Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hey guys its Mayaღѕωєєтz۞ here. As some of you may know, I'm a Thursday Fashion writer. I'm pretty excited right now, because my 2 week probation came to an end on Tuesday, and I'm here writing now. So lets hope I am now a permanent writer! Anyway this week's fashion topic is about the near and dear night club.  Some of you may not know, but the beloved Pico Night Club is coming to an end on July 1st. That is just around the corner! D: If you're like me you're going to be sad when the club disappears, with their style. There are three Night Clubs each separated by its theme color green, pink, and blue. Its one of pico's very first parks. And as I said it will soon be gone. D:
     The club has a variety of outfits. One of the most popular outfits for girls is the shoulder strap mini dress.

However this is not the only clothing article there is to offer. They have MANY more. Wigs, shirts, pants, shoes, bling bling, hats. And the best new is,  not all of it costs gold. :D Here are some pictures of a few items.

I'll miss you night club!....PICO LOVES YOU AND WILL MISS YOU TOO!!!!!!
Written by: Mayaღѕωєєтz۞
Love you all ;D

Cute Picos Wall

       Hey Everyone It's Gαв ℓαяαмιє! I never have done a Cute Picos Wall and I love trying new things. So, if this doesn't turn out great, leave a suggestion and I'll try to use it. Sweets* has posted Cute Pico Walls a lot of times so I read some of them and got the format into my mind. Enjoy!
        Our first Cute Pico is ¤§»£mily«§¤ , the cutest pico you can meet. She wears a cute little blue hoodie  to keep her warm. Emily's favorite item is the clover you can get on ST. Patrick's Day. Every time she wears it, Emily feels that luck is all around her. If you happen to meet ¤§»£mily«§¤ give her a prop or two. You have to agree, Emily looks adorable, with those bunny ears on top of her head.

Next, we have our lovely єαѕтєя♡вυииу™  whos name really matches her style! єαѕтєя♡вυииу™  comes out, always dress as well... the Easter Bunny! Even when it's not Easter, she still brings joy to many. Currently, єαѕтєя♡вυииу™  is searching for an owner. One that will give her love and care. Awww just looking at her makes me want to eat her up... Well, I heard bunnies taste really good.  :]

Last but not least, our third cute pico is ☜♥☞ßιαη¢α™☜♥☞ . I was out strolling for a walk when I bumped into her. Suddenly, I knew ☜♥☞ßιαη¢α™☜♥☞ was perfect for this post. Her look is just fabulous. It really inspires me. So does her profile description. Ahh, love birds. Her profile states: "I'm inlove with a criminal, cus he just stole my heart" All I could say is... ADORABLE. Oh, and if your wondering who is that dog in the picture, its name is Mochi and he is ☜♥☞ßιαη¢α™☜♥☞  's pet.
Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chocolatey Treats

Yummy, yummy in my tummy, I looove chocolate and who doesn't!!! 

This new Chocolate Shop is the greatest. So many variety of chocolatey treats to choose from. I'll take one of the heart shape chocolate candies to sweeten my cup of coffee tomorrow morning.

Sweets* Whispers; ssshhh let's keep it down please, it's nappy time for jikeise300. Look :O the best chocolatey treats are over here. Three different kinds. I'll take them all for my three pets.

Rather then dipping strawberries in this delicious Chocolate Fountain, I want to dive in there and swim around , since no one is looking this way I might just do it!

OK the sitting area is great to enjoy your sweet treats, however, make sure you take a friend with you so you don't look weird being all alone like I did :P

Til next time, have a chocolatey night <333

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Events that Will Get you Down

Photo Location: Cia*Cia's Room

Aren't events so much fun?! Well that is what I thought until I came across two that were more depressing then the music I have been listening to lately.

♥Milk&Cookies♥ from the United States of America obviously is feeling exactly the way I was feeling not long ago.

"But girl don't you worry, you'll survive just like I did. Just put on your best smile and a more optimistic attitude and you'll be OK"  :)

♡!!Taylor!!♡ where were you when I was crying all over Pico? I probably cry in every corner of the Ameba World,  I am such a drama queen. Your room was probably the only place that wasn't flooded by my tears. Too bad now all you will see is smiles on my face...

Hey wait, actually that is a good thing!!! :P

OMG, after all the drama, I really need a change of mood before heading home. Thankfully to ILucaria  from Zimbabwi, I will be going to bed with a full stomach. Her event was one of the best ones of the night. The food kept coming and coming. I seriously doubt anyone left not completely full.

Thank my girl for your hospitality <3

Time to go night night for now, sleep tight and think beautiful thoughts <333

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wedding Extravaganza - WINNERS

Hey everyone it's Gαв ℓαяαмιє again! Sorry I haven't been posting these last two days... Anyways, all of you have been waiting and here it is... The Winners Of The First 2011 Pico Perfect Photo Contest! We Had 57 Entries Of  Beautiful Pictures From All Of You. Imagine How Hard It Was To Choose The Winners!
Enough With All The Chitchat, Lets Announce The Winners!
1st Place: F☆O ericdomo AND F☆O ♥ єяї¢α  

Awwwww! Aren't They Perfect Together? F☆O ericdomo , The Person Who Sent Me The Pictures, Said They Just Got Married. Good Luck :)
2nd Place: 「M」
「M」 Sent Me This With A Very... Interesting Caption. "Yes, Yes, I'm Marrying My Panda" So Adorable! Have A Nice Life Dear! <3
3rd Place: Cookie Monstеr  AND αyα ℓαяαмιє
Turns Out Cookie Monstеr Took This Photo In My Room! Haha, WAIT You Had A Wedding In My Room?! You Guys Are A Great Couple... Have A Good Time Together!
Oh, And If You Want To See The Prizes You've Won Check Out : Wedding Extravaganza
Till Next Time!
Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє


                                                     "Hello world
                                                 How've you been?
                                       Good to see you, my old friend
                                        Sometimes I feel cold as steel
                                     Broken like I'm never gonna heal
                                           I see a light, a little hope
                                                    In a little girl
                                                    Hello world"

BOO!!! It's me, remember? GUESS WHAT??? I think I forgot to pay my Internet bill :O LOL just kidding. I may be very forgetful and clueless but I would NEVER, and I mean NEVER forget to pay my bills :p
Last Monday I was sitting pretty in front of my computer with OREO on my lap and a cup of coffee sweetened by some chocolate and ready to mingle with my Picos when suddenly...POOF! Yes, you guessed it, OREO farted... LOL no sillies my Internet went off :(  I immediately called the company and they just fixed it yesterday, OMG, I am sooo angry >:(

But now I am back and ready to get on track, unless OREO farts again, LOL, I mean unless my Internet misbehaves again. OREO has become my little beast, he likes to play rough, tough and mean just like Sam from the iCarly show from Nickelodian. I looove iCarly BTW, especially Sam :)

Anyhow, I REALLY, REALLY want to thank Gαв ℓαяαмιє for the wonderful work she is doing in the blog. Isn't she incredibly amazing? I am so proud of her. Please don't tell her but I am making her my blog partner, she's shown responsibility, dedication and love for the blog and she truly deserves to be by my side.

Earlier today while attending some room events I came upon one that turned out to be an event of a new Pico (ßДßУ✿ ßЯłДЙЙД)  that was in need of earning her stars. And if you know me by now, I couldn't resist welcoming her to our wonderful Pico world. I also had the pleasure of witnessing a very nice Pico willing to answer another Pico's questions.

xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ you are definitely awesome and one of the coolest Picos EVER... I super love you <333

(13:12) Sweets*: hi
(13:12) ßДßУ✿ ßЯłДЙЙД: hiii (:
(13:12) Sweets*: welcome to pico
(13:13) Sweets*: :)
(13:13) ßДßУ✿ ßЯłДЙЙД: ur welome (:
(13:13) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : O.O
(13:13) Sweets*: have a great time
(13:13) ßДßУ✿ ßЯłДЙЙД: thxs
(13:14) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: Does Anyone Know How To Complete The Fire Dance Quest?
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : i know
(13:14) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: How?
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : u use the hula dance
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : o.O
(13:14) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: how many Ppl?
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : 4 or 5
(13:14) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: oh
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : at the stage
(13:14) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: how about the pirate quest?
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : shoot the cannons
(13:15) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: how many ppl?
(13:15) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : shoot all the cannons
(13:15) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : i dunno
(13:15) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: i need token 2 buy the hula dance
(13:15) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : yea
(13:15) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : or ag
(13:15) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: ik
(13:15) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : LOL
(13:15) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: i dont have
(13:16) Sweets*: xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : yes?
(13:16) Sweets*: ur room is closed
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : belul is my last name
(13:16) Sweets*: i can't ring u
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : bellu
(13:16) Sweets*: :(
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : O.O
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : its ok
(13:16) Sweets*: ok
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : doesnt matter
(13:16) Sweets*: ok :)
(13:16) Sweets*: bye have a great day
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : u 2
(13:16) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: thx

BTW if you are wondering what the entry to this article is all about, well its part of the lyrics of one of my favorite songs Hello World by Lady Antebellum. Isn't Charles Kelley dreamy? <333 I don't know why but lately I like torturing myself with sad songs. I am a sucker for depressive music, gosh, why do I put myself through this??? LOL :p

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tears For A Loved One

Where is our beloved Sweets*? If anyone knows please tell me! Maybe some of you didn't notice, but Sweets* hasn't been posting for the last week! I check every single day for at least 1 post, but no. Sweets* where are you? Without you, the life has been sucked out of Pico Perfect. Yes, you have guest writers, but you can't rely on us for everything! All of our ideas come from your posts. You are our inspiration Sweets*. All your posts are so interesting to me, as well as all of our readers. Sweets* you go through the most fascinating experiences, and we want to know all about it!
            I guess it is possible that Sweets* might be sick or not feeling well. If so, get well soon Sweets*. Heal yourself  fast, let us see your happy bright face. Let God be on your side, let him bring you health and let no wounds be found. That is, if your sick Sweets*. If your not,  may you have the best of luck on your journey in life. Maybe even Happy Oliver will cross paths with you. Hey, that's lucky! Well, Pico Perfect has been working for a very long time. Lets look back to some of the memories that everyone has shared throughout the months. 
Ah, Mr.Bibo, Catero, and a new friend. What memories have been printed in the cement of life. They cannot be removed, for the times are unforgettable.
________________________________________________________________Oh, and the Pico Perfect photo contest isn't over yet! The deadline is Sunday, June 26,2011  at 12:00 pm -  Eastern Time. Remember send your entries to
Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick, Fancy Outfits

Do you have some left over gold? Yes, you can go buy yourself any item you want... all yours. But how about those with only gummies and tokens to replace gold? Here is a small guide I have written for all of you. In this, I will explain how to turn an outfit of ameba gold into an outfit of gummies and tokens.

French Royal Mini Hat/sb - Antique Gacha - 50 Ameba Gold Per Spin
Royal Family Lady's Wig/yw - Collection Item For Antique Gacha
French Royal Family Long Dress/sb - Antique Gacha - 50 Ameba Gold Per Spin
Shine Like A Diamond Stick - Prom "When You Buy Ameba Gold You Get..." Item

Lets Party! Colorful Hat/pk - First Anniversary Item - Token
Heart Designed Pierce/yw - Sunset Beach/Sparkling Ocean - Token
Snowman Plush Staff/bl - Christmas Item, Christmas Daily Gacha - 100 Gummies Per Spin
Rose Wrist Corsage/bl - 2010 Prom  - "Ask Your Friends" Item
Glitter Princess Gown/bl - Daily Gacha - 100 Gummies Per Spin
Colorful Sneakers/sb - Daily Gacha - 100 Gummies Per Spin

Gorgeous Rose Hat - (Not In Pico Anymore) Female French Gacha - 100 Ameba Gold Per Spin
High Rank Female Ninja Costume - Edo, Jokamachi - 250 Ameba Gold
Gothic Rose Dress/rd - Gothic Mansion, Gothic Mansion Gacha - 50 Ameba Gold Per Spin
Gorgeous Rose Shoes - (Not In Pico Anymore) Female French Gacha - 100 Ameba Gold Per Spin
Bat Wing Motif Backpack - Gothic Mansion, Premium Gacha - 50 Ameba Gold Per Spin
Bat Shaped Handbag - Gothic Mansion, Premium Gacha - 50 Ameba Gold Per Spin
Special Gothic Stick/bk-pr - Gothic Mansion, Gothic Mansion Gacha - 50 Ameba Gold Per Spin
Fashionable Eyepatch/wh - Gothic Mansion, Premium Gacha - 50 Ameba Gold Per Spin

Lolita Double-layer Big Bow Hairdress/rd - NYC Downtown, Vivienne's Shop - 1 Token
Lolita Short Sleeve Lacing-up Dress/rd - NYC Downtown, Vivienne's Shop - 1 Token
Classical Music Stick - Classic Music Room,  RO80 : Type MSC - 800 Gummies
Chain Polkadot Bag/bk - NYC Downtown, Rinarina's Shop - 1 Token
Enamel Round Toe Pumps/bk - Beginner's Plaza, RO80 : Type F - 600 Gummies

Girly Girl
Sexy Hair Arrangement For Yukata/yw - Matsuri Festival, Shigeo's  Shop - 180 Ameba Gold
Party Rose Hair Accesory/pk - NYC Downtown, Rinarina's Shop - 120 Ameba Gold
Party Rose Dress/pk - NYC Downtown, Rinarina's Shop - 180 Ameba Gold
Decorated Handhold Golden Mirror - (Not In Pico Anymore) Female French Gacha - 100 Ameba Gold Per Spin

Colorful Headband/pk - Daily Gacha (rare item) - 100 Gummies Per Spin
Polka-dot Patterned Dress/pk - Beginner's Plaza, RO80 : Type F - 1,500 Gummies
Hand-hold Peach Brand - Unknown
IHeartNY Bunny - Statue Of Liberty, Freedom Shop - 1 Token

I Hope This Helped You All!
Till Next Time Remember ; Ameba Gold Doesn't Make Me ANY Different From You 
Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє

Love is in the Air

  Well as most of you may know, I am a Thursday Fashion writer. This week I am writing about The New clothes at the Wedding Hall. There are the Bride and Groom outfits and the bride's maid dresses which come in pink blue and green.  Ameba Pico's bride dresses and groom tuxedo's can ONLY be found in the Wedding Hall Premium Gacha, as of now. The cost to play is 100 Ameba Gold.
  The Bride Dress is a beautiful lace. That has a  white color with an accent of blue, that appears to flow easily. It has a  little opening on the right front side. The opening is filled with more lace with lines going horizontally through it. At the top of this opening has little blue flowers. And the whole dress has a little hint of blue in it. The bride's vail is a silver tiara with blue topaz gems on it.

 The grooms tuxedo is also white with an accent color of blue. The tuxedo's pants and top coat are white, the under shirt is blue with three white buttons. On the front right at the chest area, the tuxedo has a white flower. This outfit comes with a pair of dress shoes. The wedding items are beautiful, they would be perfect for ANYBODY'S wedding! They may seem exspensive but they are worth it in the end. ; D

And finally we have the bride's maid dress. This dress can come in Pink, Blue, or Green. It is a beautiful white, with a pattern (color of pattern depends on color of dress) and a has a stunning second layer of the color of you choice with a gem in the middle front. I honestly think this is the best outfit yet that Ameba Pico has made on its Wedding Collection. This dress costs 200 Ameba Gold on its own and, is found in the Wedding Hall Shop.
Written By: Mayaღѕωєєтz۞
Thank you for the modeling:
 sad assassin and jalean 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday To Cookie Monstеr
June 21,2011
May All Your Birthday Wishes Come True!
Please Check Out Her Blog At Behind The Scenes

Monday, June 20, 2011


 Do you have a fantastic profile? If you you do, you might have a chance to be on here. Everyone has a unique profile, so make it something that's you. Something that's on your mind, remember everyone and anyone can see your profile. Why not make it unforgivable? Here are some amazing people just speaking there mind. These are my idols! You gotta check 'em out! They have that magic touch to the words!

     I'm a little new at Profiles, but in couple of days I'll be better then ever! Please, enjoy all my hard work and time. Writing is my passion, so, I give time and effort. Keep reading!

save image     RσѕєÉtoile♡ I definitely agree. Roses makes a girl feel special. Most people don't understand why, but RσѕєÉtoile♡ does. The color red is bold, bright, and the color of love.Just like RσѕєÉtoile♡said, its a language only the heart knows.
     Only true real guys would understand true love. Next time, try giving a friend or a special someone a  meaningful rose. Give it a try!


save image
     Yes, it's true causing trouble can happen to you. There's a word for that, it's called Karma. 
     Here is the definition of Karma:  
Definition credit to


Hinduism, Buddhism action, seen as bringing upon oneselfinevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in areincarnation: in hinduism one of the means of reachingBrahman. Compare bhakti def. 1 jnana.
Theosophy the cosmic principle according to which eachperson is rewarded or punished in one incarnation accordingto that person's deeds in the previous incarnation.
fate; destiny.

     Oh my your so kind, нєяѕнєу™. Oh, wait, I mean Hersh. Your so nice, and sweet. You might be new to Ameba Pico, but you will have more friends then ever! Your profile is so unique, I never seen anything like it before. It makes me giggle when you said: "Props views counts for Charity!" 
     It's so funny! Don't you think it's different? I guess she is charity. Oh my, It looks like Picos only gave her 5 props. Aw, can someone give her a prop? Remember props go to Charity!

That's it for now, but I'll be back next Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed my post, either way I enjoyed write just for you. Until next time, this is Haylee signing off. Have a cool summer!