Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday Writer Needed...

Today was my first day in my new Second Life location. The scenery in Fields of Gold is absolutely divine. I've been enjoying every second of it. Wish you were all here ;)

Anyways, down to business.

You all are aware of how much this blog means to me. I consider it one of my babies :) and as all babies do, my blog also needs alot of love and attention. I have a wonderful team of guest writers but due to their busy lives they haven't been able to post for you lately. To be completely honest with you, I am a bit worry. Now that I am no longer in Pico, I have to rely 100% on my writers for their articles. I want to take this moment though to thank Ten.Ten. for the wonderful article she sent me. I also want to thank Shayna, she has so kindly agreed to write for us once a week, SUPER LOVE YOU BOTH <333

At this time I am looking for a writer to post every Monday about rooms. This writer will be my "Rooms Reporter" for the blog. Please send me your Room/Rooms article with pictures included, and we will pick the writer that submitted the best article to be part  of the  Pico Perfect team by the end of next week. Good luck <333

A few simple guidelines I would like you to follow:

1.Be Positive. This blog is not a tool to bully, harass or say negative things (including curse words) about other Pico players. Many younger  people read the blog and we want to be positive and set a good example.
2.Be thoughtful. When writing, it's not always about you and your friends. Please do not write exclusively  only about you and/or your friends.
Note: When including a Pico's name, please copy and paste their names into your article from their profiles so their name will correctly appear in your post.
3. Be on time. Mondays will be your assigned day.
Note: As the Blog's editor, Sweets* post every day.
4: Be a shutterbug: Great photos can really make your post stand out. Please include several photos that relate to what you've written about.
* Image Size: Width should be 500 pixels
*Cropping: unless your photo relates to game button and interface items, please crop those parts out of your image so that people can focus on looking at your photo captures and their great color.
*Description and Detail: Your articles must include a well detailed description. A word or two, even a single sentence won't be accepted for each photo you include in your article.

NOTE: *You must have your own photo service like PhotoBucket, Flickr, etc.
             *You must know how to take photos and crop them to the right size, 500 pixels
             *You must know how to use blogger. You will be responsible in posting on your own.
             * We are all volunteers, but your full commitment to the blog will be greatly appreciated.

Please send me your "Room" article entrees to picoperfect@gmail.com

Loving Messages

My dear Lord, I had no idea of how me leaving Pico could affect so many people, I really had no idea :(  The last thing I wanted to do was to cause any sadness in your little Pico hearts. Last night, one of my dear  friends surprised me with a phone call. She told me how everyday there are new messages posted on my board and even took the time to read some of them for me. As you may have guessed it, I became an ocean of tears. I was very deeply touched by all your loving and thoughtful words.

To inspire joy, hope and love is what motivates me and fills me with happiness. Never did  I want to see your smiles turn into frowns :(  Leaving Pico was a very hard decision for me to take. It was so hard that I didn't even had the heart to delete my poor pets (Picolly, Mr. Tickles and Oreo) and return them to the Pet Farm... I just couldn't do it :(

I spent my last moment in Pico sending goodbye letters to a few friends. After that I spent a few minutes with each one of my pets. I proceeded to go to each one of my rooms for a last look. Finally I went to Room 4, my church, the place I created with so much love for all of us. there, I spent my final minutes remembering so many special moments, moments that I spent with the wonderful people I had the honor of meeting during my Pico life... then with tears in my eyes I logged out, knowing that I was leaving behind a very special and loving part of my life.

My friend kept insisting  for me to log in at least for a few minutes so I could see for myself the outpouring love from all your messages. However, I had to refuse and be strong. I need this time to gain strength and to learn to trust again. Some might call my decision for leaving Pico as running away, I prefer to think of it as a healing time.

This time of solitude is helping me see things clearly, and also to realize the mistakes I made along the way that left me in this unfortunately and sad situation. It's helping me gain confidence in myself and in the process to become a stronger woman. I am starting to set goals for myself and to put order in my life.

My dear Picos, please don't feel like I have forgotten you, I cherish you all in my heart and you will stay there forever. All I ask of you is to keep smiling, respect each other, be kind and generous, and keep spreading the love <333

PHOTOS TAKEN AT: Pandora Magic- Deutsches Na'vi Avatar Rollenspiel, Pandora Magic

BTW; I have the new location in Second Life where I will be spending the next two to three days. This location is called  Fields of Gold.  It is absolutely impressive. I'll be taking alot of pictures for you ;)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Solitude, My Best Friend

Many of my closest friends are aware that the last weeks I spent in Pico I was feeling extremely lonely. It didn't matter how many people I was surrounded by. I could be in a "full" room and still I was faced with the harsh face of loneliness that made me feel invisible, misplaced and unwanted.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am very well known by many for being a woman that absolutely loves solitude. Since  I was a child I learned to enjoy being alone, it is a huge part of my personality. But appreciating solitude and feeling lonely are two totally different things for me.

The quietness and peace that I get from those moments of solitude are priceless to me. These moments are the ones where I personally feel closer to God. Though I have chosen to continue my virtual journey alone, at least for the time being, I can honestly say, this "solo" time I have taken is a time that I will use to rediscover who I really am, what I want from life and myself and what direction I need my life to take, both realistic and virtually.

Still in my moments of solitude I do not feel alone. I always carry in my heart the many wonderful people that I so dearly love and that love me back :) I can be in the most isolated place in the galaxy, and still I can feel in my heart the loving embrace of my love ones.

Y.A.Y. Nature and Garden Supplies *Meeroos*, Cassarah:  has been my virtual home these three last days in Second Life. I have explored the whole area and rested in every single spot where I have felt the beauty of peace. I chose this beautiful garden for its isolation and have only come across four people during my three day stay. Two, who were a loving couple so eager to be alone, they said a simple hi to me and off they went. Later I discovered them romantically dancing on the highest mountain in the park.

The third person I saw, was a very young girl that stopped to chat with me for a while. The first words that came out from her mouth when she saw me were, "Are you in love?",... But of course I am, I am in love with the world ;)

The last person that so pleasantly interrupted my "solo" journey with his presence was Luga Doherty from Peru. Now our encounter was a bit embarrassing. As I took a place on a sitting spot that was designated for couples only , I suddenly found myself in the arms of this gentleman who I hadn't noticed was there. Funny thing though was, we were both embarrassed but still we stayed as we were and started chatting away and before I left, he so kindly sent me a friendly request which I have accepted.

Now that I have explored every corner of this breathtaking park. I will be moving on to a new area in search of peace and self-discovery. Solitude has become my best friend, and the best place where I can find it is in nature, among the fields of flowers and the trees. These is where the beauty of nature offers me a soothing caress for my soul.

My dear friends, I ask that you also take a few minutes everyday in solitude. Use that special time to talk to God, to meditate or just to close your eyes and imagine yourself in a world of quietness and peace. You can do it from the comfort of your home. Close your eyes and treat yourself to moments of reflection and self-discovery. Finding inner peace is very necessary for the human soul to survive and just by taking a few minutes away from the world everyday, can be very beneficial to us. Refueling our spirits and hearts a daily dose of  "my alone special time" is something we all need ;)

Super Love You  XOXO

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trust In The Lord

                                           BROKEN DREAMS

                               As children bring their broken toys
                                     With tears for us to mend,
                              I brought my broken dreams to God
                                     Because He was my friend.

                                    But instead of leaving Him
                                        In peace to work alone,
                                   I hung around and tried to help
                                    With ways that were my own.

                             At last I snatched them back and cried,
                                      "How can You be so slow?"
                             "My child, " He said, "what could I do?
                                           You never let them go."

                                                                     --Lauretta Burns

Faith, trust and love in the Lord is what keeps the human heart and soul strong. HE is the only true friend that always has his loving arms wide open for us. He is always ready to listen to our problems and heartbreaks. No matter how big or small they might be, He will NEVER ignore your pleas or push you away.

But many times people lose faith because they feel our Lord didn't answered their prayers. This is not true! Remember that God always knows what is best for us. We are the ones that get blinded with desperation and disappointment when we see our Lord answered our prayers, but not in the way we asked him to. Our prayers many times are more like demands and expectations.

We tend to say, "Lord, I want this or that, this way, or that way, now, soon, pronto!", instead of saying, "My dear Lord, my heart is hurting so much with what I am going through; I don't think I can bear anymore. But I know it in my heart that I am not alone. You are here with me in these hard times. And as my loving Father I know you want what is best for me. Today I place in your loving hands my life. May your will be done and I promise you that I will accept it, for I trust you and love you with all my being."

Now can you see the difference? ;)

Super Love You my dear Picos, have the most wonderful day <333

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fashion Forefront

Hello Sweets* I hope all is well with you. I'm really sorry to hear that you are leaving Pico and I hope that whenever you do come around and visit Pico, I'll be able to have the honor of being in your sweet and warming presence once more. Until then, I wish you the most happiness and that you find your special place and share your kindness and undeniable warmth with those that need and appreciate it the most.


Written by: ten.ten.

Hi Everyone! It's ten.ten.! Ameba Pico has been gracious enough to present us with releases after releases filled with new and awesome clothing to buy and dress up our Picos with. I don't know about you but I'm very particular with my Pico clothing and sometimes the preview just doesn't do the clothing any justice.

What I find myself doing is holding off on buying pricy items until I see what they look like being accessorized with and worn by other Picos! Even when I do buy an item, I don't always know how to coordinate it. Where might you be able to find such new items being worn almost as soon as they are released? I'm here to tell you.

Well First I hang around in the room where you can buy the item this is to see if anyone is wearing any of them. It's rare but it does happen! If that isn't cutting it, I'll then go to my favorite spots to scout out new clothing buyers.

Off to the Japanese Parks! I'd call this place the most popular spot for new items being worn. Most of the fashionistas go to the Japanese park to show off their newly purchased goods. I call the Japanese park the fashion capital of Pico. You'll find some of the newest, cutest and or weirdest clothing coordinates you'll ever see on the game. The Picos here go big or go home. They don't care if their coordinates are practical or not and that's what I love about this area. You'll see layer after layer of clothing and or wigs!!

The second spot I check for the hottest coordinates is in the Pico High school room. This place was dead to me for the longest time until I found it to be a fashionista hiding spot. You'll usually find a group of Picos not paying attention to the teacher and talking amongst themselves. These Picos might not be the sharpest tools in the shed (compared to the student that got all A's) but just so happen to be the sharpest dressed.

If you still haven't found anything that piqued your interest. Then I suggest Fashion show hopping. Stick around and you might find your dream coordination! Good luck and Happy dressing!

Photo Credit: Aɴиικᴀ ♥, Hope, ♡~ lovelie ~♡, ♡~ love, 可愛乖BB, ▆▇█zhin█▇, 。t a | a 。, ᵜ♠Coĉaine♠ᵜ, Trisha~, TOMO☆DON♡PINK♪, Ten.Ten., ║¥akuZa║-Tämo, ♡☆Hσηєh☆♡, 夜の影 щ(゚Д゚щ)., TOMHIKO

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sweets* :p

Howdy partner!

LOL, just kidding! It's me again Lori Novo, I mean Sweets*. Does anyone out there know how to mend a broken heart? :( Actually mine has been pulverized in a trazillion pieces and at this very moment I am working in collecting ALL the micro-size dust that it has been reduced to. But while I am hurting </3 and super upset
>:( , I'll keep adding more chocolate to my cup of coffee as usual to see if the bitter taste left in my mouth by a bad "Break-up" (in friendship) goes away. BTW, I like adding a spoonful of chocolate to my cup of coffee all the time, you should try it, it tastes like Heaven ;)

If you heard rumors that I left Pico, let me clear that out for you :) They are not rumors, it is in fact the truth. I decided to leave Pico, because Pico is not big enough for two people that unfortunately keep hurting each other :( I raised my head high and walked away with dignity from a situation that was very uncomfortable for me and probably the "other" person as well ;)

Am I ever coming back to Pico? Honestly, I don't know. Maybe with time and when my wings are strong enough again to fly I might return. But for the moment I have found the peace that my heart longed for and I feel serene and collected, LOL, I think it means the same thing.

ANYHOWS :P I am slowly getting back my sense of humor and learning to appreciate myself more even though I was left to feel like a pile of "CRAP" >:( please excuse my language. BTW, always remember that we are all special and just because we don't fit to the measurements someone expects from us doesn't mean we are worthless or nothing... we all are GREAT, WONDERFUL and SPECIAL, me, you and yes even you!!!
Everyone is special in my book.... EVERYONE <333

This blog is NOT closing... it will continue. Even though I am not in Pico, I will keep writing for you random stuff that I hope you'll enjoy. But I ask all my guest writers to PLEASE... PLEASE post at least once weekly articles about Pico. Remember it is called "PICO PERFECT" and I need you to contribute more articles for our dear followers.... PLEASE <333 My dear guest writers, don't make me go in there and kick your butts with my kicker boots... LOL. I need you more then ever.

Now, I got to go find my horse and ride into the sunset with Oreo hanging on my back like a monkey :P


Monday, May 23, 2011


Just look how beautiful our Oreo looks!

Remember our kitten from his first picture ? Love does miracles indeed, there is no doubt about it :) Oreo has definitely become an inspiration for all of us. He is a happy kitten always playing around and the only times I hear him complain (cry) is when he is hungry or dirty.

Oreo is moving around more, still on his side and usually in reverse... LOL, but every day he seems to be able to sit up for a longer time and will take a step or two before falling back on his side again. Nat (my daughter), Josh (my son) and I sit on the floor and we place Oreo in the middle and we take turns calling him to us. Oreo loooves playing with us and we feel this is a good way of therapy for him.

We still have to feed him and it requires around half an hour to do it. He has difficulty swallowing even liquids, so we have to  carefully and slowly feed him. He is a picky eater and doesn't like spinach but he loves his salmon food which I mix with his kitten formula to make it as liquidy as possible for him.

After he finishes eating, he is usually cover in food and milk, so we clean him with baby wipes which make him feel cold, so I tuck him in, wrapping him up in a baby blanket and softly caress his head and sing to him until he goes to sleep. His favorite song is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

We keep Oreo in a laundry basket since we are afraid that he may get hurt on the floor. Funny thing though is we have seen him jump really high, but fortunately he falls back on the soft baby blanket that we placed on his basket.

I went and bought him a whole bunch of baby blankets and stuff animals. He has to have a stuff animal with him at ALL times or else he'll cry. We only put one stuff toy at a time, but he loves all of them. Right now he has 11 stuffed friends (toys). It is funny to see him climb his toys and hug them. Most of the time he will get under the toy to go to sleep.

Now I spend many of my hours looking after Oreo and giving him love. I like taking him out in his basket and placing him next to me while I read. He loves looking at the trees and listening to the birds and cars as they pass by. He also enjoys looking at the children playing at the park across our house. However, if while we are at the park and I take him out from his basket, I have to keep him on me, he seems not to like to be placed on the grass or dirt.

Sadly my poor kitten, since he can't walk or stand up, requires to be cleaned after he has pee or pooped. He will softly cry to let us know he is dirty and will be very still while we clean him. I am very proud of my kids, they will clean him without any complaints. I can go and run errands without any worries, because I know they will take good care of him.

Just to give you an idea of how much we love our baby Oreo, I'll tell you that we had planned to travel this summer on a family vacation. This was before Oreo came into our lives and we were very excited. However having Oreo now has changed everything. Oreo is not in condition to travel and leaving him behind is not an option. We all agree that it was best to cancel our vacation and stay with Oreo. He is our little baby and he needs us now. :)

I'll keep posting for you on Oreo's life every week. Thank you for all your beautiful letters and for all your prayers. My family, Oreo and myself  SUPER LOVE YOU all <333

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Friend KikoVampire

WRITTEN BY Nekohebi Girl

I met a real friend in Pico; his name was KikoVampire. The story of how we met is a long one. I met a Pico named James in Paris Café, we began to chat and were are so happy talking about ourselves. It ended up that James introduced me to KikoVampire.

A half a month after...
We and KikoVampire met again...
And he danced Viking Dance....(which i also have..)
And he was surprised...
He counts 1,2,3,GO!
And it ends up until i say 'wait i will buy a new action'......
I buy a Smile action....
And he also have....

How fun we have...I hope you appreciate my Story with him....I hope i can also have a popular blog like all you have...Actually,i want to be one of your writers....But i know it would not happen...
but im still hoping..
Thank you,
Nekohebi Girl...

A Poem on Accepting Others

Written by: Crιsтιnα 小花

This is for the people - particularly in Ameba Pico - who judge others too harshly.


You are not the clothes you wear
Nor the decor you have.
You are not the food you share
Nor how frequent you laugh.
You are not judged by appearance
or how graceful you dance.

You are not the number of
buddies, props or rings.
You are not a royalty,
Majestic queens and kings.

YOU stands for only yourself,
and what you choose to be.
YOU are the kindness you share,
I bow to them that acts so kindly.

What Makes A Perfect Pico?

Many people who play Ameba Pico think that their Pico account isn't "perfect" because they can't have all the fancy things they would like to buy or they aren't well-known by other Picos!

It doesn't matter whether your account isn't rich or popular. Pico isn't about this; Pico is about enjoying the world with its places.

Even I'm not perfect!

Having all the latest expensive things and having 100 Buddies on your list doesn't equal happiness.

The thing is that everyone in Pico has a "perfect" account, you just need to be proud of who you are and what you have in Pico.

You may be rich and popular one day, but while you wait for that day to come, enjoy all that is around you and be grateful for what you have.

Photo credit: ☞мαηα νίиςє

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Special Shout Out

This special Shout-Out goes to ™|STARS|™ Ricy  from The United States of America!
                      For dancing with me just now at Beginner's Plaza.

                         Another special Shout-Out goes to Lord of light!
                                      For being such "A Nice Guy!"

Another very special Shout-Out goes to se tho ling  from Aruba and  ♥Sшiτροτаτο♥™ from Iceland!
♥Sшiτροτаτο♥™ thanks for feeding me at Beginner's Plaza and  to se tho ling for being always so sweet <3

(21:31) se tho ling: hi sweet
(21:31) Sweets*: hi :)
(21:31) se tho ling: hi like ur room
(21:31) se tho ling: seriously
(21:31) Sweets*: TY
(21:31) se tho ling: do u remember me
(21:31) Sweets*: yes I do
(21:31) Sweets*: :)
(21:31) se tho ling: aa thanks
(21:31) se tho ling: i always go ur room
(21:31) se tho ling: when i am not happy
(21:31) Sweets*: awww
(21:32) se tho ling: ur room is like a house for me
(21:32) Sweets*: do u find comfort there?
(21:32) se tho ling: yes
(21:32) Sweets*: good
(21:32) se tho ling: :)
(21:32) Sweets*: I am glad
(21:33) se tho ling: u look gorgeous to day
(21:33) se tho ling: hows oreo?
(21:34) Sweets*: 'Oreo
(21:34) Sweets*: omg he did so much today
(21:34) se tho ling: really?
(21:34) Sweets*: I'll post tomorrow about him
(21:34) se tho ling: what he did
(21:34) se tho ling: yes
(21:34) se tho ling: update him pls
(21:34) Sweets*: took 2 steps
(21:34) Sweets*: and jumped
(21:34) Sweets*: lol
(21:35) Sweets*: I almost cried
(21:35) Sweets*: )
(21:35) se tho ling: no wonder u are so happy
(21:35) Sweets*: I am!

And finally, this very special Shout-Out goes to ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕ from Ireland!
                             For feeding my pets, thank you so much <333

21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: hello
(21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: sorry
(21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: for
(21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: sneaking here
(21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: at ur house
(21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: :)
(21:55) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: I'll Just feed ur pets when ur not online
(21:55) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: sometimes
(21:55) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: bye

Sweets*' Thoughts

                                                 WRITTEN BY Sweets*

Today I saw a child!

She was wearing no shoes, running freely without a care in the world.
Her face was slightly dirty and her hair wasn't groomed.
Her modest dress looked worn-out
But she seemed not to care.

She was playing in the park across my house
Letting out laughter so loud
Playing with a broken bike,
but she seemed not to mind.

I sat there.. watching her
Admiring her and feeling a little ashamed.
This beautiful child is so happy,
with the little she's got.

She enjoys to the fullest
even the smallest things
seeing the beauty in everything
She doesn't complain or feel sorry for herself

She's a beautiful child
Rich in love and thankfulness...

Today I saw a child... and she touched my heart in a wonderful way :)

                                            WRITTEN BY Sweets*

My tears have turned into flowers.
I'll sell you one for a smile.
These flowers are very special,
even though they were planted in a season of sadness,
they survived the storm of heartbreaking,
and now they stand strong and proud,
and I carry them in my basket.

My flowers represent Strength
Love, Hope and Faith
and the Trust and Respect
That every human heart should have.

So won't you buy a flower from me?
They only cost one smile :)

                                              WRITTEN BY Sweets*

Life is beautiful... so beautiful!

It's amazing how after the melancholy storm,
The sun shines again,
Even bringing brighter days,
Putting fresh and new smiles on our face.
Giving us new hope
And seeing the world in a new way.

Thank you Lord... for this beautiful life of mine.

The Food Family

The other day at Beginner's Plaza I noticed a VERY interesting chat between LolliPoP and lalabear ☆╮from  Taiwan. At first I wasn't sure what they were talking about until I realized it was about a very unique "FOOD FAMILY"... enjoy :)

(16:02) LolliPoP <3: the father is cake
(16:02) LolliPoP <3: the mother is rice
(16:02) LolliPoP <3: soo rice cake with chocolate
(16:02) LolliPoP <3: D:
(16:02) LolliPoP <3: !!

(16:02) lalabear ☆╮: their father is lucky
(16:03) lalabear ☆╮: my mother named it

(16:03) LolliPoP <3: u mean rice ?
(16:03) lalabear ☆╮: lucky and rice
(16:03) LolliPoP <3: AW
(16:03) LolliPoP <3: xD
(16:03) LolliPoP <3: lovely family
(16:04) LolliPoP <3: OW

(16:04) lalabear ☆╮: and i named three puppies
(16:04) LolliPoP <3: U do have a male dog ?
(16:04) lalabear ☆╮: yes
(16:04) LolliPoP <3: why he don't care about his puppies ?
(16:04) lalabear ☆╮: only one
(16:04) LolliPoP <3: if the mother not
(16:04) LolliPoP <3: O.O
(16:05) LolliPoP <3: +.+
(16:05) LolliPoP <3: =.=
(16:05) LolliPoP <3: what did u name them ? :D

(16:06) lalabear ☆╮: 3puppies?
(16:06) LolliPoP <3: yes
(16:06) lalabear ☆╮: chocolate coffee sugar
(16:06) LolliPoP <3: oh yah xD
(16:06) lalabear ☆╮: oh
(16:07) lalabear ☆╮: their mother is bean not rice
(16:07) LolliPoP <3: D:
(16:07) lalabear ☆╮: food family
(16:07) LolliPoP <3: yah
(16:07) LolliPoP <3: xD

(16:08) lalabear ☆╮: rice and bean are female
(16:08) LolliPoP <3: +,+
(16:08) LolliPoP <3: so u have 3 dogs

(16:08) lalabear ☆╮: yes
(16:08) LolliPoP <3: and 3 died puppies +,+
(16:09) lalabear ☆╮: yes
(16:09) LolliPoP <3: OMG :(
(16:09) LolliPoP <3: lucky must be lucky XD

--- You have moved to My Secret Garden

LolliPoP (with orange hair bow), lalabear ☆╮(with Pink hair bow) and Sweets* taking a nap

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm A Winner!

Every time Ameba Pico comes up with a new action I get overly excited. I see every new action as a chance to use it for different photo poses for the blog. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I went to see how this new action works. Unfortunataly it is only available with Casino Money for C$50,000.

You can find the  new "I'm A Winner" action in Ben's Shop located in the Shop Lounge in Las Vegas.

While I was at the Shop Lounge looking for anyone that had boughten the new "I'm A Winner" action, I saw
Skittleshy who shared with me a little of what has been going on in her Pico life.

(23:22) Skittleshy: hi sweets
(23:22) Sweets*: hi
(23:22) Skittleshy: its me  mia
(23:23) Sweets*: hi sweetie
(23:23) Sweets*: how r u
(23:23) Skittleshy: im fine
(23:23) Sweets*: :)
(23:23) Skittleshy: but got hacked
(23:23) Sweets*: OMG :O
(23:23) Sweets*: u did?
(23:23) Sweets*: :(
(23:23) Skittleshy: yea
(23:23) Sweets*: :(
(23:23) Sweets*: you lost EVERYTHING?
(23:24) Skittleshy: yea
(23:24) Sweets*: :(
(23:24) Sweets*: awww that's sad
(23:24) Sweets*: I am sorry sweetie
(23:24) Sweets*: are you ok?
(23:24) Skittleshy: yeaa
(23:24) Sweets*: good
(23:24) Sweets*: keep smiling <3

Suddenly like magic вun вun  from Japan appeared playing around with THE new action and I couldn't resist taking a few photos of her ;)

(23:24) вun вun: hello sweet
(23:24) Sweets*: hi
(23:24) вun вun: i lve ur blog
(23:24) Sweets*: awww
(23:24) Sweets*: TY
(23:25) Skittleshy: me too
(23:25) вun вun: so much
(23:25) Skittleshy: i always read it
(23:25) Sweets*: omg
(23:25) Sweets*: u have the new action
(23:25) Sweets*: u got it :)
(23:25) вun вun: yeah
(23:25) вun вun: i buy it

I can't wait to get this new "I'm A Winner" action for my photo shoots :) Right now I am at C$8,503, I still have a looong way to go, so you'll be seeing alot of me around the casinos.

Prom Attire

YAY!!! They brought back last year's Prom Dresses. Now we have different styles to choose from, isn't that wonderful? Luckily for me I was able to use my Mr. Bibo as a model for the Prom suits ;)

Now lets get down to business ;)

This year's new dress style is "Shine Like A Diamond Prom Dress" available in pink, blue and black/with purple for 200 AG.

The black "Bow Waist Tiered Prom Dress" available with a white, pink or purple bow for 200 AG is my favorite style, very simple but elegant.

The "Sexy Prom Dress with Front Slits" available in blue, yellow, purple and red for 200 AG, is the perfect style for the girl that is not afraid to show a little skin ;) This style is definitely sexy and fun!

The white "Frilled Taffeta Prom Dress" that comes with a blue, black, gold, red, purple or green bow for 200 AG, is more for the conservative and yet fun youthful girl.

The "Catch Her Heart Prom Suit" available in purple, blue and pink for 200 AG, is for the guy that is not afraid to "REALLY" add vivid color to his attire.

Now if you still want to add color but more on a conservative way, the "Stole Your Heart Prom Suit" available in  red, white, green or black for 200 AG is a perfect option :)

The "Easygoing Party Suit" available in black or gray for 200 AG has to be my favorite one for my husband. Doesn't he look sooo sexy?!  But to tell you the truth the sexiest thing about my husband is his smile ;)

Finally, "The Cool Prom Tuxedo" available in red, blue, yellow, green, pink and purple for 200 AG, has to be the perfect choice for the guy that wants to match his date's dress color.

There are also three different styles of hair accessories available in a variety of colors, the best thing is some are actually being sold for gummies... YAY!

Corsages, Satin long and short gloves His/Hers are also available in beautiful colors to compliment your Prom attire.

For all wig lovers, you will find a variety of wig styles in navy, white and yellow for both men and women. Unfortunately these wigs are only available with Ameba Gold :(

These three different prom shoe styles are perfect for any occasion and they come in a large range of colors. Luckily for us, they are all available with AG OR a token :)

I gotta say that the "Catch Her Heart Prom Shoes" available in pink, blue and black for our guys are also perfect for us gals.

Now that you've seen all the beautiful Prom items from 2010 and 2011, there is one thing left to say... "Let's go shopping!"


While Mr. Bibo and I were at the Prom Party Hall taking a picture for this article, I had the joy of bumping into "Ciel Shieru" from Japan :)

(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": omg
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": SWEETS
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": OMG
(14:56) Sweets*: hi
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": IS THAT YOU
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": !*!*&*#&*&!*&*u*!#*&!*
(14:56) Sweets*: yes
(14:56) Sweets*: lol
(14:56) Sweets*: no
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": OMG 3ND TIME MEET
(14:56) Sweets*: it's me
(14:56) Sweets*: lol
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": I LUV YOU XD
(14:57) Sweets*: awww thanks
(14:57) "Ciel Shieru": thats ur husband??
(14:57) Sweets*: he is afk
(14:57) Sweets*: yes
(14:57) "Ciel Shieru": o
(14:57) Sweets*: in RL
(14:57) "Ciel Shieru": ye i know
(14:57) Sweets*: how r u
(14:57) "Ciel Shieru": fine sweet mommma
(14:58) "Ciel Shieru": cant believe this u agen XD
(14:58) Sweets*: lol
(14:58) "Ciel Shieru": :3
(14:58) "Ciel Shieru": i luv ur crown
(14:58) Sweets*: I am the prom queen
(14:58) "Ciel Shieru": and dress
(14:58) Sweets*: lol
(14:58) Sweets*: :P
(14:58) "Ciel Shieru": yes you are XD
(14:58) Sweets*: JK
(14:59) Sweets*: lol
(14:59) "Ciel Shieru": no no you are !! >:3
(14:59) Sweets*: you look so pretty
(14:59) "Ciel Shieru": thx XD
(14:59) Sweets*: love ur dress
(14:59) "Ciel Shieru": too bad no red
(14:59) Sweets*: I know :(
(14:59) "Ciel Shieru": i like colour blue and red
(14:59) Sweets*: but they brought back last year's
(14:59) "Ciel Shieru": yes

Suddenly she disappeared and  a bit later she visited my room and we talked about the prom photo contest and treated me to a delicious Bunny Tea... soon it was time to say goodbye...

(15:11) Sweets*: bye sweetie
(15:11) "Ciel Shieru": bye mama
(15:11) Sweets*: super love you
(15:11) "Ciel Shieru": super love you too
(15:11) "Ciel Shieru": yay kisses