Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear Sweets*

     Hi everyone!!! I am so happy, I just got my first new Second Life home :))))
         Please make sure to check out all the details in my SL: Lori Novo blog.
                                           Novo's Palace in The Sky

So I am checking my messages and letters and find one that really upsets me very much. I will keep the name of the sender anonymous since this could be a letter from a child that has no idea whatsoever how "not cool"  it is to write something like this. This is a chain letter of very poor taste. I absolutely dislike chain letters and I never take them serious. However this one really turned my guts around.

"f you love your mom then post this to 20people a girl ignored this and her mom died 1year later"

First of all, you don't use someone's life for little games like this. We should respect people's life and not take them in vain to entertain ourselves.

Second, this kind of chain letters are ridiculous and a waste of time, so please I would appreciate you stop sending me these type of letters since I am not superstitious and I do not believe in them.

And third, you seem to have a very good imagination. Use it wisely and write something positive, for example, short stories or poems. 

Life and health are very precious gifts that we all should respect. Please don't play around with these things. I have seen so many events where the host claims to be suffering from a fatal disease like cancer and he/she needs your rings and props to get better.

I ask you that you show some respect and consideration for all those people out there that have lost a loved someone or are going through an illness. Don't take these things so lightly and for your entertainment. This is no joke!

Friday, August 26, 2011

What's Missing?

Today, I was strolling down pico all alone. I kept feeling something was missing. But what? It was like every other day, with me walking around without anyone. Soon, school in real life would start, and I wouldn't be on that much. As I opened Pico Perfect, the idea popped into my head. Someone to help me! Since school was about to start, I need someone to keep me updated! And someone to keep me company when I'm all alone. An assistant! Well, I wouldn't call you an assistant, more like a friend helping out. So, I'm making this contest (with permission from Sweets*) for an assistant. Your job is to keep me filled in what is happening around Pico. Sometimes, I might post an article written by my assistant. All you need to do is email with an article. (pictures not needed) It has to be about Pico, and at least 2 paragraphs long (10 sentences a paragraph) but feel free to write more. Please put a title, just in case I post it. The Deadline Is September 2nd,2011 (as of today)
I can't wait to see all of your wonderful articles! Please take care! Hurricane Irene is rummaging through the Eastern Coast. Stay Safe! <33

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Million Starts With One

Here Is A New Section I'd Like To Call "One Million Starts With One" Which Is Going To Be On Any Random Day. This is basically like "Pico Of The Day". Or a shout out? If you or someone you know has done something kind in Ameba Pico OR Real Life just message me, Gαв ℓαяαмιє and out of those people I will choose one that it worthy and talk about you on Pico Perfect. If I'm stuck between two, I will talk about both of them, or save them for another article.
Please don't lie and this is not a competition. I just want people who did kind things to be known. It could be on pico, or real life. Just message Gαв ℓαяαмιє and you might be on Pico Perfect!
Hi Gab! My best friend ******** did a very wonderful thing. She had new neighbors, who moved in the other day. They had a child about her age, who seemed to be very bored. So, ********* went to her new neighbor and invited her over. Now, they are the best of friends. I have visited her and her friend, they seem to be enjoying it. I think ********* helped her new neighbor make a friend, and welcomed her to the neighborhood which is very nice. Thanks for reading! - ***************
I CANT wait to see all your entries! Till next time, love you guys! - Gαв ℓαяαмιє

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Hi ♠☆™۞NET۞™☆♠,

Anyone can be in my blog... my blog belongs to all Picos, rich, poor, new, and old ones as long as they are nice, kind and respectful :)))

Dear lollita chan,
I am very sorry for your loss, my heart is with you and your daughter. It seems to me that the driver didn't care for what happened since it was "just a cat". But what he/she doesn't realize is that a pet is more than just an animal for us.... it is a piece of our heart, part of our family. He/She should be more careful though, this time it was someone's precious pet that was hit. Next time could be a human. I think it is devastating that your daughter saw how it happened... I can understand how terrible it might have been for her. The only thing you can do at this point is to assure her that her that Toby didn't suffer. Tell her he didn't feel any pain and that now he is playing with my Oreo in Heaven. <333

Hi Marty ™ ,

Thank you so much, it is great to have a blog that people seem to like and it is all thanks to the wonderful writers that, with their amazing work they have, contributed to the success of it :)))

Dear Vassilis♕ ,

I try to help anyone that needs my help, in real life, Pico, and in Second Life. I do what I can and at the end of the day I pray to God for the strength to do it again the next day with his grace :)))

Dear яåи∂σм™ραи∂å,

OMG, you are sooo sweet! I am very touched by your letter. After I read it I went back and checked my SL blog and realized you are right. I had no idea that lately I had been sad most of the time. However I always manage to smile and, believe me... I cry, I am a cry baby... LOL. SuPeR LoVe YoU <333

(Keep this letter anonymous named lol). 
"Dear Sweets, What's the best way to be happy?"
For me, the best way to be happy is by helping others, feeling productive and knowing that I might have touched a life even if it was in a small way. 
"What's the best thing you could hold on to just to feel fine?"
Holding on to the love of those beautiful people that are part of my life and to good memories is what always puts a smile in my heart.
"When you're sad, you want something to smile about. For you, what would that be? And how?"
When I feel sad what usually makes me smile again is my faith in God. I talk a lot to our Lord when I find myself feeling down. I also write, cuddle up with my kids, or listen to music and dance... that always cheers me up.

Dear ☆ѕԏαяℓα☆,

Sweetie you have nothing to feel bad about. Talent Show events are very popular in Pico and anyone can make them. It is not copying at all, just try to be original and perhaps add a little twist to them by adding your own personal touch :)))

Hola ™ кαт gяєηα∂є,

Going private or unprivate in Pico is a right we all have. We should respect what others choose and not take it personal. Smile :)))

Dear ๑◕ ܫ ◕๑,

I truly believe that it is too early in life for you to find the love of your life...especially in Pico. If you really "love" this boy and he loves you back, then your friend will have to accept it. However, think that most love relationships in Pico don't work out many times. Are you willing to risk losing a best friend over this boy? Is he really worth it?

Dear ScarIett,

I wrote the Dolly JoAnne poem for some friends of mine that sadly lost their little daughter ten years ago. When they told me how much she loved a doll she had named JoAnn, I immediately felt chills and knew I had to write something for them.
My struggles become lighter ever time I am able to help someone either by just listening to them or with some kind of advice. :)))

Dear love_sister,

Please don't feel shy talking to your parents and expressing your feelings to them. Me, as a mother can honestly say that I am always interested in knowing if something is making one of my kids sad. A parents' goal is to be close to their child and maybe your parents, due to their busy lives, haven't realized how you are feeling. Next time the three of you are together, open up and don't be afraid to express your concerns and feelings, your parents love you and I bet it is important to them what you have to say :)))

Boom Boom Shake Shake

I was on my computer reading the latest Pico Perfect article. Suddenly, my desk started shaking. I thought it was a prank. (my mind was racing I had no time to think HOW anyone else would get in my house) I turned around, relizing that my bed was shaking. "My bed is a queen size  (if you take out the extra bed thingy underneath) how is that possible?" My eyes turned pure green (as they do when I'm scared) as I peered out the window... Turns out it was an earthquake!!! Right when that thought hit me, I raced downstairs (I Live On The Fifth Floor Of A Six Floor Apartment Building) and stayed outside until the shaking had stopped.  After running upstairs - too frightened to use the elevator afraid it might get stuck - I turned on the news channel to find out that it WAS an earthquake that everyone in the Eastern Time Zone had survived. Virginia was the main place, while sending aftershocks to places like Washington and New York...
Stay Safe Even On Pico

Oh hi, didn't see you there... Yes, I was explaining what just happened to me a few hours ago. I want to tell everyone who experienced the earthquake that God Bless. It was my first earthquake and also surprisingly the first New York has had in years. I was terrified. I was multi-tasking during it, on pico and pico perfect. After all the commotion, I quietly got back on, called Tanya (cupcake sweetz) to make sure she was alright. My second life mom actually lives in New York near me, and she also felt it. The thing is she had family in Virginia. After calling, and calling, and calling to make sure everyone was ok, we calmed down a bit. I love you all and please stay safe if you were there during this Earthquake. It was a high 6.9 on the grid, very dangerous. Hug your family, and anyone close to you, be happy they are alive right NOW.

Also, please feel free to message me if you were one of the people who experienced the quake. I will be happy to read those letters, or if you want to say anything to some of the people who got injured during this... About all of your letters will be displayed on Pico Perfect. LOVE YOU! STAY SAFE... hehe

A Special Shout-Out

This very special shout-out goes to mary-courtney from  Eric Tranie.

Hey sweets (private/suprise message)
can you please do a special shoutout for my pico sister ♥mary-courtney ? 
thanks. she doesnt go on the time your online...
I'd like to give her a shoutout on your blog 
Eric Tranie

Gummies Galore!

Hey everybody I'm sorry I haven't been writing very much. Its been very busy here in small town Iowa. Lots of work chores and many, many, many school parties. Anyway I got GREAT news this morning! Sweets* told me I can write whenever I wanted. Now I'm not quite sure if I can write about anything I want. But I decided to try. Hey, you'll never do anything exciting in life unless you try, right? So Sweets* If I'm not supposed to write about things other than Profiles and Fashion please let me know! Oh one more thing before I begin, THANK YOU SWEETS* FOR MAKING MY WRITING DREAMS COME TRUE! 

I was at a Food Party event when someone said. "How do I get a lot of gummies?" Some people made fun of this innocent Pico. But I (knowing I was in her shoes at one time) walked over to help! I told her that food and props get you gummies and she said. "I know that but, how do other picos get so much?" I thought so hard that my brain felt like it was going to explode! Then I remembered "People love events!"

Here are some tips that I shared and some that have came to me since:

1. People mainly go to events on pico. Try creating an event. Keep in mind the most popular events are BF/GF searches, Adoption Centers, and sadly Hot Or Nots. But I have noticed more recently that people are starting to bring T.V. game shows into Pico. The few that I have seen are Family Fued, and Minute to Win it.

2. Another great way to get gummies is to go to props and rings parties. There everyone is wanting props so if u prop someone, chances are you'll get propped back.

3. Another event that you can strike it rich is Food parties. If I were to give some advice here I would suggest to not go to popular food events but go to the BRAND new ones. That way not all the food is taken. Also try to go to the events that say "No block" most of the time events that have blocks aren't going to let you in.

4. The last and easiest way to get gummies is to be nice. Think about it. Would like to give someone FREE money if they're being mean or nice. And if you're nice you'll make Pico world a better place. So this is a win-win!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions you can search my first name Maya and scroll though the picos until you find my complicated last name. :D Leave me a room message or a letter with any quetions. I am here to help and of course you can ALWAYS ask Sweets* or Gab for help too! Please visit my NEW blog Click Here to visit it. Thanks for reading!
Written by: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dance Dance Revolution!

Ok,Ok,OK OK OK OK... This MIGHT not be about pico but its something we also love. SECOND LIFE!!! I've been playing for a bit not all the time, still with Pico. My friend Pezke and I just met yesterday at my good friend's birthday party. Right when I arrived, he ran up, summoned two couple dance orbs and invited me to go with him. I was flattered and accepted right away. Pezke is a really nice person that if you are on second life you should meet. Like Lori, aka Sweets* dancing is my passion on sl. Well... EVERYTHING is!
OMG Pezke your so strong, we started off with couple dances and right away I was raised up. I can fly!!! That thought ran through my mind. Isn't dancing amazing? Oh and if your wondering who that sweet girl is behind me, that's my twin. She'll meet you guys soon...
We continued with Tango, a dance I learned in real life as well. It was so fun, I'm pretty sure Pezke was enjoying it as well.
In the end, I was left dancing alone. Oh well, dancing is still amazing!

Dolly JoAnn

PHOTO TAKEN IN Sunshine♪'s Room

Where is the pretty angel
with the tiny and fragile hands
that would dress me up in pretty lace dresses
and would play with me all day?

We would play tea time,
we were the best of friends,
I would sleep with her every night
She would call me her baby Joann.

I remember the last time I saw her,
when she so lovingly kissed me goodbye
carefully placing me on her soft pink bed.
Softly whispering, "Don't you move, I'll be back in no time".

Now I don't hear her laughter
and ten long years have past.
I am covered in dust and webs
But I know one day she will be back.

I still remember the day I heard them crying,
and saying our little angel is at rest,
Let's not move her JoAnn dolly
Let's leave her where she is at.

Now the house is so quiet
and the sun never comes in
But I sit here waiting
and sometimes I can feel her near.

I feel her tiny hands fixing my hair
like on those very happy days
when I would play with my angel
Always feeling her loving embrace.

Faithfully and lovingly I await,
always looking at the doorway
Can't wait to see my angel running in
"My baby JoAnn, I am ready here to play!"

Written by Sweets* (Lori Novo)

As it appeared in SL: Lori Novo Blog

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Dear ur thang myo, yes sweetie we are all beautiful here in Pico and in real life. In real life we were created by God, and God only creates beautiful people and in Pico because it is the land of the beautiful ;)))

Hi braden55, when I created my Pico house and saw that it was finished, I imagined it always full of wonderful visitors like yourself. I created it with all my love for all of you <333

YAY "Ciel Shieru"!!! I knew you could do it. I am so proud of you <333

Hi Vassilis♕,  thanks... I'll try <333

Dear ♥мïммï♥ мờяєMC,
If people are not getting along with your bf, I don't think there is anything you can do since the problem they are having is with him and not you. He is the one that has to find a solution to the problem. The only thing that I see you can do since you love him very much is to stand by his side but without taking any sides. Have a special separate relation with both your bf and the most important person to you in Pico. Don't let their problems interfere with the special bond you have with both.

Hi ʚϊɞ ʀɪᴛᴀ ʚϊɞ,
I never do and never did, those very annoying scheduled maintenance would always catch me by surprise and still do. I do get a little frustrated every time we have one but I understand that they are needed to better improve Ameba Pico :)))

Thanks ♡Rika♡,
The church is my favorite room. The day I created it I was going through very sad times since I had lost my Pico best friend and felt the need to create a special place in Pico to find some peace and comfort. As I was creating it I was thinking that there might be many other Picos feeling the same and I decided it would be a special place for everyone. My Pico church represents to me, love, kindness, respect, peace and hope. <333

Dear ☜♡☞αⓩυкα spα¢є,
Thank you so much...SuPeR LoVe YoU too <333

Hi Sмü®ƒєttє,
I am very sorry to hear you got hacked :(((  and if your "friend" is calling you names in school, then I don't think she is your friend. A real friend wouldn't do something so mean. Just stay away from her and tell one of your teachers what is going on. Bullying in school its something that is not allowed. I hope they will put a stop to it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Awww DAIЯY, not lame at all. Your letter actually tickled my tummy and put a HUGE smile on my face. Have a wonderful day and SuPeR LoVe YoU  sweetheart <333

Dear ♡Yumi~!♡,
Sweetie as long as you keep being kind and don't change the way you treat others when you get your Ameba Gold you'll be OK. I think your friends might be feeling... left out since you have AG. Keep being nice to them and soon they'll realize how wrong they are :)

Dear ๖WaLrus -*```', keep wearing you shirt, I myself wear Hello Kitty shirts ALL the time and not only that, I even made Hello Kitty barettes to go with them. You can wear ANYTHING you like, of course as long as your parents approve of it. Your friend really has a BIG problem but with herself. I don't think she would like it very much if someone would "bully" her because of her fashion choices. Let's wear our HELLO KITTY shirts with pride :)))

Monday, August 15, 2011

Profiles that Soar to the sky

Hey everybody, yes, yes, yes I know. Its Monday and I'm a Thursday Fashion writer and I'm writing. Thats right people I've been promoted to another day! Now I'm supposed to be writing on Sunday's but, lets just say there was a little mishap. But when I do write on Sunday's it going to be about Pico's profile's. I decided to write my first Profile article on profile's I've seen this week that have left me speechless. These characters have a creative imaginations and are brightening to world with their positive profiles.

Our first photo is of ♥мαḓї℮✿Sмü®ƒ♥.  Her profile reads "If your alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder.." I find this positive because I know I can trust her and she is a good friend.  Thank you ♥мαḓї℮✿Sмü®ƒ♥!

This Profile belongs to Kimi. Her profile if you'd notice has a black slash through it.  She has nothing bad there. I just would like to focus on the part that is shown. It says, "Mastering yourself is true power". I think this is SO true. No one has mastered themselves completely. Otherwise we'd all know exactly what was going to happen to us. So, Kimi I find your profile interesting and inspiring because you understand the true meaning of power.

Our last profile belongs to Its Over. Again if you'd notice he has that black mark. Only because I'd like to focus on the part thats not highlighted. It says, "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." I agree with him 100%! You only do live once but, if you enjoy it and reach for your dreams once is enough.

Thanks for reading. I do have one more little surprise. If you like my writings then I have a surprise for you. I have created my VERY own blog! Click Here to visit the blog. Please follow the blog. Thank you for reading!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Hello my gorgeous Picos... have I told you that I ABSOLUTELY SUPER LOVE YOU!!!
There is something I want to ask of you and that is to write a letter to God. Open up your heart and tell him your fears, your sadness and your joys too. I always enjoy writing special letters to our Lord. Actually, a year ago Catero created a very special blog for me called "Laura's Letters To God". Don't bother looking for it, it is private :P

I just wrote a letter to God last night and posted it in my SL: Lori Novo Blog entitled Your Unfailing Love.  :)))

Loooved it my dear lollita chan, thank you so much <333

Pico Perfect
Roses are red violets are blue..
I love pico perfect, Don't you ?

-lollita chan
Dedicated to Sweets*, Owner of Pico Perfect Blog!

BTW; Your Pico Happiness blog its great :)))

Dear ❤ⓓⓔⓥⓞⓝⓘⓔ☮♀εïз™,
The only way you can get AmebaGold is by having your parents either buy it for you or completing surveys. However if they can't, don't be sad, there are alot of other great items that can be purchased with gummies or tokens.

ATTENTION Ameba Pico personal, please make it easier for players to be able to get AG items with gummies or tokens.... most of your players are kids that can't afford to buy AmebaGold. Have a heart for goodness sake!!!

Hi poop myosuski, I think we ALL are pretty Picos... Ameba Pico is the land of the beautiful ;)  I'll try to post something different from my Dear Sweets8 articles at least once a week.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Everyone Has Feelings

Everyone in this world has feelings. Even our own blackjack dealers! Today I was playing with my recovering friend Narnia (who made another account) and a twin of my fellow friend(fortune cookie). Narnia and fortune cookie kept getting mad over the dealer cheating, which every dealer does. I decided to stand up for the dealer and say that she has feelings. Hey, everyone has feelings in this world. After I told the girls to be quiet, we all started laughing. Laughter is the cure to anything.
After we all came back from the hospital because we stopped breathing stopped laughing (which was a long time) instead of yelling of the dealer, all 3 of us began complementing the dealer. Turns out, we actually got better amounts of casinos. Hey, as I said before everyone gas feelings. Don't forget that you gotta be nice to everyone. Love you!

Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hacker Found

Referring back to the article Memories Stuck In Stone I think I have found my friend's hacker. I'm still at her house, so Tanya is still looking for the hacker. I log in today and my friend tells me that there's a rumor going around that IM a hacker. Please take notice that is a lie. The real hacker is Ashley Dicky. I have some pictures from the convo.

Turns out Ashley Dicky is who is making up rumors about me. Please notify your friends that I AM NOT a hacker.
Space, its a mysterious thing. It always has been a mysterious thing. When I think of Space, I think of laying on a blanket and staring up into the night sky listening to the water splash up against the shore. AHHH that is the life. But Space may be a scary thing too. For example: What is their were more advanced life out there. What if they give us a little visit? Are they friendly or are the violent? These are all questions that have been around for many centuries. I personally believe that there is other life in the Universe. I don't think that we should judge them though. I mean, lets say you're a very nice family (your family is representing Earth) And you came home to find someone unknown in your house (The unknown person is representing other life) You are a nice family but, you are scared. Every action performed from then-on is going to be because you're scared. You may act aggressive or maybe peacefully. But the unknown person is going to think of you what they see. So if aliens do come to earth. I don't think we should judge them. They may be just as scared as we are with all our guns and war items.

Anyway Pico has gotten out there Space Room. And just as I had suspected, the U.F.O. room followed it. In the UFO room they have a gacha. This gacha gives out UFO ships and alien outfits. And oh my gosh what do we have here? It looks like  A REAL PICO ALIEN!!!! :O

And the last thing I would like to discuss today is a BRAND NEW thing. Its called "The Fuser." The Fuser is located in The space station right next to the Gacha and shops. The Fuser gives you items from the past and items that can be found now.  I didn't have my Pico account in Halloween time but, now I  have a costume. How the Fuser works:

1. Once you've clicked on it  a screen will pop-up with all your clothes. You go through your closet and click two items you would like to fuse.

2. Once you've selected the items you press the Fuse button.

3. After you've done this your new clothing item will appear on the screen and you can locate it in your wardrobe.
*Room decoration items can also be fused*

Thats it for today, make sure to come back to Pico Perfect blog on Sunday so you can read my NEW type of writing on profiles. Thanks for reading!
Written by: Maya ¢нσ¢σℓαтє

Memories Stuck In Stone

Yesterday, one of my best friends in pico and real life has vanished from pico. Her actual name is Tanya, but you might know her by her pico name: →  Nαяηια  ←  or her old name cupcake sweetz. I came over her house for a sleepover, just to see a big fat frown on her face. Turns out, she couldnt access her account. After some waiting, we checked →  Nαяηια  ← 's room, clothing, avitar, e.t.c. But the rooms stood bare and cold, plus she was naked. Turns out →  Nαяηια  ← had been hacked. Tanya burst out into tears, thinking about all the money she spent on pico. Even today, I'm trying to comfort her about what happened. When reading this post, please be assured to stay alert on pico, and never give anyone your password, in Tanya's memory.
~I Officially Dedicate This Post In Tanya's Memory~
Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє