Thursday, June 28, 2012

1 Direction : Are You a directioners?

Hey everyone! Do you know 1 Direction?Hahah!Ofcourse,you know them dont you?They are quite famous.Oh well,the members of the band is Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.They all are hotties!Well from all of them I like Niall the most (:

achievements & etc about the group:
In November 2011, One Direction released their debut album Up All Night, which became the fastest-selling debut album in the UK of 2011. In 2012, it debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200, making One Direction the first UK group in U.S. chart history to debut at number one with their first album. Up All Night spawned the Official UK Singles Chart top ten singles — "What Makes You Beautiful", "Gotta Be You", and "One Thing". In 2012, "What Makes You Beautiful" won the BRIT Award for Best British Single. One Direction is supporting the album with their Up All Night Tour. They have began recording their second studio album, due for release in late 2012. One Direction's world tour is set for 2013, with tickets grossing $15.7 million for their Australian and New Zealand dates.

One Direction have been described as sparking a resurgence in the boy band concept, and of forming part of a new "British Invasion" in the United States. As of June 2012, according to Nick Gatfield, the chairman and chief esecutive of Sony Music Entertainment UK, One Direction represent a $50 million business empire.[1] Their work has earned them awards and nominations. One Direction have supported various charities and foundations, and have commercial endorsements with PokémonNokiaHarperCollins and Hasbro. They also appeared as themselves in the iCarly episode "iGo One Direction" (2012).

My Favorite song that 1 direction sang is,What makes you beautiful and One Thing.
They are such talented singers arent they?

Oooh,believe me!Theres no a day that you dont hear 1 Direction Names.Well im sure you love 1 Direction too right?Just asking ARE YOU A DIRECTIONER? 

one direction new logo

Okay since they are so hot and talented im sure you are a directioner.What a stupid question I asked hahah!Sorry About that :) Well can  you tell me why Do you love 1DIRECTION? Post in the coments or send a letter  c i e l a : 3

Well im ending this post with a niall picture~

-fangirling- NIALLL!!! BABYYYY I LOVE YOU!
Akk...sorry about that hahah okai then see ya in the next post
bye-bi! :D

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pico Perfect's 900th Post

Yaaaay! Can you believe Sweets* has been keeping the blog running for so long? This is the official 900th post, according to blogger.

Do you know about families in Ameba Pico? Well some wise person made a poll on Facebook to see the top 5 families.

As you all know, I'm the leader of the Shieru family. Our family is closely tight with the Alaric, and we need your help! Please vote for us!!!

As you can see, the families Alysees & Etoile have 800+! Those 2 have their own fight going on...

While Alaric & Shieru only have 100+ and are in their own fight for 3rd place.

Who will win? You can help! Just vote for your favourite family! Hope you vote Shieru teeeheee ;)

Vote here! [Warning: Facebook link]


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ahoy Friends!!!

Ahoy Friends!!!
Can you guess where I am?

Did I hear someone say the Carribbean Seaport?
Aye matey, you are CORRECTO!

Today I felt like traveling the seven seas and searching for new treasures.

But what is this that I see?
You big liar, I will be suing you for false advertisment.  

Of course I found you, you can run but you can never hide from me! None of your actions are new, they are sooo last year :P

๖ۣḈḧụḃṡ from France wake up and smell the coffee!!!
Lil' Lemon has no new actions at the moment.

Lil' Lemon, your lies had broken my heart :(
The only thing left for me to do is jump into the ocean (violin music playing in the background)
and go deep, deep, deep until I touch bottom.... mmmm, I am sooo dramatic :P

Never mind, instead I'll leave you with this cool list of Pirate language :PPP

Ahoy: Hey!
Avast: Stop!
Aye: Yes
Booty: treasure
Doubloons: pieces of gold.
Fiddlers Green: the private heaven where pirates be goin' when they die.
Grog: A pirate's favorite drink.
Lass: A woman
Me hearty: a friend or shipmate.

Want more? Check out "Talk Like A Pirate Day"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Wedding Hall

Finally! It was about time Ameba Pico provided a wedding hall so beautiful and perfect to get married in.

Even I feel like getting married now, so I stood there by the altar all dressed up waiting for  Mr. Right to give me the "I Do", but with the luck I've been having there were no volunteers, not even the flies came close to me :P

I guess for now all I can do is sleep in this glass slipper until my knight in shining armor makes his entrance through those doors, so I better make sure they are not locked.  

Hmmm, I did notice ☆100% HALAL™☆ from Indonesia coming in but not dressed appropriately for a wedding. Actually not dressed appropriately to be in public.

I wonder if  Mickey Mozer from USA is waiting for her charming prince too :O
♥♬OH**HANI !!! from Australia 

Is this the knight in shining armor I've been waiting for? He is dressed nicely and does have the mustache which I looove but I just don't feel the love :(

I'll just wait a bit longer, maybe another year or two :P

It is getting too crowded in here!
I see I'm not the only one waiting at the altar for a volunteer to take the leap with me. Maybe instead of wasting my time waiting for Mr. Right, which is more likely to NEVER appear in the picture,  I'll just go and spin the Gacha for a while. I'll probably be luckier there :P


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Playing Reversi

Today, I played reversi with my buddies,

Teddy and Nick....

and Maddy (<3 u) and Mari!!!

Well, I never really knew how to play reversi, but I figured it out today with the help of Maddy (<3 her)  the ultimate goal, is to get all four corners blocked with your colored piece, but, lets say both players have their piece on a corner, then the player with the most pieces on the board...WINS.

The most exciting game was Teddy and Mari, the reason why it was exciting was, Mari has NO idea what she was doing, and Teddy is practically an expert. But in the end, Mari BEAT Teddy.... O.o

I wonder if Teddy did that on purpose......


"The original rules of Reversi stipulated that the first two moves by each player, beginning on an empty board, were to place on one of the 4 central squares that remained unoccupied (so that there is no choice for the 2nd player's 2nd move) a disk of one's color, so that an essentially alternate starting position from the modern game could be forced by either player. Othello's rules, however, state that the game begins with four disks placed in a square in the middle of the grid, two facing light-up, two pieces with the dark side up, with same-colored disks on a diagonal with each other, and this is nearly universal practise in reversi play today. Convention has initial board position such that the disks with dark side up are lined up top right and bottom left, though this is only marginally meaningful to play (Where opening memorization is an issue, some players may benefit from consistency on this). The dark player makes the first move."

To be honest, I have NO clue what ANY of that means, but, if you're some genius with words, fire away!!!!
Hope this helps....
Without Nickkkkkk :'(

The White Rose

Looking so pretty in pink, ѕιℓνι caught my attention at first. But after I clicked on her profile, I realized that it was mainly her personality that had attracted my attention to her. It seems that many times I am able to sense the goodness that people carry in their hearts even before I get to know more about them. This I see as a gift, like a kindness detector.

Miracles do exist!
  They happen every day to all of us. But unfortunately, they go unnoticed due to the busy and fast lives we live.
We should all take a moment during our day to count our blessing and be thankful for what we have.

A little story I wrote...

The White Rose

A tiny seed falls from the sky, gliding smoothly through the clouds. Finally, she lands on the peek of the highest mountain. The landing was rough since the whole land was covered with ice. She stays there, motionless for a moment. The sun, seeing this, sends bright and warm rays over the her. Suddenly, the seed blooms into a beautiful white rose  and looking at the land she smiles. The sun keeps her warm during the day by hugging her with his rays.

At the end of the day, it is time for the sun to go. He promises her that he will return everyday to keep her warm and says goodbye. Night falls, bringing a snow storm. It has no mercy on the beautiful rose. All night she shivers and she can barely breathe with the harsh temperatures. Finally, the day arrives again. The sun searches for the rose and finds her buried under the snow. He sends again rays of light and warmth to her. The snow that covers the rose starts to melt. But the rose is already dying. She looks up at the sun and thanks him for his kindness. The sun starts to cry, feeling hopeless.

The rose looks up to him with a smile and says... "Don't cry my good friend, I had a good life. I was given a home to live in that looked as white as the sky. I got to feel the breeze play with my petals and I was given a wonderful friend. I felt your love for me in the warmth of your rays. You lit my world my dear friend. "

Then she closed her eyes... and she was gone.

In my story you will find miracles, blessings, gratitude, friendship and love.
My little white rose never complained but was always thankful for what she had. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Farmer Babe Outfit

thanks sweetie for your post, SuPeR LoVe YoU <3

Here are the pieces I am wearing for my...
let's call it "Farmer Babe" outfit ;)

1: Salopette with Chiffon Blouse/ yellow
100 AG or 1 Token
Also available with Pink or White top
Tokyo ~Japan~
Shibuya 106
2: Vintage Engineer Boots/ Beige
50 AG or 1 Token
Also available in Black
3: Side Bow Prom Headband/ White
Got it last year at Prom Shop
4: Single Rose White
Sorry, can't remember :(

Fashion Idol

Man O' man, you see MILLIONS of outfits in Pico each day! But, there is one person in Pico who'd fashion is sooo.... elegant and simple. I mean, you hardly see ANY of that in Pico. You usually see those BIG LOOK AT ME outfits. Or those, ninja suits and sunglasses. This person I idolize, it's Sweets*. I mean she has a DISTINCTIVE fashion sense, that I'm jealous of, and I'm just DIEING to know what she is wearing in this post (PLEASE LETTER OR COMMENT OR SOMETHING BECAUSE I'M DIEING). I love Sweets*, and I love her style... I don't get to see her much in Pico, but when I do, it's a moment to remember and cherish forever!

Thursday, June 7, 2012



ONE THING... One Direction

Nudiya afina from Indonesia and laurabiebx from Spain

 (10:27) laurabiebx: do u like 1 direction 
(10:27) laurabiebx: ?
(10:27) Nudiya afina: yes :D
(10:27) laurabiebx: isnt they cool
(10:27) Nudiya afina: u?
(10:27) Nudiya afina: -_-
(10:27) laurabiebx: cuz i see me wid him slow dancing
 (10:27) laurabiebx: tearng me apart
(10:27) laurabiebx: i wish dat was me
(10:27) Nudiya afina: asdfghjkl-_-

Funny Comic Of The Day

Today I brought you some funny comic again :D

Shin Chan Volume 1 
By Yoshito Usui 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Being Single Is Not So Bad

I see people looking for BF or GF all the time.
What's up with that?
Do you really need a mate to feel complete?
there is nothing wrong with being single...

Or ask our friend 

and then you'll be like our friend sunny.

You get the idea? :P

Enjoy the single life like our friend Ḿιηηιєᶫᵒᵛᵉ here.
Have fun with your friends and do all those things you like to do without having a guy/girl get on your way.

I want to know how you would answer to this question...

Why am I single?

my answer...
"Too hot for everyone"... hair flip :P
Haha, just kidding.

Send me your answers in a Pico letter. I'll be posting them sometime next week. Now don't leave me alone on this. I am really looking forward to seeing what you have to say.

I am still getting answers for my question

"Did You Cut Your Hair?"

Thanks Archela Rose, good one <3


How are all my Picotuties on this fine day?
I hope you are doing WoNdErFuL like I am.

Sending you all many hugs and kisses <333

Today I found a letter from our friend ★вree★cardea★ 

Hi Bree, say hi to Tess, Kitty and Clary for me :)))

I checked out their blog and I was really impressed.
Great Job girls!

One thing that really caught my attention was that they have posted their real life photos in the blog which I find to be awesome.

Make sure you all check it out.

ByeBye my Picos... Kisses... mwaaah <3

Good Morning Everyone!

It's 5:10am right here.So,How are you all?Doing fine? :)
I dont really active in this blog sorry about that sweets* D:
Well today I have brought you some comic for you to read if youre bored? (:

Petition: Help Owrith get his account back

It's unfortunate that Ameba has a history for banning its paying customers in Pico. Why? Ameba's community managers are - in short - idiots. The latest victim of Ameba's stupidity is ۩۞¤Owяi†h¤۞۩.

Owrith, Berry and Timelordess jamming; © http://timelordess.wordpress.comHere's what happened:
Owrith has been banned from Pico since the week of May 20. He apparently purchased Facebook Credits through a special discounted offer. When he went to redeem those credits in Pico for AG his account was "temporarily suspended".

As a Facebook game app Ameba Pico must accept FB$ in exchange for in-game dollars (AmebaGold).

Sign a support petition to get Owrith back in Pico:

If you are a friend or a concerned member of the Pico gaming community, you will want to see an innocent man returned to this rightful place in Pico.

Photo of Owrith, Berry and Timelordess ©

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Butterfly

"Oh how I love to feel those butterflies tickling my tummy"
You know, the ones you feel from the inside when something makes you happy.

Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a shiny day, as I stood at the top of a multi-colored flower covered hill, overlooking the fields of  fluffy cotton, I suddenly remembered something funny. I laughed so much that a yellow butterfly flew right into my mouth. AGH, and I swallowed it... GULP!

But don't think the butterfly died. No, no, no!
I could feel her flying inside me for days. Every time she would go to my stomach, I would feel tickles that would make me so happy. And every time she would fly in my ears I would hear the most beautiful laughter of children and all the sounds that our Lord created as music of nature. You know, like the wind, the birds and even the sound of the fallen leaf.

The butterfly continued traveling inside of me for days and days.  And every time she wanted to take a look to the outside, she would travel to my eyes which caused me to see the beauty in everything.  Traveling inside my hands would provoke in me the need to give the warmest caress to my loved ones.

The best part was when she reached my heart. That is when my love increased in gigantic proportions like an abundant fountain of love to give away to anyone that needed it.

I could tell that this butterfly was happy living inside of me. And I felt honored that she had chosen me to touch with her beautiful magic.

One day, however, my special butterfly was ready to fly away into the world in search of another person that would be willing to let her in. Her work with me was done. She had come inside me to teach me and give me the gift of love. I was not saddened by her leaving me. I was glad that another person would be blessed as I was by being touched by her.

Please keep your hearts open to my yellow butterfly <333


Beauty is that that causes a smile and a warm feeling.

Here are three pictures I had been saving in my files for a while now. Every time I would see them they reminded me of my yellow butterfly.
‡L'arc U T I L and  ⓣ™ ♏sⓒ

Laughter- what a joy. It is like when your body can't take it anymore and it erupts in fireworks of happy moments.


There are people that are like magnets. They seem to attract people so easily.
Their secret?
A positive attitude!

The secret to a beautiful relationship?
Respect, acceptance, support, trust and love <3