile :)))

BJhen and • Bum •
from Canada

A great "making a new friend" moment.

(20:50) • Bum •: :'>
(20:50) BJhen: so, how did u know am his sis?
(20:50) • Bum •: ehhh. the name
(20:50) BJhen: really?
(20:50) BJhen: lol
(20:50) • Bum •: and yur pic ;D
(20:50) BJhen: how did u kno my face?
(20:50) • Bum •: u look like him :3
(20:50) BJhen: lol 
(20:50) BJhen: x)
(20:50) BJhen: i mean, yucks
 (20:51) BJhen: :D
(20:51) • Bum •: yucks? 
(20:51) • Bum •: nonono 
(20:51) BJhen: yea, x)

The Profile of the day comes from

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Second Anniversary Items

Yeah this post might be a little late, but at least SOME of the items are still on pico!

2nd Anniversary Items
Happy 2nd Birthday Pico!

Lets start with the 2nd Anniversary Star Items.
For girls, it includes a dazzling dress a cute tiara!
For guys, it includes an amazing blue tuxedo, with a hat!
These items can be found at the 2nd Anniversary Park.

Next off is the ALREADY FINISHED "surprise" gift boxes that pico gave out. Last year you only got a few little items, but this year with just one box you get a whole outfit. There were 2 boxes: red and blue, which represented the color of the outfits.

These can also be found in the second anniversary park. :)


Next off are the outfits that got everyone talking - the Cherry and Milk items. No one really knows why Pico decided to have these foods represent their birthday, but the items were very cute! Obviously, items were released with cherries and milk related designs. In my opinion, pico focused more on "milk", because while cherry only had 2 items, milk had 4.
Once again, these items are still here and can be found at the second anniversary park. :)))


Yes, in this article I am NOT including the items from the Circus Gacha, because even though they were Anniversary Items, I feel that it was just a clown gacha. Though, I will post a picture just incase you want to get an idea of some of the winning items. The complete item of the gacha was a lion suit, which I sadly didn't get. Oh well!

And, of course, pico put these items in the second anniversary park.


Sorry if the pictures were very small. I tried making a new type of format for my articles. Do you think it's cute with little people on the sides? Please comment and give your opinion! :) It means a lot!!!

Thank You! - Gaby Śhieru

Monday, March 26, 2012

Back and Back Again




Maybe you hadn't realized it, but I was away for a whole week.
It was due to unexpected turn of events in RL that kept me away from you all.
The good news is that it was to... how can I say it,
upgrade/add some programs to Macky (my Mac) to better help me out in my blogs and an online business that I am hoping to open in the future.

A Day At The Park

Today I was very excited to be back and went in search of anything interesting to write about. I wasn't sure what I was really looking for but I knew that once I would see it, I would know that was IT.
What I found was a park full of great Picos involved in many great conversations. There was so much going on around me that I couldn't decide whose conversation to stick with since they were many so amusing to me.
Here are three of the many I had a chance to eavesdrop in (in other words, be nosy :P)


(15:09) Joe cheezeball: i love every meat
(15:09) Joe cheezeball: mostly samon
(15:09) Joe cheezeball: samons good
(15:09) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: xD
(15:09) Joe cheezeball: even though my cat tries eating it
(15:09) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: i dont think iv had samon.
(15:09) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: xD
(15:10) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: ur cat not like cat food
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: no she does
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: shes a fat cat
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: last night
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: she ate a whole can of tuna
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: cat food
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: AND
(15:10) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: xD

(15:10) Joe cheezeball: my turkey!
(15:11) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: i would hide ur food when u eat.
(15:11) Joe cheezeball: shes a fatty >:/
(15:11) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: not even my cat eats that muchh
(15:11) Joe cheezeball: shes down in the basement
(15:11) Joe cheezeball: she likes it down there
(15:11) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: xD
(15:11) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: miceee
(15:11) Joe cheezeball: so imma keep her there
(15:11) Joe cheezeball: so she cant eat my tuna melt tonight xD

This first story comes from a pet parent that seems to be a bit annoyed by his chubby cat and had no choice but to lock the EATS-EVERYTHING feline in the dungeon,  I mean the basement. He is determined to protect his food from being devoured by the fatty beast. 
Yes Joe cheezeball! You must protect your salmon and that delicious tuna melt you are planning to have for dinner. May the force be with you.

The Noob

(15:09) fαмé-Stripple: xD
(15:09) fαмé-Stripple: pst
(15:09) fαмé-Stripple: whats a noob??
(15:10) fαмé-Stripple: people call me a ”noob”
(15:10) fαмé-Stripple: whats that?
(15:10) fαмé-Stripple: Oh someone thats new
(15:10) fαмé-Stripple: :)

This second story comes from a VERY confuse Pico that seems to not be sure what a NOOB is.

Though it seems that somehow his question was answered, correctly or incorrectly,

I wonder who was the nice Pico that put our friend at rest with an answer?

But friend, was all the screaming necessary?

A Wonderful Fan
(15:10) Kiтту♥: OMG OMG<3
(15:10) Kiтту♥: OMGGG<3
(15:11) Kiтту♥: Hi Sweets :o
(15:11) Kiтту♥: I'm a big fan of your blog ;o;
(15:12) Kiтту♥: I just wanted to say your pico ish adorable.
(15:12) Sweets*: awww tyyy :))
(15:12) Kiтту♥: Your welcome<3

And our third and final story comes from a great fan that made my day <3


As it always happens, I felt nervous and extremely shy and I couldn't say much.

My dear Picos, please don't take my shyness for snobbish, I am just a very shy person and can't seem to overcome it. But know that I love you all very much and I am very thankful for your love and support. You all are my little rays of sunshine that truly brighten my days <333

An interesting Pico

Written by: -Midnight

Dear Sweets* ,

I saw your page of friendship and interesting Pico pics. I thoough this pic of my Pico would be perfect for that page! It is interesting!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Warm Welcome

Hello readers of Pico Perfect! You may know me as Gab Laramie, but my new name on Ameba Pico is Gaby Śhieru. I apologize that I am very busy with my studies, leaving me only a few minutes to log into Pico. Even now, I am writing this post from my new iPhone.

Anyways, enough talk about me, how is everyone in Pico? Ameba Pico has been giving many casino challenges, and realeasing a new one right after the one prior ends. Many Picos are now proud owners of scooters thanks to casino challenge. Most of them were slot challenges, and this week we have the 2nd casino challenge to ever be based on Blackjack. The amount needed to be reached was 400,000C$, and in the end you would be left with a bunny outfit, a bunny couch, a bunny wall, a bunny floor, and casino stones if you haven't already used them. The day the challenge came out, I ran to the blackjack casino and started playing. After completing the third challenge I went offline. Later that day, I got on and continued until I got the outfit. I must say, that bunny costume is very warm and perfect for the winter! Thanks my little Dum Dum (IDuhmmy)for modeling the casino challenge outfit with me!

Why is my new name Gaby Śhieru? Most of the Laramie members are inactive or have deleted me. In late November, a miracle happened. I met "Ciel Shieru" a long time ago, but in that November she became my Pico twin. And, to this day, we are still twins and have never fought. Though, she was banned in December due to a mistake made by Pico, but they unbanned her. A few days before she got banned, Ciel and I created the Śhieru family. (Shieru is Ciel in Japanese). The first member we got was Joan Śhieru, who is still with us today. Back then, she helped us make the blog and Fanpage. (Links for blog and fanpage on the bottom) What started off with 3 members now has 30 fully-active members. Even though the family is closed, you can check out our page or try out for Special Śhieru!

Well sorry I don't write so much. But I hope this was enough for today! See you soon! Hugs and Kisses ~ Gaby Śhieru

Link For Śhieru Family Fanpage:
Link For Śhieru Family Blog: