Monday, February 28, 2011

Shayna's Fashion Finds

Simple steps to unleashing your true fashionable self

Written by: ѕнαуиα♪

I have been searching all around Pico to find some fashion tips and style "icons" to show you.

This is highly recommended by me to wear. :-D Follow these simple tips:

1. Be Exciting!
Be yourself to be original. When you're yourself, people will get to know the real you ... and chances are they'll like it. Who likes a faker?

Choose clothing items that fit your personality. This means wear whatever makes you feel best - even if its crazy/random clothes! Put together different patterns and colors! Don't be afraid to experiment.

2. Save. Save. Save.
Many people - including me - like to spend all of their Gummies and/or Ameba Gold (AG) on interesting things you see other's wearing; things that catch our eye. Things that catch my eye may be rare to get because it costs AG or may be available for only a limited time. If you had enough AG wouldn't it be nice to buy those things?

Instead of wearing a little novelty things that most people will only wear for a short period of time (like Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, 1st Anniversary, etc. baubles) wouldn't it be nice to be one of the first people to wear that new jacket or shirt? It's a hard habit, but worth it. Save up your Tokens and earn some AG through the special offers.

3. Find yourself an "icon".
Look out for someone whose style you admire. Everyone has their favorite Pico "celebrities" that have have amazing clothes, beautifully decorated room, and overall just great panache. Most of them have blogs so they can share their fashion outlook with others. Follow them to get caught up on their Pico clothing choices! But remember ... nobody likes a copycatter. Use your own flair.

As for Pico style "icons", I've been searching all over Pico trying to find those that use "low cost" Pico clothing. I thought that their mixing of pricey or rare and affordable items was great. They were just adorable and needed to be seen. ♥

Peyton wears:
  • Colorful Headband/gn (Gacha prize @ 100- Gummies)
  • Don't Mess With Ma Girls! Big Hoop Earrings/sv (New York > David's Shop @ 30AG/1 Token)
  • Muslin Dress/gr (Shop > Fashion > Tops @ 100 AG/1 Token)
  • Supermarket Uniform Apron/gn (No longer available)
  • UK Traditional Glasses (Shop > Fashion > Accesories @ 800 Gummies)
  • Butterfly Designed Leggings/bk (Beginner's Plaza> RO80: Type F @ 400 Gummies)
  • Outdoor Trekking Boots /pk (Shibuya 106> Rinarina Shop @ 300 Gummies)

Pilsook, wears:
  • Tied Kerchief Headband/bk (New York > Rinarina Shop @ 150 AG/1 Token)
  • I LOVE YOU T-hirt (Lovely Heart Room > RO80: Type LUV @ 1,400 Gummies)
  • Skirt/bl (Gacha prize @ 100- Gummies)
  • Polka Dot Socks/bk (Begginers Plaza > RO80: Type F @ 300 Gummies)
  • Multi Pocket Backpack/bn (Shop > Fashion > Goods @ 800 Gummies.)
  • UK Traditional Glasses (Shop > Fashion > Accesories @ 800 Gummies)
  • Tough Hiking Shoes/kh (Shop > Fashion > Shoes @ 600 Gummies)

иgọc иgu иgu♥ wears:
  • Lets Party! Colorful Party Hat /pk (1st Anniversary Park > Gacha prize @ 100- Gummies)
  • Lets Party! Cake Sunglasses/wh (1st Anniversary Park > Gacha prize @ 100- Gummies)
  • Fringed Silk Dress/pk (Beginner's Plaza > RO80: Type F @ 1,600 Gummies)
  • Lolita Enamel Ankle Strap Shoes/pk (New York > Vivienne's Shop @ 1,500 Gummies)
  • 1st Anniversary Star Stick (1st Anniversary Park > Gacha prize @ 100- Gummies)
  • Little Hand-hold Mister Red Nosed Reindeer (Christmas item; no longer available)

Fly Me To The Moon Fun!

You may not be able to afford the US $20-35 Million needed to charter a seat on a galactic airline service like Virgin Galactic to enjoy the miracle of human space travel. Luckily, in Pigg (Pico's older Japanese-language "brother") you don't have to live a lifestyle of the rich and famous to enjoy wondrous space tourism. If you log in and mingle regularly chances are you have the 500 Gummies (called "Ame" in Pigg) needed to go on a kawaii space adventure.

On February 17, Pigg "lifted off" with 3 new outer space (宇宙) theme rooms: Pigg Space Center (ピッグ宇宙センター), Pigg Shuttle (ピッグシャトル), and the Moon (月). The Shuttle and Moon rooms are connected to one another and can only be accessed by purchasing a space suit.

These rooms will only be open until Sunday, March 6, 2011 for North American times zones.

Space suits come in white-and-blue suits for the boys and pink-and-blue suits for the girls. From February 19 to March 2 the suits will be available for 500 Gummies. After March 2 at 11:30PM PST players will have to pay a whopping 3,000 Gummies to venture into space until March 6 when the rooms close forever.

Since a prop ("guppigg") will get you 1 Gummie, a ring ("kitayo") will get you 1 and your daily clothing change will get you 3 ... collecting 3,000 could take a very long time. So, get the suit while the price is more affordable.

It took me severa; days to turn my 160 Gummies into 500, considering the maximum daily 40 Gummie earnings allowance. I got out to many of the parks, propped everyone in the room and waiting for them to return. I then went to each of their room and rang each of them, hoping they would reciprocate. My strategy paid off!

Let's take a look at each of the 3 rooms!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cursed by the restless ghosts of Pico

Written by vðÐkåMµ†ïñï ✖

Hi guys! It's vðÐkåMµ†ïñï ✖again, reporting with less of a scam and more a different kinf of the evil that haunts Pico servers.

Sounds spooky eh?

Well, anyone who has logged into Pico over the last few days have noticed a certain monster lurking. A monster that creeps in and out of your rooms, disrupting communication with your friends, and overall dampening the Pico experience. This foul creature lurks in the depth of Pico's servers, waiting to chomp on unsuspecting users who may simply want to open their buddy list, or change their clothes. A creature that leaves behind a torrent of frustration in its wake as you endlessly refresh, hoping that this may just be the time that you successfully load everything perfectly!

That's right, I'm talking about the dreaded semaphores errors.

No one knows exactly how and why these things pop up, but lately they have been cursing Picos with frustration and annoyance. Semaphores errors have interrupted transactions, making it seem like your money got eaten without giving you the item! It took me 10 minutes just to open my decor menu ;A;.

Maintenance only seems to help temporarily. While it may keep the monster at bay, there's no telling when semaphores will renew its reign of terror over the Pico world.

Lurking and waiting ... a terrifically frightening ordeal.

So, how do we deal with the Pico equivalent to Xbox's red ring epidemic? My only solution so far has been patience. Getting frustrated only makes the situation worse. Take a deep breath, stay calm, and try pulling up another game to keep yourself occupied. It takes some time, but Pico will eventually work. Don't yell at the admins, but rather tell them calmly about the issues you're having. I'm sure that hitting the caps lock button won't drive them to fix the issue any faster.

If you find yourself unable to calm down, it's probably best to wait a few hours before trying to load Pico again. It may not be much, but it's all we can do. Don't fret too much over things! :) We're all in the same boat~

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A birthday wish for Ðaяk Ðяεam๖ۣۜ♥

Best Friends

Birthday wishes to Ðaяk Ðяεam๖ۣۜ♥!

Happy Birthday to you, my friend. I hope your day is as special as you are.
Love always, sweet_mom

Dark, I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with lots of laughs, good friends and yummy food.
Sincerely, Catero

Friday, February 25, 2011

Punk Princess☎'s blog needs writers

I caught up with Punk Princess☎ (from the sweet_mom's Pet? post) who has made some changes.

First, she has made a little adjustment to her Pico ID. Punk-Princess1 has turned into Punk Princess☎. Perhaps she's a bit of a phone addict. ;-)

Second - and most importantly - she's followed through with her heart's desire and has started a Pico blog.

Punk Princess☎ has just getting things rolling over at her The Life and Times of Ameba Pico blog and she's looking for 2 new "budding" writers to contribute to posts.

If you are an aspiring looking to be involved in a blog collaborative - like many other Pico blogs out there - send Punk Princess☎ a letter in Pico or send an email to Details on her blog ... »

Thursday, February 24, 2011

1st Anniversary Park

It's Ameba Pico's 1st anniversary!!!

And if I may say, its been a WONDERFUL year for all of us that log in day after day or almost everyday, to share special moments with the wonderful people we meet from all over the world.

Not only that, Ameba Pico has grown so much in its first year by bringing to us many new and exciting places to visit, updating new trendy clothes and wonderful new items to help us transform our rooms into pieces of art.

Oh yes, and let's not forget the many different GACHAS that have come and gone through the year leaving us heart ache and head aches, and our gummy and Ameba Gold wallets broke :P

Here I present to you a few of the many wonderful Picos I met at the 1st Anniversary Park this afternoon celebrating such joyous occasion.

LEFT; plantVSzombie from Malaysia is my Pico for the afternoon. Her cheerful personality added extra joy to such special occasion.
RIGHT; Nikkyvelvet sat quietly probably wondering what Ameba Pico will be bringing us next year.

LEFT; marilesi??jaja from Dominican Republic attended this special celebrating location wearing her Hip-Hop outfit ready to party down.
RIGHT; Justin Bryson from USA came accompanied by some of his friends wearing nothing but a neck bow and pink socks.

Jules Jules and ☆♡☆KAWACHU☆♡☆ , both from the USA were two great Picos eager to show me a good time with their sweet and friendly personalities!

LEFT; shiyuu from Germany exhausted from all the fun she was having, fell asleep in the middle of all the festivities. Here, I saw the opportunity for me to take a quick nap too.
RIGHT; мochadoll ☆ ♡ from Italy was a very happy girl holding up her "1st Anniversary Star Stick" and hoping for an even better Ameba Pico year to come.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rooms, SWEET Rooms
by sweet_mom and Catero

あきおん's Room


sweet_mom; "With a big brain like mine, I was in need of a bigger head".
Catero; "I always knew sweet_mom had a big head, but this is getting out of control now".

∞ peNg ∞'s Room


sweet_mom; As a big NATURE lover, this room has to be one of the best. It is absolutely beautiful how the water flows across the room dividing it into two separated pieces of land, each offering tranquility in their own beautiful way.

Catero; A very beautiful room with relaxing nature elements - green grass, blue sky and water, and rich brown wood.

While we were visiting ∞ peNg ∞'s beautiful "lake retreat", I wanted to have a nice relaxing time under the AMAZING deck enjoying the comforts of the outdoor living area. But Catero as always, purposely contradicted me said he wanted to go swimming instead.

Sooo I decided to join him and jumped into the water right next to him. But being as stubborn as he always is, he proceeded to scream at me on top of his lungs, "NOT YOU, JUST ME ... GET OUT >:( ." So I had no choice but to get out and sit by the outdoor fireplace to dry my clothes up while I could hear him splashing around having a great time in the water :(

Now our good friend ∞ peNg ∞ has three other fabulous rooms you might want to check out while you are there.

Bubiful's Room


Bubiful's room is well protected by a giant colorful angel that sits and guards the door 24/7 from any unpleasant visitors that might be bringing negativity into her room.

k S h A 0 8's Room


This room is absolutely beautiful even though it only has three THINGS in it, a waterfall, a beautiful white bridge and one single tree. And just in case you didn't notice, IT HAS WINDOWS :O Just in case you want to look outside....hmmm.... aren't we outside already?

Now I am mad... I AM REALLY MAD >:(
Catero didn't let me get in the water in the last room we went to and this one the water has been blocked all around making it impossible to get in.

maririn♪'s Room


sweet_mom: This room is absolutely breathtaking from top to bottom. Everything has been well though out and maririn♪'s decorative skills are AMAZING!!!

Catero: A nice open-air diner with a rooftop garden.

This diner is a great place to spend quality time with your BFFS sharing food and drinks while feeling the breeze of a cool afternoon.

BTW; Catero said I looked like a big pink cupcake wearing an eyepatch with this outfit :(
Would you say you agree?

Now, my favorite part of this amazing room I would have to say its the top floor, "THE GARDEN". Even though its small, it is very cozy and the view from up there is espectacular!!!
No wonder maririn♪'s three pet pandas (momo pink- Sea blue and Cocoa brown) like it so much up there.

Til next time my dear Picos, don't forget to leave TWO cups of coffee in your rooms instead of one, remember Catero and I might visit you sometime :)

Finally In Pigg!

sweet_mom (Pigg ID: sweetlaura) and Catero (Pigg ID: grapheme)

After months of encouraging me to join Pigg, Catero finally succeeded. This past Saturday he stayed up with me till wee hours of the night, walking me patiently through the difficult steps of registering and becoming a new member of the Japanese Pigg game (Pico's older brother). The language was totally a mind breaker for me and though I used Google Translate there were moments I was about to pull my hair out and - if Catero had been next to me - his too!!!

Calmness came after I finally completed the steps and was welcomed to the Pigg World. Catero, as the wonderful friend he is, was waiting for me on the "other side" ... no, sillies, not on the other side of the lighted tunnel but on the other side in Pigg. :P

He immediately started showing me around and teaching me things I needed to know to survive this new foreign world. These are some Pictures I took of my two first days in Pigg....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dream Fashions

Ðaяk Ðяεam๖ۣۜ♥ here, and I am THRILLED
to bring you another week of fantastically
dressed picos!

CesarLeBrun is definitely a Fly Boy!
Even though he is black and blue,
he still looks FABULOUS!

Kasadia is STUNNING in her
unique GOLD and BLACK outfit!
Even her EYES are GOLDEN!

G a l l e r y really knows how to
Show 'em what you got girl!

Pεяfεc†♥Ðaяk is perfectly GORGEOUS
in her Lolita/vampire look.

Lemons or Limes? Hitomicake takes
the best of both and puts them
together beautifully.

♥YUKIKO 由希子 ♥ is a vision
in PINK!

♬Music Lover Pico♬

When Catero informed me last night that I should visit Coffee Toffee's Music Lover Pico Blog because she had done something VERY special for me, I went immediately and was very honored to find that she has dedicated Fashion Week to meeeee!!! That is RED Fashion Week.

So I HAVE DECIDED that as a THANK YOU to my sweet Coffee Toffee, I will be wearing RED everyday til February 27.

Slots Mania!

Written by: ѕнαуиα♪

As you may have seen last week on the official blog, Pico has started a campaign for slots, once again. Slot players will get 5 times as much Casino Cash (C$) than usual!

With this campaign, not only will you have more Casino Cash than normal, you'll be able to buy more stuff with the C$ you earn!

This will be the second time that Pico has started this campaign ... and will most likely be doing it for a third time in the future.

This campaign is for a limited time and will not be on Pico forever! There are only a couple more days to take advantage of the x5 slots .... so hurry-hurry. Get down over to the Casino and start playing slots!

Maybe YOU could be a jackpot winner and get yourself a rare white tiger!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Pyramid Tower

Once again I decide to look for that special event, and this is what I found ...

An amazing pyramid that obviously took JunJoe forever to put up together for us to enjoy.
Climbing all the way to the top was the easy part, getting to sit on the throne that was placed at the top is what caused all hell to break loose. Strangely, this funfilled creation brought out the worst in some people.... LOL!

(My commentary is in orange and looks like this.)
--- You have moved to Super Spiral Orange Tower
(19:19) Kiesha.: wow!
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: WHOO WHOOO!
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: >:D
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: OFF
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: NOW
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: OFF
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: :D
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: OFF
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: NOW
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: >:O
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: xD
(19:20) Natalie♥(:: can you please get off
(19:21) Natalie♥(:: -________________-
(19:22) beverly bieber: thats alot
(19:22) Zo Bear: *silence*
(19:22) νιєтαиgєℓ: ejkfvisdnvio
(19:22) beverly bieber: peace i am out
(19:23) νιєтαиgєℓ: LALALALALALALALA
[Zo Bear is sitting on the throne and ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆ sits on top of her, trapping her down]
(19:23) Zo Bear: Get off!\
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: grr
(19:23) Zo Bear: ROARRRR
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: Get off!
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: ROAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!11
(19:23) Zo Bear: GET OFFF
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: GET
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: OFF
(19:23) Zo Bear: U
(19:23) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: GETT OFF GET OFF GET OFF
(19:23) Zo Bear: GET OFF OF ME
(19:24) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: U GET OFF
(19:24) Zo Bear: NO U
(19:24) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: NO
(19:24) Zo Bear: NO
(19:24) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: ROAR
(19:24) sweet_mom: plz be nice :)
(19:24) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: -GROWLS-
(19:24) Zo Bear: *BITES*
(19:24) Zo Bear: *BARKS*
(19:24) Zo Bear: GRRRRRRRRRRR
(19:25) Zo Bear: ROARRRRRRRRRR
(19:25) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: *BITES*
(19:25) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: *GROWLS
(19:25) Zo Bear: AHHHHHH
(19:25) sweet_mom: can i sit plz
(19:25) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: *KICKS*
(19:25) Zo Bear: LOL
(19:25) Zo Bear: XD
(19:25) sweet_mom: for a picture
(19:25) Zo Bear: NO
(19:25) sweet_mom: plz
(19:25) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: *SLAPS*
(19:25) Zo Bear: hmmmmmmmmmmm.
(19:25) Zo Bear: NO
(19:25) sweet_mom: plz
(19:25) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: IF SHE GETS OFF I'LL GET OFF
(19:25) Zo Bear: *SLAPS BACk*
(19:26) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: *PUNCHES*
[At this point both girls decide to move to give me a chance to sit on the throne]

(19:26) Zo Bear: : /
(19:26) Zo Bear: AHHH
(19:26) sweet_mom: thank you
(19:26) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: MWAA AHHH HAAAAAA
(19:26) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: Yw
(19:26) sweet_mom: both
(19:26) Zo Bear: >:O
(19:26) sweet_mom: thank you
(19:27) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: >:D
(19:27) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: >:DDDD
[Here I noticed that our friend Zo Bear is new to Pico]
(19:27) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: >:)
(19:27) Zo Bear: >:(
(19:27) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: :)
(19:27) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: roar
(19:28) Zo Bear: XD
(19:28) sweet_mom: zo u r new?
(19:28) Zo Bear: yES
(19:28) sweet_mom: omg
(19:28) Zo Bear: XD
(19:28) sweet_mom: welcome
(19:28) sweet_mom: to pico
(19:28) ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆: WELCOMEEEEEE
(19:28) Zo Bear: XD
(19:28) Zo Bear: thanks
(19:28) sweet_mom: have a wonderful time
(19:29) Zo Bear: AHHH
(19:29) Zo Bear: XD

(From left to right: ☆†♫♪Kαяmα♪♫†☆, Zo Bear, Natalie♥, beverly bieber and νιєтαиgєℓ)