Friday, December 31, 2010

HaPpY NeW YeaR!

L'Heure BleueCaterosweet_momDark Love๖ۣۜ♥

wishes a HaPPy NeW YeaR to THe WorLD!

Then sing, young hearts that are full of cheer,
With never a thought of sorrow;
The old goes out, but the glad young year
Comes merrily in tomorrow!
                                             By Emily Miller

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cake Stalker

WRITTEN BY Dark Love๖ۣۜ♥

Hey 'sup yo? It's  Dark Love๖ۣۜ♥
Who likes practical jokes?  Ha ha, I recently had a GOOD one played on me.
I was chillin' in the Beginners Plaza, catching up with an old friend (SailorMercury), when suddenly before us appeared a piece of CAKE!!!  Now, ordinarily we would have gobbled up this tasty treat, but my friend and I were both so STUFFED that the thought of eating just One more bite was down right GROSS!
So what did we do?  Ha ha, we IGNORED it of course, knowing that OTHERS would be tempted by its deliciousness. I was greatly relieved when someone else greedily gobbled up the treat!  I was SO happy that the cake was GONE, that i did a VICTORY dance!! 
My joy was cut short however, for in the middle of my dance I stepped in ANOTHER piece of cake!  It too was quickly devoured by a hungry Pico. Unfortunately for my friend and I someone was determined that we had to EAT their cake, and immediately several MORE pieces appeared right in front of us!!  Every time someone ate our stalking pastries they came BACK!!!  (we were starting to get a little scared that the cake would eat US!!)
We finally identified who was STALKING us with cake!  It was ♪♫♪CiCi๖ۣۜ♥.  Now this girl is a REAL practical joker!  She had a WONDERFUL time laughing at our growing distress!  We made peace however, and in the end shared a laugh over her prank.  So thanks ♪♫♪CiCi๖ۣۜ♥ for making the day interesting! :D

Rooms SWEET Rooms


When I visited  _*LiNa*_ "WEIRD" room, I discovered that her room has nothing weird about it as she says, but truly AMAZING. I will consider it more like a home for GIGANTIC pets.
Her pets come in big proportions so I am sure they provide her with alot of LOVE.... BIG PETS.....BIG HEARTS.... right?
You will find a PENGUIN, a PANDA, a BUMBLE BEE, and of course a PINK PIG holding a basket full of apples to drop on your head as you walk in, LOL, I almost got knocked out when one hit me right on the head.

_*LiNa*_ has created AMAZING stairs that will take you ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. There, you will find an APPLE TREE and an ENORMOUS sweet treat to feed her GIGANTIC pets.  SHHH don't tell her but I couldn't help taking a tiny bite from that DELICIOUS treat ;)


I know, I know that Christmas has come and gone, but just look how BEAUTIFULLY my good friend Michalena has decorated her room for the holidays. It would had been a crime not to share it with you this AMAZING CHRISTMASY CREATION!


Now our friend ✿♡ MINTNY ♡✿ has created a room TOTALLY full of every color possible! You will find very interesting characters that without a doubt will bring a BIG smile to you face when you come face-to-face with them. Just to mention one, our so loved MICKEY MOUSE.

This room seems to have been created to put a SPARK of HAPPINESS in anyone's eyes!


Just because Christmas has passed does not mean we can ignore any Christmas Decorated room we may come across. Anyways, I truly believe CHRISTMAS should be all year round, don"t you agree?
And our good friend nancy´love has decorated her Christmas Tree with PINK BOWS to match her house!


Look what I found in nancy´love's second room :P


nancy´love's third room has been perfectly decorated for a PRINCESS, that is, a princess that likes to have sleep-overs for you will find an extra bed in the room.


In nancy´love's fourth and final room you will find a CHARMING little living area with a WONDERFUL VIEW.

Til nest time, leave the light on for me ;)

sweet_mom's Fashions

So many different WONDERFUL outfits out there that my Picos are wearing and yet, I could only get you TWO this time  :(
My Picos are getting too fast for me and disappear into thin air before I can take their picture :(

RιpVαɴ Doɴɴιe outfit is one of the best ones I've seen put together by a guy. Though the RED NECK BOW is of a larger size, it still goes perfectly with the whole look.

"Well done handsome Pico Guy ;)"

Now, when I realized that our friend xcutiepiexD◕‿◕ was about to change her outfit, I immediately rushed to grab my camera and get a picture of her FABULOUS LOOK before it was gone. Seriously girl, I can't believe you changed your clothes when you looked STUNNING the way you were.

Now as you already now, I LOOOVE RED. Many times as I am changing my clothes, I realize that I have been wearing RED or RED/Black for several days in a row. I have to clear and restart dressing up again while trying to keep in mind to stay away from my RED pieces and use a different color for the day.

Remember that back in October I made a commitment to wear ONLY PINK for that month in honor or BREAST CANCER AWARENESS, well... since that time I learned to love the PINK color too. It comes in second place right behind RED!


Once again on this day, I decide to wear my PINK LAYERED CAMISOLE DRESS but this time I combine it with my BLUE EMBROIDERY DESIGNED GIRLY BLOUSE.

Same dress, totally different look!

Finally, this gorgeous PURPLE special long sleeve KIMONO with WHITE FUR, is the latest addition to my wardrobe. Together with the PURPLE PERFECT HAIR DECORATION, I purchased yesterday at Nakamise St.


Til next time, Go Out There And Show Me Your Great Outfits ;)

Monday, December 27, 2010

sweet_mom's Restroom

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that immediately after posting yesterday my article about my "RESTROOM", Picos would be showing up with the "NEED" to sit on my "THRONE". Picos kept coming in and out and a line started to form by eager Picos waiting to use my facility.

I was so pleased to see that EVERYONE was enjoying MY CREATION. I estimate that while I was in my room approximately 50 Picos showed up, not including the ones I missed.

Though my THRONE is very simple, it serves well the "NEED". I still invite who ever wants to use my restroom to come on over. But PLEASE, do not forget to flush and spray after you are done :P

Here are a few of the Picos that were kind enough to let me take their pictures.

Oh my sweet [♥]Breezy[♥] had seen my post and was eager to experience the THRONE like all the other Picos that showed up. Once in there we all kept hearing the sound of relief she was experiencing! It must have been nice ;)

Now my good friend Mel Molly walked in there with her dog "WHISTLES". She took sooo long that I kept asking her if she was ok. When she finally exited the facility, she informed me on the latest news. No wonder she took sooo long, all that time she and Whistles had been reading the newspaper :P

Now, our good friend ♫Ichigo Amaya♫ was skating when he got the NEED and immediately rushed to my house. Once in there, we could all hear music and singing coming from the room.

Just imagine when I build a SHOWER in there.... what are the  ČяÄžthings my Picos will be doing  :O

My THRONE is fit to serve even ROYALTY, we all know QUEENS get the NEEDS too.
My silly friend ◕ܫ◕Ver☆nica◕ܫ◕ came and HONORED us with her.... oh well, ROYAL NEED in the nude ;)

Finally, last but not least, I was so HAPPY and TOUCHED when I saw my good friend Peggy Hill honor me with her visit :) For the ones that don't know this, Peggy Hill and Gem Rock from PicoStyle Blog are my "PICO SISTERS", together with Catero, I consider them "MIA FAMILIA" (my Pico Family).

She is such a good sport that she accepted my invitation to use my THRONE immediately! The only problem was that by the time she got to use the THRONE, I had run out of toilet paper, luckily for her, she always carries some under her WIGS.... LOL :P

Time to say goodbye , but remember, if you ever get the "NEED", you are welcome to my humble house:P

Sunday, December 26, 2010


FINALLY, I build my Pico Restroom. I was just sooo tired of having to hold it in, Picos have "NEEDS" too, you know ;)
After I was done, creating this MONUMENTAL ,INPIRING ROOM on every Picos needs , I called a few friends to come on over and be the LUCKY first ones to use it... LOL :P

These are the first DISTINGUISH Picos with the "NEED" to honor me with their.....hmmmm......presence!

First LUCKY Pico to sit on THE THRONE was ๖ۣۜx zylem๖ۣۜ
He was so glad to see such BEAUTIFUL room that he couldn't believe his eyes and the only words he was able to say were, "That's EPIC!" He immediately proceeded to take of his clothes as he ran to it. I'm still wondering why the need to do "IT" in the nude....hhhmmmm.. oh well, to each its own!
He kept asking for a newspaper...LOL :P

Second lucky Pico to occupied "The Throne" was ωнιρ¢яєαм™!
My sweet friend  ωнιρ¢яєαмrushed in very discreet after ๖ۣۜx zylem๖ۣۜ   was done.
It was obvious that her "NEED" was not that big... LOL :P

Ok, now my gorgeous boy Dark Love ๖ۣۜ♥ had to cut in line. At first he was feeling shy of letting us know, that he too needed to use "The Throne", but after a while, he couldn't ignore the "NEED" anymore.

You don't have to be shy Dark Love ๖ۣۜ♥ , no one can see you in there and anyways, we all make THOSE thundering sounds while sitting on "The Throne"... LOL!

Now L'Heure Bleue as soon as she saw the shinny "Throne" she ran to it... and I have a feeling she had a BIG smile all the time she was in there and let me tell you, she took longer than the others.... hhmmm, she was probably taking pictures of herself by the mirror with her cellular phone, typical teenager  :)

These were the first four Picos to use my restroom. I already sent a few formal invitations out to a few friends to use this room. But anyone is welcome to it, just please don't forget to flush!!!

A Birthday Wish

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  ܫкιттуgιяℓ!!!

Today is a GREAT day in PICO WORLD for it is your birthday!
May you have the GREATEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!
With all my LOVE....sweet_mom

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

WRITTEN BY L'Heure Bleue

I love fashion more than anything and I enjoy competing in fashion shows as much as the next girl. I just love it when my friend Vegemite sends me an invitation to attend to her fashion parties. They are very fun to be present at and usually the contestants and I, well, we do tend to get along, sharing some good jokes and laughs. I think of it all as simply having fun even if I don’t win a couple of rounds. In my mind, I have already won. That’s how it should be for not just me, but for everyone, and it doesn't matter if you don’t win.

Quitting isn’t good and by putting effort, you achieve to win. Calling on something positive through the mind...It’s powerful because the mind attracts either on something positive or negative. It’s up to one person to choose – you. We're only human, so the need to be accepted and impress others, its something we probably all go through. Fashion...for me, its not about trying to look good for others, but more of a way to look and feel good about one self.  

P.S: I wish you all and Merry Christmas and an exciting and totally happy New Year. Remember, enjoy, celebrate, party, and most importantly have a great time!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas my friends, I woke up SOOO HAPPY, last night I had a great CHRISTMAS EVE thanks to my WONDERFUL family and my SWEET BFF who made last night UNFORGETTABLE  for me ;)

As soon as I logged in I felt like DANCING so I checked my buddy list and who do I find? My good  friend frans_exe who never says no to me when I ask him to take me dancing :)
But my poor friend woke up feeling sick this morning :(
Hope you feel better frans_exe.

Now I can't wait for NEW YEARS ;)

Friday, December 24, 2010



Sweet little baby Jesus,
tonight when the stars in the sky
serenely beam,
shining brighter,
and the world rejoices
by your glorious birth
My only wish is to see your face,
For there is no other ONE more beautiful than you.

I have no fine gifts to give you
But I do have a heart full of love,
I have my arms to hold you
and rock you until you fall asleep.
I have my voice to sing to you,
And if for some reason you would cry,
My hands will wipe away your tears
and I would put them in my heart.

At this very moment
I am preparing my heart
I want it clean to be worthy of you.
May your birth , light up the faith in me
In more intense proportion.
And may my ears be able to hear the angels sing
When they start singing sweet hymns for you.

My heart is glowing with the anticipation of tonight.
To look up at the sky
in search of the brightest star
And feel near and close to you
When you are finally with us.

I love you my dear baby Jesus,
For you are what Christmas is really all about :)

WRITTEN BY sweet_mom

░ sweet_mom's
ChRiStMaS Tree ░

Merry Christmas my BEAUTIFUL Picos!

This is my LAST Christmas Tree for this year. Since this is my last, I have BEAUTIFULY decorated it with VERY SPECIAL PICOS :)  These are the Picos whom I have a VERY STRONG connection with. They are very dear to my HEART and each and everyone of them, holds a very special place in my heart. I love them equally for they are ALL equally special to me ;)

However, there is ONE that holds the STAR in my Last Christmas Tree...
my DEAR and SWEET CATERO from Picostyle Blog.
He's not only the star on my tree, but he is the star in my Heart!

Catero (from Canada)  Bam (from Japan) @[[ChOl0][FGO]  (from Indonesia)
Dark Love ۣۜ (from USA)  asuka~ (from Malaysia)
chikemuri (from The United States Of America) #1KISSFan (from USA)
@nom2 (from The United States Of America)  Ora18☎ (from USA)
Peggy Hill (from USA) Gem Rock (from Canada) Pinkerton (from USA)
[PFF] ♫Vince♫ (from The Philippines) ◕ܫ◕Ver☆nica◕ܫ◕ (from USA)
el jenno (from USA) Natalie;* (from USA) Froofybutt(from USA)
Mariiko (from Mexico) Belpeghor Kato (from Mexico)
м.α. яєαρѕ (from The Philippines)

Thanks to all my other Picos that so beautifully decorated all my Christmas Trees... LoVe YoU

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eure!ka's Blog

After a looong time of not hearing from my good  friend ♡E U R ! K A ♡, I finally get a letter from her informing me she has a new blog... YAY, what wonderful news! She even got to take a picture of me at the skating rink while I was AFK... I had NO ;)

She so kindly posted this picture of in her Eure!ka's Blog. Make sure you visit it and PLEASE don't forget to sign in!

░ sweet_mom's
ChRiStMaS Tree ░

Today's CHRISTMAS TREE was beautifully decorated by my following Picos...

Rex_A (from Japan)   ℓυℓℓαby (from The United States Of America) 
Ironhid (from Malaysia)  sir Lance (from The Philippines)^MICA GRAJO^ (from The Philippines)   Caroline34 (from The United States Of America)
Lucy (。◕‿◕。) (from Indonesia)   ☆DingDing☆ (from Hong Kong) 
kaworu. (from Japan)   kyaserine (from The United States Of America)
๖ۣۜx zylem๖ۣۜ   (from Canada)  ღSanta's Dollღ (from Japan)

Cutie Picotuties

My Other CUTIE PICOTUTIES Of The Week In Alphabetical Order

Mabellin  Chanae  scar illy   Averill   jyasinloki
kyle Samson  ~ Lovely 143   ╄ЯEGAR╄   田中咲く

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Dear Art...

I miss you very much. Since the day you left us to be with God, our lives were so drastically shattered.
Not hearing your voice or the sound of your laughter brought great sadness to our hearts.
You left an enormous void never to be filled with anything possibly. I did not want to accept the fact that you were forever gone from my life, and in my desperation, so foolishly tried to continue on with my life pretending you had just taken a trip somewhere far away. But as time pass, my plan stopped working and once again I fell in that sadness that would keep me from smiling... Oh how much I missed you again.

I tried again pretending you had called from where you were to let us know you were so happy and had decided to stay there...and again my plan only worked for a while. I ran out of ideas of how to ignore the fact that you were gone. I would think over and over again that no matter where I went to look for you, I would never be able to find you. I could search for you all over the world, three times, in every single corner of it, and still you would not be there.

My greatest regret was, the day you left us, I got to see you for an instant before your tragic death. If I would have known that I would never see you again after you would leave my side I would had held you so hard and not let you go. I would have told you how much I loved you. I would have said "I am sorry my dear brother for all the things I may have done that had hurt you." I would have told you, "Please stay, there are so many beautiful moments for us to create together", I would had said, "Please don't go". But you did and I did not get to say these things to you.

Now, that time has pass, I realize that I should have accepted God's will.  Now I know that its not too late to tell you all the things I wanted to say to you. Now I know that I will never find you here because you are in a better place, where someday I will be joining you. And if for some reason I get the need to look for you again, all I have to do is look in my heart and there...I will find you.

I also know that you want me to be happy because life is beautiful and you love me. You want me to keep creating beautiful memories for myself. You want me to smile.... so brother... this smile is for you :D

For My Brother Art...RIP

My Pico Of The Day Is  ѕαмαηтнα ♡!

My good friend was so EXCITED with her new skates, that she sent me a letter inviting me to join her for skating. I immediately accepted and asked her to met me at the XMAS SKATING RINK. We had so much fun  but we kept falling over and over again. It was sooo FUNNY how every time  we would fall, she would LAUGH!

OH MY!  What a sweet girl Mio Klng cute is. while at the Xmas Skating Rink, our friend came over to me and so KINDLY started sharing very interesting TIPS of how to use my other ACTIONS in the rink.

It is so WONDERFUL when NICE Picos share what they know with other Picos.

I bumped into my good friend niea juliet ♥ while trying my new skates. She looked so AMAZING in her WINTER OUTFIT, She really looked PERFECT for the occasion.

Bumping into friends and fans always brings a BIG smile to my face ;)

Ok, seriously, I WANT THAT WIG!!!
I noticed  this BEAUTIFUL wig girl at the skating rink and I just had to go and take a closer look ;)
BEAUTIFUL *Sasha B*  explained that she won the wig in a contest.
WHAT CONTEST? How come NO ONE told me about this CONTEST >:(

Til tomorrow, Remember that our loved ones that have gone on to be with GOD, can always be found in our HEARTS... the moment we forget them, that is when they are truly dead.

Just Having Fun!

Last night as I was getting ready to log off, I decided to look into the list of EVENTS before heading to bed. One caught my attention immediately, "LEARN HOW TO FLY", it read. .I was curious to see what this was all about, so I transferred myself to Paul Pierce 34's room and waited patiently for my turn to be taken ALL THE WAY to the top of the room.

Not ONLY did I learned HOW TO FLY, but once in the air I could do all my ACTIONS. Now I can say that thanks to Paul Pierce 34 now I can DANCE IN THE CLOUDS too!