Saturday, April 30, 2011

Please Come Back

Written by: ROM-eo™

Pico Perfect is missing something.

It is not whole right now.

It feels like we have been robbed.

It isn’t the same without you being here.

The time you not being here has left us feeling depressed, and lost.

We can’t just move on without you.

We just keep asking ourselves...

Why did this have to happen?

We wish that you would come back.

Please, let’s just put the rest of this behind us and try to move on.

Catero we all appreciate you so very much.

Please come back and fill this empty void.

If you decide not to come back, just know you will be greatly missed.

Heart Rock New Items

The Heart Rock Studs Casquette that Paul is now selling at the Hard Rock Live Room for 130/AG has to be one of the coolest thing you can add to you wardrobe. He also has in his inventory the new
Heart Rock Head Band for 100AG/ 1Token, both in red or pink.

On the other hand, Mike has on his corner the new Heart Metal Microphone for 120AG/ 1 Token and they come in both red or pink and a larger variety of Heart Rock Studio Wall in case you want to change your personal night club. These new walls are available in four different colors; white, red, pink and black. Unfortunately the price for these new walls, in my opinion it's pretty high 220AG each.

However the thing that caught my eye in Mike's Shop was the Dramatic Dance that goes for 150AG. I've noticed that this new action isn't listed as "NEW", I wonder how long its been around and I so carelessly had over looked it.

Now I can not wait to see my dance partner  ۞»Pro«۞frans♂ who never lets me down when I ask him to take me dancing. ;)

Cute Picos Wall


COUNTRY: Thailand
JOINED PICO: I joined pico: Around april 2009

ABOUT ME: I like drawing and playing ameba pico in my spare time I would watch TV or read some books sometime I cook or bakes food with my family and friend,my talent is drawing,reading,and baking cakes.

MY PICO LIFE: I like all the furnitures and cloths in ameba pico and sometimes i hang out with my friend, my favorite things about pico is the pets its just so cute but I didn't buy one because it really waste my gold...

WHAT I WANT IN PICO: I want to see some cowboy or cowgirl stuff and some horses to ride, cause that would be so awesome and I also would like some traditional costume for each country.

WHAT I DON’T LIKE: I don't like the bullies in Pico and I also don't like that most of the nice stuff in Pico is sell in AG

Thank you very much for posting about me ^.^


Country:  United States of America
JOINED PICO:  July 2010

ABOUT ME: I'm Ramie, I love cats and want to move to Canada. My favorite bands are Paramore, Weezer, and City&Colour. :D

MY PICO LIFE: I like to chat with my friends in Pico, usually in their rooms, or we just randomly stay in an unknown person's room for a long time xD When no ones on, I go to The High School Room or Japanese Park #1. I love changing my look, meeting people, and buying things.

WHAT I WANT IN PICO: New clothes that are available in gummies and tokens, a Mexico [: and Pink hair :D

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: I hate how some people are so concerned about appearances. Yes, I do joke around sometimes, but not where I mean it. I also hate that everything is Gold D:

FINAL WORDS: "Today you are you, and that is truer than true, there is no one alive that is you-er than you." Dr. Suess." Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened." Dr Suess


JOINED PICO: 2010 (don't remember the month)

ABOUT ME: I like to draw comics and play Ameba Pico. I also like bunnies

MY PICO LIFE: What I like in Ameba Pico are floating blocks (stairs) and the Ninja Quest (I am almost done!)

WHAT I WANT IN PICO:  I would like to see an Olympic skating place (it's in Pigg!)

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: I don't like Server Maintenance. bullies and all harmful stuff

Time flies by

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little Bio on ROM-eo™

Written by: ROM-eo™

Ello there my name is ROM-eo™

First of all I love to share my thoughts and opinions. How did I found Ameba Pico? Through a friend after constant begging for me to get on, and let’s just say it was love at first sight. My favorite part of Pico is being able to talk people from all over the world. My favorite food is Orange chicken with fried rice, my favorite candies are Tropical Starburst, smoothie skittles, dots (mother won’t let me have them but I eat them anyway) and gummy bears (absolute favorite). I love photography and I would like to go to college for it, but I am looking into becoming a dentist or dental hygienist. I am interested in fashion and when I am not on Pico you can find me at a mall or sleeping or on tumblr. I have one younger sister and one step sibling who annoy me. I’m from America, but I wish to have a British accent because I think that they are amazing. I try to balance school work and internet life accordingly, but sometimes fail. I graduate from school in less than 2 weeks and I have been looking forward to that since the day my mother first dropped me off at pre-school. I have nothing against school; I get good grades (have yet to get a C) it’s just school can become a hassle. I’m not in a relationship, but I wish to be in one whatever happens will happen for a reason. I find almost everything funny, and I remain above the influence. My favorite artists are: Maroon 5, Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj, Far East Movement, and anything else on the Hollister playlist. My favorite song at the moment would have to be Young Forever by The Ready Set. I try my best to be as nice as I possibly can, but I am human so I do have the tendency to snap at certain points when I’m pushed to the edge. I hate rude ignorant people and I don’t affiliate myself with them. My favorite movies are: The Switch, Easy A, The Hang Over, Avatar, and anything by Dinsey (I’m a kid at heart). Kingdom Hearts is my life and I also like racing and fighting video games. I make an attempt to exercise for 1-2 hours a day and I use to practice archery. I play the guitar and can speake a little Spanish. Well there is a little bio on me and I am so happy to be a part of Pico Perfect.

What you think about Ameba Gold and Gacha

The results are in! We asked you what you thought about Ameba Gold and Gacha and we got 101 responses!

As promised, Pico Perfect is posting the results as well as the thoughts, opinions and comments that you were honest enough to share with us.

Take a look at the responses and trends below.

Most who purchase or earn their Ameba Gold feel as though Premium AG Gacha is too expensive and that campaigns come out too often.

If you are fed up with the 100AG cost of Premium AG Gacha (it used to be 50AG), please signed the Facebook Petition started by an unknown Pico user. Thank you.

Please share why you choose to buy, earn or not sure Ameba Gold (optional).
» read all 58 responses

Please share any comments on why you do or do not buy Ameba Gold (options).
» read all 34 comments and 14 "Other" responses

Please share any further information about your freedom to purchase Ameba Gold (optional).
» read all 22 comments and 10 "Other" comments

Please share us why you have or have not played Premium AG Gacha (optional).
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Please share how you feel about the frequency of Premium AG Gacha campaigns (optional).
» read all 25 comments

Please share your thoughts on buying items or not buying items (optional).
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Please share your thoughts on how you feel about the price of Premium AG Gacha (optional).
» read all 32 comments

Read the full report.

Thank you to everyone who responded.


によによ, dayday1113, egglineteen, shasha :3, Shippofox141, Baby♠Cupid♤♦, $★DJ §нα∂σω★$, se tho ling

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sexism in Pico?

I’ve heard mixed feelings from the recent “Girls only” gacha that opened in France. And I’ve got to say, a lot of the aren’t the greatest. Pico’s pretty obviously favored the women for as long as I’ve been a member. And it’s gotten to the point where even the girls are getting frustrated.
Catero posted earlier about the sheer lack of male wigs that are around. The party wig selection was—put bluntly—pathetic. Boys got one measly hairstyle, one that was already selectable from your settings menu, and put it in a couple funky colors.
Sorry Pico, but I agree with Catero. It just doesn’t cut it. We have a variety of people who come and play, of all varying sexes and genders. And just because females may outweigh males does not mean, by any stretch of the word, that you should entitle the girls to more. It’s simply unfair.

There’s no comparison when you open the shops anywhere around the Pico world. The pink “women’s” symbol above clothes appears so much more frequently than the blue “men’s” symbol. The wig fiasco, in which girls were given access to every single wig, while boys just had a recolored generic ‘do. With this Gacha thrown in the mix, I kind of have to wonder when things will be a bit more equal.
If you ask me though, I think that these gender specific restrictions should be abolished entirely. Clothing never had a gender, and in my opinion it’s only restricting creativity for us to be restricted to clothing, just because it’s not commonly defined to our specific gender.
I mean I’ve seen boy picos who are actually girl picos, just made to look male to get access to the many more clothes that girl picos have.
Shouldn’t we all have the freedom to our fashion? That’s what I always say! 

P.S.  Ameba, upping the price of premium gacha to 100g a spin is absolutely not cool. As if 50 wasn’t steep enough already. I am so not happy about this.

Flea Market Finds

Flea Markets are always a great place to find great items for a good price. That is why you will always see me roaming around the market grounds in search of a good deal.  However my weakness has to be fashion, especially any new released items. I will search high and low to find great additions for my closet. Luckily for me, our friend Mary always has the cutest latest fashions  available at great prices.

I was overly excited when I saw her latest Spring fashion collection that are available. The "Basket With Pretty Flowers", available for 120AG was the first item that caught my eye. It is absolutely adorable and a must have for any girl that likes to add a touch of nature to her wardrobe.

Luckily I had three tokens in my pocket that I had completely forgotten about and was able to get a few great items together with the little AG I had left. Now,  my new Bright Striped Polo/Rd was available for 800 gummies which is great for the none AG users. The Pastel Color Shorts with Frills, which I got in a delicate pink color were available for 80 AG/ 1 Token which I think its a pretty good price for this great looking shorts.  The Wrinkled Denim Jeans which come in three different colors are also a great buy (80 AG/1 Token) they are absolutely a perfect item to wear with any top. The new Spring dresses are available for 100 AG/1 Token and they come in three vivid colors.

You will be delighted to see the large selection of Spring fashion items that Pico has so kindly brought to us. From footwear, hair accessories to gorgeous tops and bottoms, all at a very affordable price.

Now bumping and meeting wonderful Picos is what always turns my day extraordinary. This time I had the pleasure of bumping into .::ツ♥εℓмð♡ツ::. who was very friendly and polite. She was thrilled to see that there were several items available with gummies....Thank you Ameba Pico for this <3

Now let's not forget the new incredible home items that our friend Christian has in store for all the Home Interior Designer or anyone that wants to add special touches to their rooms. This new items can be well incorporated to any design style to make your rooms look amazing. Unfortunately these items are all available in AG except for the round and the square trash cans.

Til next time, have a great day ;)

Letters and Messages

A Special Shout Out

A very special SHOUT OUT goes to se tho ling  from Aruba. I met this very affectionate girl at Beginners Plaza yesterday morning. She walked up to me with a big smile and very warmly introduced herself. She immediately  let me know that just recently she had found Pico Perfect Blog and had spent a whole day reading it from the beginning to the end.

Now, this is the reason why I do what I do, and that is to give 100% of my heart to this blog. It fills my heart with joy when readers come up to me and let me know they enjoy our stories and even helps them in some way sometimes.

Thank you se tho ling 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meeting My Pico Bugs

What is more beautiful than a garden full of flowers? That would be a garden where butterflies, lady bugs and bumble bees roam swiftly through the air leaving behind a trail of sparkly joy. Where the air is filled with the sounds of flapping tiny wings and musical buzzes echoes through every corner. Where every flower will hold you tenderly as in a hug with its petals while you rest and enjoy the company of wonderful friends.

That is exactly what Spring brings to you with this beautiful Flower Garden. A day where you will find yourself surrounded by the cutest Pico bugs ever.

Now, the first cute bug I encountered was cσσκιɛヾ(≧∇≦)ノ from cσσκιɛヾ(≧∇≦)ノ Pico :D. When I saw this beautiful blue butterfly I noticed she was sitting very still  in the middle of a white flower probably tired from having been dancing around to the sound of the soft breeze. As soon as I sat, she stood up and gave me the most beautiful smile.

As I continue going flower to flower, I discovered that one of the "The Beatles" was there, that would have to be John Lennon, I mean JOHN.LEMON. This cute Pico bug sitting on a flower was offering the warmest smile anyone could get. It was impossible not to get contagious with her sweet and friendly attitude.... simply ADORABLE :)

It was very nice when as I continue exploring this beautiful place, I had the honor of bumping into our good friend ★Cyber★ from Gira Blog.  Truly this is a well known Pico in our community not only for his amazing Japanese Blog, but also for his wonderful room design skills.  I was glad to see that our friend is very friendly and approachable. As soon as I greeted him, he extended a friendly hand to me. Now that is what I call a good role-model of equality. He is famous and rich and yet he is humble and  down to earth ;)

BTW, two things...
1. Our friend wasn't dressed as a bug, but because of his green outfit, lets just say he was a grasshopper for the day ;)
2. Did you noticed in the picture Mr. Orange, that would be the little man in black on the left is telling me not to be shy :O Now even the shop owners know how shy I am :P

Finally after all the excitement of exploring this beautiful area and finding so many cute bugs, I was exhausted and took a nap together with Picolly (my turtle) who was my pet companion for the day. We slept for hours under the Spring Sky dreaming of  lady bugs, butterflies and bumble bees.

Finally, I am so glad this "BUGGY" Premium Gacha is available for 50AG a spin and the prizes are BUGeautiful!

It's A Small World

Our beautiful LisaSmiss™JOJO has to be one of the cutest Picos among us. Her lovely big eyes are one of the many beautiful features that this gorgeous Pico possesses. Now, lets not over look her chic hair-do. Definitely a unique choice, since I haven't seen that many Picos with her hair style.

She comes from the LisaSmiss™'s family where all the family members are definitely beautiful.

url below's eyes are definitely sublime. They express love and kindness complimenting her angelic face. And though she has my same nose and mouth, she definitely has chosen the most beautiful eyes "in the menu". I bet they would look amazing in any color.

For all those Justin Bieber fans, this has to be a real treat for you. Our own JSTIN.BIEBER is as handsome and breathtaking as the real one. But I got to be honest with you, though our Pico heartthrob is missing those famous "swooping bangs", I still think he looks amazingly adorable and with those beautiful green eyes, I can easily forget how the real Justin Bieber looks like.

Ok, who made this cutie picotutie sad? Or could it be that he has fallen asleep standing up. Whatever is happening to this poor Pico, it is obvious that there is something missing in his life. Could it be a dose of energy, a smile to cheer him up, or perhaps a REAL NAME !

SSSHHHH! This little blue cupcake fell asleep and you can't help notice how defenseless he looks. It makes you want to stand by his side and guard his sleep. BunBun (゚Д゚щ) was very fortunate to be born with an angel's kiss on his left cheek.

This lively cute bunny will captivate you with her delightful smile. Angela woohhoo would definitely win any "Miss Congeniality" contest at any time. She definitely has a positive aura about her. Also notice she belongs to the LisaSmiss™'s family, another plus to her advantage ;)

Meii♥, I bet that with those alluring green eyes of hers, she breaks alot of hearts on a daily basis :)
She  look like a very attentive and sweet girl. Her whole presence is impeccable especially her stylish fashion style.

Now I wonder, looking that great is she going to meet her date? She has come prepared with a basket full of fruits, breads and wine, and she hasn't forgotten a rose to give to her love.