Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prom 2012

See, I am smiling again.... Hooray for me!
Thank God for smiles, they are the best thing to wear even on those cloudy days.
What do you say...
at the count of three will you give me your biggest smile ever?
SMILE :)))

Guess What?
I felt all your smiles that now mine has extended from ear to ear.
Thank You <3

Once again it's Prom Time in Pico. Time to get those gowns out, get beautiful and go dancing with your date.
This year once again I find myself without a Prom date but that didn't stop me from going and checking it out. 

 Upon arrival I noticed that our friend zarhing wasn't dressed properly for this special event. She was actually looking for something nice to wear at the last moment. Stopping at the entrance and looking for a while at the things available at the shop, she opted to remain in her under clothes. Can't blame her, with the gowns priced so high, and only available with Ameba Gold, what can I girl do? :(

Keep in mind that not having a pretty dress to wear to Prom shouldn't stop us from wearing something pretty we already have and our best smile and still enjoy Prom just like any other girl :) 

Unless you are like my little new friend charlottejonas that was so eager to find a dance partner and when no one would, she started crying.

(09:56) charlottejonas: anyone wanna dance with me?
(09:57) Sweets*: hi :)
(09:57) charlottejonas: hi?
(09:57) Sweets*: don't be sad
(09:57) Sweets*: you can dance alone :))
(09:57) Sweets*: I do it all the time :)
(09:57) Sweets*: :))
(09:57) charlottejonas: i want some 1 to ask me to dance
(09:58) Sweets*: I know you do
(09:58) Sweets*: but u still can have fun :)))

Then I start dancing by her side

(09:58) Sweets*: see
(09:58) Sweets*: :))
(09:58) charlottejonas: like this?
(09:58) Sweets*: yes
(09:58) charlottejonas: =)
(09:58) Sweets*: just have fun
(09:59) charlottejonas: =D

Soon, we were joined by other girls that like us, didn't have a date.
There is nothing wrong dancing alone. I do it a lot in Pico and in Second Life. The important thing is not to let those things make us sad. Of course, having a dancing partner may seem like more fun, but trust me, when they step on our toes, it's no fun at all ;)

The perfect example of what I am talking about is IcE_ArNia_blua.
I noticed her dancing alone, yes I said ALONE and having the time of her life.  Watching her being so happy I couldn't help but joining her.

That is why
Is our Prom Queen of the day <3 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chins Up

I believed in fairy tales and happy endings, but then Wooo, my little heart was shattered, what am I saying? It was pulverized
And then it got me thinking...
Heck yeah!
I still believe in fairy tales and happy endings.
One prince charming that turned out to be just another toad in the pond is not gonna ruin it for me :P

Now that I have finally found the last piece of my broken heart, I am ready to start stitching it back together with threads of love from all my family and friends.

It is possible to keep a smile even when our little hearts are crying.
We shall never lose faith in people but we still need to be careful who we let into our hearts, especially the people we meet over the Internet.

My dear Picos, I ask that you please be truthful and kind.
Yes Ameba Pico is a game but keep in mind that behind every Pico is a real person, with a real heart and real feelings and a bad action will cause real pain.

every new day is a new opportunity to make it better than the one before. We must believe that we are stronger than what life throws at us. We were born to be happy and if possible to make those around us happy as well.

The way I see it,
circumstances have slap me on the face and it may feel like a hopeless time in my life. But with a little faith and the will to be happy again...
In a month I will probably be laughing at the whole thing :)


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prom Time in Pico

So, I logged on and WAH LA! it was like Pico was saying, "Ohhh maya, guess what? Your favorite time, it's BACK!" Yes, Yes, Prom in Pico is my absolute FAVORITE! All the stylish dresses and all the glitter and styles and cute dresses it all brings back to me memories of my superb fashion writing days. (AHHHHH, Sweet, Sweet, memories :D) So, I'm waiting to visit the park, expecting to fall in LOVE with something to the point that it seems to mock and I just HAVE to get it, or die! LOL! So, when I walk in, it looks to be almost EXACTLY like last years, so it was quite easy to figure out which of the MANY shops I needed to be looking at!

Hahaha my time is FINALLY here! I get to see what I wanted, the dresses!(feel free to make ohhh and ahhh noises) And....... *clicks*!

:O I opened the shop, and I realized, there was hardly anything worth buying at all! In fact, I didn't like 
ANY of it! 

To me it looks like this dress could pass as a child's dress, not a FULL grown TEENAGER'S dress! C'mon Pico, poofy arms, fluffy bottoms?

And this dress, What? Now that we're teenagers we're supposed to dress in dresses with no character and no, well, pizazz?

Sure, If I knew Pico couldn't do any better, and this is how creative they got, then MAYBE, just maybe I might consider it, but if you remember last year, the vibrant colors, the fab ruffles, the elegant sparkling gowns, where'd all that go? And, these are all the items in the shop, last year I remember PAGES of outfits. Not trying to offend anyones opinions here, I'm just trying to express mine!

Summary: I feel that Pico had an amazing prom series of dresses last year, and they didn't progress style wise. The dresses they do have seem immature or very lacking of creativity. It just doesn't seem to have the wow factor as last year's did. They don't have many items in their shop and I'm hoping they come out with more items! :)

One of last year's many fashionable dresses:

This was my favorite! (Bow Waist Tiered Prom Dress/pk)

Well, I decided to take a stroll to other parks Pico has "decorated" for Prom, because the waiting list was quite long (100+) I decided to spend some time in the Pico Gym, and I found someone wearing the "grandma" dress. At first my initial reaction was, That can't be....but it was and I must admit, it does look better while worn in a complete outfit! I just wish, that they'd make a vibrant color, like pink, or my favorite, light blue!

So, after that surprise, relatively nothing happened and I was left alone to visit and wonder about a Park that must be, AMAZING if sooo  many people were waiting....

And so, that long list of 100 people, this is what you're waiting for! A SOCIALIZATION PARK! :)

This appears to be a mixing pot to share information, socialize, meet new people, or eaves drop on conversations! Well, keep you eyes peeled in the information pop-up, if this prom is going to be anything like last year's, new stuff is going to be added like crazy!!!!!! Hope to see you all there sometime! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Angel Dream Room

Peacefully dreaming away
On the moon
with a shape of a big smile.
Nothing to worry or complain,
Unless I start to create some thunder.

LOL, that is sooo funny. Allow me to let you in the joke. I used to drink a warm glass of milk every night before bed. It would give me a soothing feeling but then it started giving me gas too, so I had to stop drinking it :(

I know, I know TMI (Too Much Information) but what can I say. In order for you to get my funny poem you have to know the facts.

By the way,
Do you like it?
If you don't it is ok, I won't get butthurt as they say. My daughter actually makes fun of me. She thinks it is funny how I truly believe that I can compose a poem. She is always asking me, "Mom, does your poem supposed to rhyme?" I usually answer her this way, "HECK NO!" But in reality I wish it did, just don't let her know this ;)

But anyways, is there really a proper way, rule or guideline that says how a poem supposed to be written?
YES, there is. But that only applies to professional poets :P
I am just trying to have some fun writing and so their methods do not apply to me.
You do not to need to be a pro on things you enjoy doing in life. For example, if you like to ballet dance but you know diddlysquat about it. Just go for it, pretend you do and have fun.

R Y U U 。A。 ~ Sweets*Novellino♥

The new Angel Dream Gacha Room was the inspiration for such a touching poem.  The soft, pastel colors which were used for this room remind me of a big glass with cold vanilla flavored milk... how about the strawberry milk flavor?

Haha, don't worry. No milk for me.

Gacha (50AG) is once again filled with great prizes. However, every single item seems to be for us  beautiful princesses, how about our uglies... our boys?
JuSt KiDDinG :P
All our boys are cutie pies ;)
They forgot to include some items for them too >:(

T E N G buddy, sorry you won't find anything in there for you.
It's all for girls.

T E N G, unless you want the dress which is like in a baby's breath soft pink color but honestly I don't think it goes well with your style. Perhaps the yellow chair decorated with that purple flower cushion or the cute chest. Your chances in winning a prize suitable to your manly style are very slim, actually less than zero, unless you win that other item that looks like some lifting weights. But then you would be stuck with such weights that seemed to have been created for Tinker Bell. Either way it is a lose lose situation for you or any guy that takes a chance on this particular gacha.

Now moving on to the shop.
How exciting!!!
I can't wait to see the MANY wonderful things we can buy without having to take our chances  in ending up getting a sucky thing like in Gacha.
I wonder if there is at least one thing that I can get with one of my Tokens.
OH Lord, I can't wait, the anticipation is killing me!

ONLY THREE ITEMS!? You got to be kidding me!
And to top it all the "shop" says...

"Dress Up As Sweetest Angels!"

With what am I supposed to dress up as an angel? Am I supposed to wear the wall as a dress? Ah, and probably the floor as shoes and the mirror as a halo!?

You are killing me!


Before I leave  :))))
I want to thank ScarIett

and Bitty™  and my family from Picostyle for their Mother's Day wishes. They were rays of sunshine that brighten my day even more. SuPeR LoVe YoU <333

Mother's Day! Please Watch; Shows respect and importance mother's have on our life! (Best Job | P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Old Friend

Today, I logged on right after dinner, and saw I had mail, I looked and found it was a reply, from my plead for one of my long lost buddies to get on! (top letter)
Then I saw, the "I'm on now..." part and FLIPPED OUT! You see, Veronica has been my VERY BESTEST FRIEND on Pico, for a long time. Then, one night while we were on like in DECEMBER, she said she needed to chores, and I was like ok, see ya in a sec. I had no IDEA that the next time I was going to see her would be in MAY! SO, when I saw she was online I went BIZZERK! I started screaming, and my mom gave me one of those "I'm not even going to ask" faces. So we hung out for like 15 mins, did what we did in December, and then she stopped moving, stopped talking, and fell asleep.
<.< Veronica sleeping

I was thinking, "NO NO NO! I'm not LOSING her again." I started to become nervous. But, then she got back on, and we messed around for another ohhh maybe half hour. So, I was thinking, this is great! And then, something happened we were in the middle of a conversation with Blackjack 2012 and Veronica went POOF, gone, offline. And I wished I had said goodbye. Then, she came back on and I was helping my brother and when I went back on, this was in chat history!
(19:37) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: MAYA
(19:38) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: I GOTTA
(19:38) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: GOOBYE
(19:38) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: LOVE U<3
(19:38) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: I G2GGGG
(19:38) Vεrσnιcα мє๏ฬ: DON'T KNOW IF I'LL BE BACK FOR A WHILE! 

Veronica, was not online. Oh my Veronica, I  just got you back and now I'm losing you again! You'll always be with me in my heart, and I'll ache for you, until you return!
Me and Veronica >.>

With Love...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Nude Boy

Some time ago I saw a boy,
With lips as white as snow.
Wearing nothing but his bling
And a worried expression on his face.

Devilish horns grew on his bald head
And his cheeks blushed as I asked...
"Nude boy where are your pants, have you lost them

As he turned around to walk away,
I noticed that his butt cheeks were blushing as well.
Was it the sun that had left its mark
Or did someone kick
 this poor nude boy's a--?


                                ~ By Sweets*

Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

You might want to join ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Virtual Relationships (BF/GF)

     In pico, you see profiles showing another avatar's name, showing that they have a BF/GF relationship. I know many types of people who have many different opinions on that, this post is dedicated to inform you of opinions other pico's have. I ask that you write your thoughts in the comments!
     Here's how this is going to work, I'm going to ask the same questions to different people. Here are the questions: (Please answer these is comments based on your own opinion!!!!!!)
Question 1 (represented as Q1): What do you feel about Pico's dating, do you think it's honorable, stupid, pointless, etc.? What do you think of it?
Question 2 (represented as Q2): have you ever had a BF/GF in Pico? How many? How'd that/they go?
Question 3 (represented as Q3): Do you think Pico relationships are genuine and true, or do you think they're just used to mess around and have fun?
Question 4 (represented as Q4): Is their anything else you want to share about you thoughts on Pico's dating? Anything you'd like to say to Pico's trying to get a relationship (advice, warnings, tips)?
 Question 5 (represented as Q5): Do you think having a relationship on Pico interferes with having a realationship in real life? (Ex. Can you have a BF/GF in Pico and in real life?
I'm going to interview  Pico's, and I'm going to ask them all the same 4 questions. Here we go....


Q1 Answer: "I think its just for fun and [playing] around [with] and I don't think people should be upset if [they] break up."
Q3 Answer: "[It's] just like [messing] around, [not] actually real life."
Q4 Answer: "noope"
Q5 Answer: "nope, I don't think it would."

Q1 Answer: "I think it's pointless because you can't meet them in real, and I think it's stupid too because some are getting too serious, people are meeting on webcam."
Q2 Answer: "Yes, I had a few, and they didn't turn out too good."
Q3 Answer: "I think it's just used to mess around and I don't like dating on Pico anymore."
Q4 Answer: "you should never date, think before you do it cause you're just gonna end up heartbroken. :( and if you're gonna date someone online make sure you know the person's date of birth because you don't want to end up dating an old guy online, and NEVER EVER EVER give out personal information such as, where you live, what you wear, etc. unless you're 110% sure you know who you're talking too!"
Q5 Answer: " Yes, because it'd be like cheating, just because your on a game doesn't mean it's not cheating. And if your BF/GF in real finds out, they'll be MAD, trust  me!"


Q1 Answer: "stupid, because you're dating people you don't know and probably never will know!'"
Q2 Answer: "No, I refuse too!"
Q3 Answer: "people use them to mess around and have fun with."
Q4 Answer: "yes, why the heck would anyone want to do that?" 
Q5 Answer: "Yes, because you should only focus on having a relationship in real life, it's stupid to have a BF/GF you don't know."

Maya's Answer's: :D
Q1 Answer: "I don't really care as what to other Pico's are doing with themselves. I just want to make sure they keep themselves safe, clean, and having fun. So, if they want to have a BF/GF let them have it, no objections here. Personally, I'd save my love for the real world. ;D"
Q2 Answer: "I've had maybe, ohhh 2ish. None of them were worth noting and overall my Pico dating status is, single, and not mingling, but feel free to flirt!;D"
Q3 Answer: "Well, I feel that most relationships in Pico aren't very serious, and should stay like that. And, if you are going to have a REALLY serious relationship (such as webcamming, texting, e-mailing) make sure, PLEASE, that you REALLY know who you're with!" 
Q4 Answer: "My only advice in relationships inside Pico is to play safe, and have fun. And for real life relationships, don't try to force anything! Eventually the right person will come, so just be patient!"
Q5 Answer: Not nessecarily, As many people say, you don't ever REALLY meet in real life, so no. But, if you do meet your Pico BF/GF in real, then yes, it will interfere." 


To you all!

Thanks to you we have crossed a milestone for our Pico Perfect blog.
Yesterday afternoon we reached the 1000 Facebook followers.

This is Your blog, it belongs not only to me, but to all my wonderful Picos. It is intended for you and about you.
This success belongs to you <333

I always say numbers are not important, but when each of these numbers represent each one of you, then they DO become super important.

I want to thank you for your unconditional love and support.
And to my daughter who was the one that encouraged me to start my own blog and then sat with me to create it.
A very special thanks to Catero that was the one that helped me discover how beautiful it is to live a life of writing.
I also want to thank the many wonderful writers that have at one point contributed their amazing writings to the blog, for their hard work and their dedication. 

May God bless each and everyone of you and your families and I extend my most humble gratitude to you, my stars, the ones that tickle my heart.... my beautiful and amazing Picos <333

Monday, May 7, 2012

Loofah ;D

They say one person can change the world, so that is why I sure try my darn hardest.
Every time I witness inappropriate behavior or any acts of abuse, cruelty, or disrespect, I get the urge to get up and do something.
I can't just sit and ignore it and pretend everything is handy-dandy.
That is why many times I find myself caught up in hard situations.
I am not afraid to speak up my mind.
Though I have to admit it, I lost many battles, but that doesn't stop me from giving it my toughest on my next confrontation with inappropriate people.

All this brings me to my story...

Today in search of what to write about landed me in one of the English parks.
I had been there for a while when suddenly my eyes came upon one of the ugliest Picos ever.
I know what you might be thinking since I am always saying all Picos are beautiful,
I stand corrected!

It was not this particular Pico's look that made him ugly, but his actions and total lack of respect to the rest of the people that were at the park. 
Vulgarity and profanity seemed to be the only language he seemed to speak. I won't be giving out his real name because I don't consider it appropriate, so let us refer to him as Paco.

I did collect the whole chat but it is too explicit to show. Here is a very small portion of his excuse of probably why he acts so poorly after I went over to reprimand him for his behavior.


But my dear Picos, don't you fall for these words. This is Paco's sarcasm speaking.
After this sorrowful statement he continued full force saying things so ugly that even I couldn't believe it.

I realized then that Paco was a lost cause. He speaks, eats and breathes indecencies, vulgarity, disgusting or whatever you want to call it, behavior.


I sat there, watching how Paco enjoyed so much contaminating our beautiful park with his disgusting words and behavior. I started feeling so saddened to the point of doubting our Ameba World. This is not the first time I had seen something similar unfold in front of me, but on previous occasions I was able to stop the disrespect and even got a boy once to apologize to the people he had disrespected. But Paco seemed to get a feeling of satisfaction with his actions. The more he said, the more explicit his dialogue became.

"What am I doing here?
What has me beautiful Pico world become?
Innocence has been lost.
So much corruption and disrespect."

And a chain of tears started rolling down my cheeks...

I was about to leave, when suddenly...

(15:18) Loofah ;D: YOU'RE SWEETS >O>

I looked up and noticed one of the sweetest and cutest Pico standing right in front of me.

(15:18) Sweets*: hii
(15:18) Loofah ;D: oh my good ness >.<
(15:18) Loofah ;D: i love your blog xP
(15:18) Loofah ;D: but that's probably what everybody says -o-
(15:18) Loofah ;D: i've been waiting so long to meet you >.<
(15:19) Loofah ;D: you've probably met my friend kitty a couple of times
(15:19) Sweets*: you look so cute
(15:19) Loofah ;D: aw thank you :3

I did not stay long, I couldn't. I am a very emotional person and my tears were still managing to escape from the corners of my eyes. However, at that point they were happy tears.

Loofah ;D had come to answer my question with her beautiful spirit.
She IS the reason why I am here in Pico. She and the many, many wonderful people that are kind and respectful. You my BEAUTIFUL Picos are what makes our Pico world worth coming to every time.

Innocence is one of the most beautiful blessings God puts in our hearts.
Innocence makes the world seem 100 times better.
Don't rush into growing up. Enjoy life accordingly to your age.
Always stay beautiful at heart <333


I may not have the power to change the world, but one single genuine smile has enough power to change mine.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gracias :)

I feeeeeeeeeel the love <333

So many wonderful letter and messages that mean the world to me. You have no idea how much your words touch my heart... I just can't stop smiling :)))

God Bless You All <3

Have you noticed that we are sooo closed to reach 1000 people that
 like Pico Perfect on Facebook?

We are also almost hitting the 300 followers on Google?

How about the views per day?
Yesterday we had 528
and today 462 last time I checked.

I am so thankful to you all <333

Here Are Your Letters and Messages :)))

 from England
Your house is amazing!
Just like the posts you write on Pico Perfect Blog!
You are so creative and a very talented girl!
God bless you <3


♡v i v i f o o from Vietnam
Your house is like a dream house *O*
So unique.
I  ♡ 
your creativity.

Alaze™ from USA
Are u one of the owners of Pico Perfect??
Well if you are


Rabbít from Republic of Macedonia
Sweets*, you have the best  blog I've ever read!
SuPeR LoVe YoU!!! <333
I think I did it right XD

~Yes you did ;) ~

☆♡Nγαn Cατ♡☆ from Philipinnes
Your bell ringed :3
Me likes Pico Perfect :)


мєʛαη คຖēk໐Ş™ from USA
bff sometime I have to meet you Sweets*!!!!!


Rihnu リヌ from Indonesia
your fannss

тαℓιαн нαηкєу from USA
your room is beautiful relaxing XD
I love your blog too
its awesome



ar you on the int net and I miss you
wherar you but im at ur haws
I am mooving haws to ur haws
you can move to my haws if you like the funich
is ther for you

"Awww tyler125, I think you are adorable <3
welcome to my house"


♥Saяakucaκεs♥ from Philipinnes
Food: for you Sweets,
giving a Perfect Pico ever


。A。 Novellino♥ from Philipinnes
Hi, I really love your blog Sweets* :))

Bαву ƒяυιт¢αкє from USA
Hi, please look at my URL,
Like it and share it with others.
Spread love!
Not Hate!
Thank You!

Click Here For Her URL


Mini Kitty♥ from USA
I hope it was okay that I threw my friend a huge wedding
in your house while you weren't on!
It was CRAZY!
TY though
~Kitty XO


Cάт from Philipinnes
ahh I love the sound of the waterfall in room 1!
I love your blog and I read your posts
every single day!
You are the sweetest Sweets*!!!!!!!!!!


♥Saяakucaκεs♥ from Philipinnes
Hey Sweets*!
Are you getting ready for the summer?
If you are, great!
 I'm going to give you a little "game" for the summer.
You gotta search for it in your house,
but not yet.!


ηι¢σℓє๖ۣۜϟ†υÐ  from England
Hello Sweets!
My name is Nicole.
I'm a massive fan of your blog :)
It's very inspiring and good. I hope you keep writing for that blog,
It's just amazing.
You're pico is so cute too!
You are so talented to make such a well known blog!
Bye Bye,
Left you some food, let's see if you can find them :)
Two are in room 3, and One is in room 1 :)
 Bye Bye Sweets* Have a nice day, beautiful girl :)


♥Saяakucaκεs♥ from Philipines
Thank you so much for showing me the trick for the new GM Gacha!
I was wondering how some other people got it,
and you revealed it to me!
I owe you so much Sweets*,
ever since you went back to pico!

"Thank you sweetie, but it was actually one of my great writers that wrote that post."

Tiffany♡Élliot from Singapore
Hi Sweets*
I'm totally in love your blog so much!
I also wanted to tell you that you are a nice and caring pico.
Even such a small thing can make you smile.
Keep on smiling;)


Rabbít from Republic of Macedonia
SuPeR lOvE yOu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that how it goes?
I really love your blog!


☆♡Nγαn Cατ♡☆ from Philipines
just left you some food :3
Hope you will find it easily ^_^
I'm movin' in.
Like your blog.


♦SåbяιภåStαя♦  from Canada
Dear sweets* ,
It's Sabrina :) !!
And the ''Comics'' you posted about crying I got a good one :D!!
 Are you crying?
No , It's just an illusion!! -___-''
Lol :D!!!!!
<333333  love uuu!!

"Haha, that is so funny :P"
Looove it <3"


DumDums from USA


color from Republic of Korea
hello Sweets, good day.
I give you a lolipop in one of your rooms,
hurry before someone eats it!


-Koizumi from Japan
Hi Sweets,
 I LOVE your blog so much i check it everyday just in case there is something new..
I also love how your really sweet,
and loving <3
and i left 3 easter eggs for u :3


ScarIett from USA
A big "Happy Birthday !! " to your daughter <3
~Please pass it on to her for me ♪

"Awww, thanks, that was so sweet of you <333"


αωииє♡єℓмσ from USA
Hi Sweets*~!
Im Your Biggest Fans*O*
Your Blog Is So Cute Just Like You...
=3= Btw Your Pets.
Picolly And Mr.Tickles Is Very Cute!!


Coffee Toffee from USA
just wanted to say what's up >:3


Hello my dear Sweets*,
Im so glad you started writing for your blog again!
You insipre so many people because of your FABULOUS writing!
I love you sl blog too.
I have an sl aswell
Your a great person & very sweet.
Your words are so creative hat it makes everything so real.
Love you!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Quick Guide on the new Ameba Pico GM Gacha.

 Well everyone knows how the whole GM games are on maintenance right.? Well my friend had this really neat hat her names Not you. I was all like "So Not you where did you get that lovely hat on your avatar. She tells me "Well I got it from a GM gacha in Reversi",I say "Well aren't the games being worked on". She says "Yes they are." Also this new GM Gacha will Cost you 10k Gummies a spin.

How To Get Into Reversi or Card Match
 Well since pico is working on the betting GM games you can still get into Reversi or Card Match.(:
All you have to do is go AFK for at least 10 minutes check your screen to see if a square pops up it would usually say "Go to a Buddie","Go to an event",Go play a game of Card Match,Go play a game of Reversi. You wanna wait until the one for Reversi pops up. Reversi GM gacha is the only one with this new gacha witch has to do with school.
A Box like this will appear but will say Go play a game of Reversi if not Reversi Click the "X" Button and go afk again.(:

Gacha Pickup Clothes
 ~The first Clothes outfit items you can get are a Lacrosse gr/uniform,High school Knit Cap/Gr,High School Glasses/Br High school ribbon/gr-yw/nv-yw/rd-yw,High school Necktie/Br,Lacrosse Racket/wh
 ~The second Clothes outfit Cheerleader Uniform/Rd,Cheerleader Pompom/Rd-Wh
Gacha Furniture Pickup
 High school Blackboard,Lockers,Basketball Goal,High school Gym Floor,High school Showcase,High school Lunch Basket

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Saving gummies; tips and suggestions!

Saving gummies for the skywall, egyptian chair, and many other high priced Pico Items are RIDICULOUSLY easy!!!!!! I completely underestimated its "easyness". I always thought it would take YEARS to save up for it, but no, its actually VERY easy, if you know how to do it. And that's what I'm here to do today!
Good rooms for gummies:
  • One of the BEST ways to get gummies is to eat food! If you don't have food, don't spend the 300 gummies to buy it, go to an event!!! With the events, whatever you do, DO NOT pick a hot food event! There wont be food left over, or they'll be too many people fighting over it, pick a new event. Once your at the event, if the food is blocked don't waste your time there, move on to a different new food room. One GREAT thing about food rooms is that, they're ALWAYS new events.
  • Another way is to hang out at a prop party! Props parties are generally full of nice people! So, its a great way to socialize, gain buddies, and get gummies! Go to hot events for good results in this technique.

Best Events To Make For Gummies:
The best way to earn gummies with room events is to "advertise". People like to earn money (props and rings) and if you notice in the hot events list, most of the hot events are; trivia's, BF/GF searches, and Adoptions. So, you may want to consider making events along those lines to attract visitors!
  • Another room event that makes millions is Food events, food events are great because, you earn cash, and so does the consumer! Many people like to visit these events because they dont want to purchase the food themselves, so if you have food, put it to use. Something to take into consideration when making food events is; blocks that force you to prop, ring, favorite, etc. don't work quite as effectively. In the short run, yes, but in the long run, you only lose consumers and give off bad vibes. So, try to avoid making blocks.
  • Another room is a prop party. Prop parties are GREAT because, they're generally full of happy, fun, and nice people. These events draw large quantities of people to gather to earn gummies. You also make the double the cash because, of rings.

  • Another room event that is very promising is the "Prop back", or, "Ring Back" events. People don't want to be cheated so, try as hard as you can to stay faithful and quick when doing this event. The best way is to open your prop or ring list at the top of the screen. Reload that pop-up every now and then by minimizing the screen and then opening it again. This will help keep track of who did who. 

Using these tips I hope I help! If you have any questions please ask in comments and I'll try to help! I hope you found this useful! My last tip is to not give into the temptation if gacha, new shops, or parks. The more things you purchase, the harder and longer it will be to get what you SUPER want. The item will for sure be there when you've saved up. and bought what you want. My prediction is, if you earn your limits of gummies everyday that you'd be able to purchase 15,000 gummies item in less in a month at the most.
  • Props=200 gummies; (20 props; 10 gummies per prop)
  • Rings=200 gummies (20 prings 10 gummies per ring)
  • Food=200 or 400 gummies; (40-80 foods 5 gummies per food given or consumed)