Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grand Opening... David's Shop

What's up my Pico friends!

Today when I visited downtown NY, there was alot of commotion going on, so I went to see what the fuss was all about. Soon I see a crowd gathered in front of the grand opening of a new shop.

Yo!, this brand new shop is for all my homegirls and homeboys.

Check out these cool new items.

Let me demonstrate the three brand new actions you can get there.

1: Headspin 200 AG/ Not Available with Token
2: Dance to the Beat 50 AG/ Available with 1 Token
3: Hey Yo!! 80 AG/ Available with 1 Token

Yeah that's me....moms can be cool like that!

And since I looooove clothes, I got myself this nice outfits.

Yo-yo!!! see ya later !

Alice Nine

I am sad to inform you that today, September 30, 2010, the items that Shou, the main vocal singer wears from the Japanese rock band Alice Nine and are being sold in Paul's shop, will be available ONLY until today. This is your last chance to get these faboulous pieces!

So head on to Paul's Shop...

Look at how great these items are and get them before they go away!

Luckily it was one of those rare days that I had enough Ameba Gold to get them the day they were first released.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cat is in the house

I have great and wonderful news for you! Catero has so kindly accepted to be part of my Pico Perfect blog! He'll be contributing with his great articles and helping me out whenever he can. Lets keep in mind that he has PicoStyle and that requires alot of his time, but any contributions he can add to my blog will be greatly appreciated. He's the friend that just keeps giving and there is no end to his kindness. :D

Last night when I found him waiting for me in my room, I was overwhelmed with joy. We hadn't seen each other for a while due to our busy schedules so we had alot of catching up to do.

We talked for hours and hours until finally we both fell asleep under the stars. Welcome Catero to our blog!

The Model Room

Have you visited the Model Room where you can actually get to see those exclusive items that we can purshase at the Shop Lounge in Las Vegas?

Well, Catero and I decided to go and take a look!

The first thing we noticed were the cars. Right away I got into the red one (my favorite color) and Catero into the blue one (his favorite color). These cars are available At the VipShop and also come in yellow, pink, and green, and they are priced at C$500,000.

Across the room we noticed the beautiful High-Class Grand Piano that is also available at the VipShop for C$500,000. Catero soon took position of the piano and started playing to my favorite Norah Jones' song, "The Nearness of You", as I sang along.

Photo by Catero

Finally we came to the best part, the Bourgeois Cabriole Leg Bath Tub. At first we had to wait in line for our turn to get in. When finally we were next, I couldn't wait to jump in. Catero decided to keep guard , there were rude people trying to get me out and he was making sure that wouldn't happen, and remember he IS a cat and cats don't like water!

This wonderful tub is available at Ben's Shop for C$30,000 where you can also find the Giant Flat Screen TV for the same price.

Visit the Model Room and I bet you'll have alot of fun just like Catero and I did. But PLEASE be nice to each other and wait for your turn to enjoy these items.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Oliver is Back!!!

Remember the fun little guy that visited our Matsuri Area not long ago? Well… he felt so welcomed by our Pico community that he decided to pay us another visit.

Yes, you heard me right! Happy Oliver is back today (9/28/10) and he will stay with us til Thursday (9/30/10). He will be visiting Las Vegas or the new released Casino Interior Model Room.

But wait, there's still more great news! Not only is he going to honor us with his visit, but once again he'll be randomly choosing three lucky friends everyday, for the next three days, and those lucky nine Picos will get C$5,000 each!!!

On his last visit, though I wasn't one of the nine lucky winners, I still had the privelege of dancing with him. Maybe once again I will bump into him.

How to participare:
1. Look around Las Vegas and the Model Room and find Happy Oliver.
2. Click on Happy Oliver so that his profile screen apppears.
3. Click on [Props] to give him a prop, but remember you can only
prop him once a day!


UPDATE:  Congratulations to the Winners

First Day Winners Are...

Second Day Winners Are...

Last Day Winners Are...

"Congratulation! These 9 lucky Picos now received 5000 Casino Dollars!
You should congratulate them and give then a prop if you see them!"

My secret Garden ❀

I will be bringing to you some of the best rooms I see during the week every Tuesday. However, for the first room I would like to show you My secret garden.

I love nature and that was my inspiration in decorating this room. I get to sleep under the stars every night!

One of the best features in my garden is the talking tree that grew there, LOL , just kidding. The tree is the perfect place for Catero and ![[Cholo]]! to hide so they can scare me when I walk in.

My good friend chikemuri loves my room. She describes it as mellow, she says it gives her a sense of tranquility and that it’s the perfect place to have a tea party.

Done with the old
Now with the new

Great news Pico Perfect fans! Now that I finally finished posting copies of all my articles from PicoStyle, from this point on only new material will be posted. I will try my best to post daily for you.

My good friend Catero was so kind to suggest that I share with you all my previous work. He knows better than anyone else how much love and dedication went into each of my articles and knows how special they are to me.

Starting this blog is new to me, and although I am very excited with my new project, I can’t help feel lonely. At PicoStyle, life was different. There was always so much fun going on at all times with my PicoStyle family. Here in my little new office, its just me and my computer, and I realize how much I miss my PicoStyle family.

Gosh, I bet you can almost hear the violin music in the background…..I am such a martyr. At least that’s what Catero always tells me, maybe when I die the Catholic church will canonized me as "Saint sweet_mom, patron of sweetness"….hey…..that sounds pretty good to me...OK CATERO? :-p

Anyways, I am ready and looking forward to give it my best for you my readers and hope that you enjoy my Pico perfect blog!
Take care and have a wonderful Pico Day!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Viva Mexico!

Pico provides us a diversity of wonderful places to visit… China, Hawaii, New York, Tokyo, Japan, New Zealand, and Las Vegas. We can even travel back in time to Ancient Egypt, the Age of Exploration, and the Stone Age. However, have you ever wish they would bring to us your country, city or even your favorite theme place or era?


I would love to see my mother’s birth place brought to us, beautiful Mexico! With its diverse colonial and modern architectures, the barrios, floating gardens, and beautiful scenery, who wouldn’t want to visit? Imagine at the shop purchasing the folkloric colorful dresses,the big hair bows and flowers. For the guys, the traditional charro and mariachi apparel. Also being able to buy a Mexican folk dance (considered one of the most stunning expression of its kind). And let’s not forget the food… enchiladas, tacos, tamales and my dear Catero’s favorite… flautas.

Gets Her Butt Kicked

I was having a peaceful day in my room playing with my pets (Picolly and Mr. Tickles) when....

...Suddenly adorable Ora18 appeared at my door eager to show me her new fighting skills.

Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I joined her in what I thought would be a "pretend" demonstration.

It's Goldirocks!

When it comes to this interesting character, one thing is for sure - 25 yr. old goldirocks from the Philippines is getting lots of gummies (with props especially) in no time.

After reading his profile, which challenges you to use your head and read between the lines , I decided to ask him straight out the obvious question… “Are you a boy or a girl?” Politely he responded, “Cross-dressing my character was only just another crazy idea =)”.

Picos 。◕‿◕。 Profiles #1

Catero, I still can't believe that with that body and all the sex appeal you have, you still got laid off. Does that mean you are now available
for private Lap-Dances?... Just asking ;D

Wow!... MIND, are all Mexican zombies as cute as you?

♫♡★Quote of the Week #1

Hello Pico Perfect Fans! Every Monday I will be bringing you the quote for the week. Hope you enjoy them !

This week's quote is dedicated to all my Pico friends for their love and support.

♬♪ M-I-N-N-I-E ♫ M-O-U-S-E ♪♬

What does that spell? copico's room!

Our good friend copico from Indonesia has come up with an amazing way of bringing the magic of Disney into her room to share with us.

You will be instantly transformed into the beloved Minnie Mouse character as you appear at her door. But for the magic to last, you must stand very still... once you move... the magic is gone!

In order to experience this magic, you must hurry, for she tells me she changes her room often and adds, "Usually I can't take longer than a week; I get bored easily. :)"
I wonder what new idea she'll come up with next. I guess we're just going to have to wait and see.

'Til next time, keep a smile in your heart.

As seen on PicoStyle On August 10, 2010

Wedding of the Year ✞

This joyous event happened back in August 28, 2010. It is the wedding of my "silly boy with the big heart"... ![[ChOl0]]! !

Early morning on August 28, I was up and dressed in my new red dress and ready to attend the wedding of the year here in Pico. I couldn’t miss this wonderful event for the world- my dear friend ![[ChOl0]]! was getting married to the beautiful nom2.

❤ The Proposal ❤

These are some words for Nom2 from ![[ChOl0]]!

"My beautiful Nom2, though we are far from each other, and my love for you has grown through this game, I want to express my true love for you. You already know how much I love you and I would give anything to make you happy... it would be my biggest joy and honor if you would accept to MARRY ME!!!"
With all my love,

Update: She said yes, and they want to make sure that everybody knows that their love is real. Congratulations to both of them!

As seen on PicoStyle on August 13, 2010

Cute Picos Wall #1

Age: 26 years old
Country: Malaysia
Joined Pico: June 2010
About Me: I love to read books and magazines because I learn a lot of interesting things this way. I also enjoy listening to music after a long day to help me relax.
My Pico Life: When I joined Pico I met sweet_mom and read Picostyle blog and liked everything sweet_mom and her friends were writing about. Everybody should read the blog and join Pico. It's a lot of fun!
sweet_mom's Comments: asuka is one of my very best friends. We met since the very first time I joined Pico. She is a very caring, sweet young lady ... very dear to my heart. Thanks for your friendship!

Rooms SWEET Rooms

So you are about to decorate your new room and have no idea what to do, where to start, or what direction to take.

Guess what? You are not alone.

Keep in mind that the way you design your room will be a reflection of your personality.

This is why I always enjoy looking through Pico's rooms and, yes, even studying their layouts in decorating them. And by doing this I have found a large range of room styles that can help you in developing your own style perspective.

Andri's Room
Nineteen year old Andri's room has to be my favorite room from all the ones I've seen. His decorating style has really impressed me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The sweetest farewell ღ

This is the farewell article my good friend Catero wrote for me for PicoStyle Blog. I am copying so I can share it with you all. I know he won't mind...he is a sweetheart. It touched me so deeply that it brought tears to my eyes. He helped me heal my broken wings, now its time for me to fly and make him proud.

(Photo by Catero)
Written By Catero

Dear readers,

We have some good news and some bad news. What would you like to hear first? The bad news? Okay. It's understandable that you just want to rip the band-aid off and get on with the bad news first. We like your "take action" attitude.

The bad news is ...
sweet_mom will no longer be writing for Picostyle.

sweet_mom, our first ever guest blogger, started writing for us in July and brought a real ... well ... sweetness to the blog. Her posts were always thoughtful and caring towards other Picos and she brought a lot of character to the team and the posts here.

✿Sweet_Mom's Fashions✿

Many people always compliment me on my outfits. Many of the Buddy Requests that I get say 'Nice outfit", "I like your style" or "Where did you get that dress?' So I decided to show you my favorite three outfits I put together. BTW, I looooooove boots and jackets!

This is my WOW outfit, by far is my favorite one! The day I wore it for the first time I recieved alot of compliments from most of my friends :D

Happy Oliver ♣
Meets His Match

(Photo by Pinkerton)

BTW, Pinkerton is the handsome guy with the glasses next to Happy Oliver

Yesterday, during Happy Oliver's last visit to our Matsuri areas, my good friend Pinkerton crossed paths with the fun, little guy.

After propping and showing him his moves with the Japanese Bon-dance, Pinkerton invited our special guest to join him in minimizing themselves, which Happy Oliver gladly accepted.

✿ KrazyKandy #1 Fan ✿

I make it a commitment to travel to the Stone Age era at least once a week and contribute with my Volcano Dance in hopes of helping those who go in search of the dino to gain their star.

However yesterday's visit turned out to be one of the most memorable moments I had experienced here in Pico.

Like a ray of sunshine, wearing a yellow dress, thirteen-year-old KrazyKandy from Illinois, USA, cheerfully approached me. She had recognized me from my first Picostyle post and greeted me with a big smile.

Pico: A Mom's Perspective εїз

This was my very first post ever for PicoStyle. Catero has so generously permitted me to bring to my new blog.... thank you Mr.Cat ;)

Photo by Catero

What is this "Pico thing" I hear my 14 year old daughter so excitedly talk about? As a concerned parent, I joined Pico with the only intention of monitoring its content for safety precautions, and in the process I too found myself intrigued by this wonderful virtual world.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


My new Pico Perfect Blog is dedicated to you, my dear Catero

You are my rock, my insparation and my strength.

Thank you my sweet friend for bringing out the best in me...
forever in my heart ... you will always be.

Stand on water with clothes on

Do you ever wonder how some Picos seem to have the power to stand on water and not sink in?     Well…. they really posses no powers just the secret to this fun trick. Luckily I met a very friendly Pico that was willing to share the secret with us.

There are actually very easy steps to follow…..but it does require a lot of patience and practice.It took me trying over 10 times before I could succeed…lol, maybe it’ll take you less tries.